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Ocean Land

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About this City Journal

Ocean Land a city home of the best view of the ocean

Entries in this City Journal


Out of Print

To all the people who fell in love with the weekly Jaguar newspaper sad to say I will no longer be making the newspaper.

Since I feel bad leaving at the height of the newspaper I go to leave some pictures of what would of made the newspaper

The opening of the Discovery center


The opening of the Art museum and the Art plaza



The New Wilson Hall


The New Concert hall


Well this is the End


What made the News 4

What Made The News

Lets see what made the news on the weekly Jaguar News page.

The University has a new literature center.


Construction begin on the Discovery center the newest addition to the




Planned Art Museum Needs a Location.

An empty field across form The Ballpark at The



Or the site of Wilson halls on the University campus.


Click here to vote for which location


Thank you for Visiting

-Please be free to comment and rate-

Go to the http://jaguar-weekly.weebly.com/ page to see better storys and more images


What made the News 3

What made the News

I could not decide what story to put so I put more then one story on the entry.

New Opera House

The citizens of Fairview now have a brand new opera house.


New Super Target

Target is opening its 3rd store in Fairview today.The new store is replacing the old Target on Eastchase Parkway that was torn down to make way for the sports center for Sim State.


New Literature center being planned.

New Literature center being planned the new center will be constructed on the

South Lawn.


Thank you for Visiting

Go to the http://jaguar-weekly.weebly.com/ page to see better storys and more images


What made the news 2

With all the buzz about the new shopping mall in Fairview.The Plaza Mall is what made big headlines.

The Plaza Mall the largest mall in Fairview is now open the mall has everything a mall needs to attract large crowds. The mall has 6 department stores Sears, Jcpenny, Suburbia, Liverpool, Sanborns, Suburbia a large cinema several large restaurants Chills, Applebee, Hooters and some smaller fast-food restaurants such as McDonalds ,and Burger King.Outside the mall there are some other eateries like Redlobster,Krispy Kremes,Vip,and a Starbucks.





Go to the http://jaguar-weekly.weebly.com/ page to see better storys and more images


Lots of big news for the city of Fairview lots of good stories to read

I back with a new edition of The Jaguar newspaper .New schedule Every Wednesday I will release a new edition of the newspaper and every Saturday I will release a short story of What made the news on Wednesday. Since I am busy this Wednesday and this Saturday I am releasing the newspaper early and What made the news late.


Thanks for reading visit The Newspaper Website to read more of the

stories http://jaguar-weekly.weebly.com. Please be free to comment and rate


What made the news

This journal entry is what made the news on the Jaguar News website.

Central Park

Now Open !



Museum and Theaters

Are now open


A new art museum as well as two theaters opens today in the Central Park. The museums are not like any museums the museums give the city a feeling of historal value.The grand theater is truely grand is will host some of the largest events in the city.


Go to the http://jaguar-weekly.weebly.com/ page to see better storys and more images


Replies to your comments.Thank you to all the people who commented. Sorry it took to long to

reply back.I love to hear from you. :D

-University of Clay Hurst

Schulmanator- “The university looks good -- that set of buildings is perfect for that role.”

Thank you for your comment.

Vivapanda- “Nice university, if I see all those cool buildings I understand one has to be rich attend that university!

I love your news site btw! Easy to see you put a lot of effort on that (: .”

Your comment made my day thank you

- Jaguar News Update 1

Schulmanator- Cool! I like the newspaper idea.” Thank you for supporting my cj you great thanks for the love.

16minuteman- “nice looks good like the logo.” I love the logo too it took some work to get it just right.

sim_link- “Turned out nicely. : ) ”. Thank you for your help and letting me use your newspaper as template.

VMIUJcadet09- “Looks awesome!!” Thank you for support

NMUSpidey- “It does look nice. The best part: no ads!” Thank you for your comment and yeah no ads


Jaguar News Update 2

Chimeran-“checked it out and i like the format.” Thank you for supporting me you are a great friend

NMUSpidey-“Nice pictures. I'd hate to have to run across that campus to make it to class, though!”. You are amazing you are a huge supporter of my work you are great Thank you so much for the love. I would to hate to have to run across that campus too but its like every college I visited I seen the same problem a large walk to class.

To all the people who comment on my cj you are awesome. Your comments help me feel more better about my City. Also if I forget your name I so sorry and thank you. Thank you to all my fans of my cjs


University of Clay Hurst

The Largest University in my City.Were the rich sims go for a higher education.

The school has a great academic program, athletic system with a great fine arts program. University of Clay Hurst is home to the largest sport arena and football Stadium in the city



fairviewjul183241344281.pngThe University basketball teams and volleyball teams plays at The Toyota Center, And the school Soccer teams plays at The Fair View Park.

fairviewaug132413442810.png The University football team plays all of its home games at The Metro Center.


The University Finearts Program hosts all of events at the The Grand Hall


Such the Grand Hall and Metro Center is new there has been a massive parking problem

The Metro Arena built a large parking lot since building a parking garage would be useless for tailgating.

To see more about the University and the city of FairView Visit the New jaguar news page. Updates every Tuesday and Thursdays http://jaguar-weekly...y.com/news.html


Replies to your comments.Thank you to all the people who commented. Sorry it took to long to

reply back.I love to hear from you. :D

Downtown Part 2

Kruness- “looks good,

Tip: press Num Lock to close the mayor mode window (you gotta click on camera and Num Lock at the same time or it doens't work)” Thank you for your tip. Really helpful no joke.

Ehs-“wow this is amazing! i may use your pics as a role model for my cities”

-Thank you for your great comment

Crusader1789-“What is that tower to the right of the stock exchange in the first picture? Can I get it from the STEX?” It's called the LG building just search it.

Ocean View

NMUSpidey-“Things I would think about: turning off the UDI thingies, minimizing the menu, and extra terraforming so that you don't end up with little cliffs and cutout walls where they aren't necessary (or adding your own retaining walls for some extra realistic spice!).That said, I do like the mix of BATs, and the school and stadiums”. The pictures are old when I took them at the time I didn’t know how minimize the menu. Thank your for tips and comments

IL-“looks nice”

Thank your for your comments and supporting the CJ.

What is a city without Shopping Cj

Chimeran-“i want that mall”

The mall is called the “RiverRock Shopping Mall” its made by


Crusader1789- “That's one sexy mall!!!”. Thank you for your comment.

16minuteman-“omg u built the century mall omg no way”

Yes I did built it.

Markus J-“Very nice, looks like you just made it fit. I use that mall myself.”

Thank you for your comment and I love your work.

Upscale island Cj

IL-“That's a great city, looks like Hollywood or Beverly hills”

That comment made my day thank you.

Dubaidude303-“Nice looking town!”

Thank you for your comments and support.

MayorHerzog-“I like the public pool”

You can find the pools on Simtropolis . Thank you for your comment.

The Inland Port Cj

16minuteman- “ very good work consider adding a highway?”

Yes I have thought about it. Thank you for your comment

Dubaidude303-“Nice! Nice truck stop as well” Thank your for your comments .

Higher Learning in Ocean Land

Hazani Pratama- “Nice stadium!”

I love it to. Thank you for your comment

Schulmanator-“Go Sim State!!”

Thank you for comments and support. I also enjoy your work

grstudios-“Wow! Awesome university you got there! (I am talking of course about the second one)

Where did you get that?! Those buildings, the athletics grounds... All of them seem perfect. Are they lotted by you, or from external source?

Loved it - keep it up, and have a good day!

Guy”. The University buildings came from sc4devotion.com BSC Lot Exchange . The athletics grounds came from simtropolis. Thank you for comments and supporting my cj. Your comments helps give me the boost I need it to work on the cj and it made my day .I also love your work.


To all the people who comment on my cj you are awesome. Your comments help me feel more better about my City. Also if I forget your name I so sorry and thank you. Thank you to all my fans of my cjs

One more thing a new cj about the.University of Clay Hurst comming soon if you have any question about the University of Clay Hurst please comment below.




Every City has some form of Higher Learning. Ocean Land has two colleges.

Blue River College.



And Ocean Land Community College both are two years of study.

So what next after the two years. Well you can go to the Sims State University or the very private University of Clay Hurst the largest

University in my Sim nation located in Fair View the neighboring city.

Sims State University

has a great academic program and athletic system. The University is the second oldest school in the city of Fair View.




University of Clay Hurst

University of Clay Hurst

also has a great academic program and athletic system with a great fine arts program. Being the largest University in the city there has always been a rival between Sims State University and University of Clay Hurst both university have both tried to out build each other by building larger athletic facilities at one point Sims State University won but then University of Clay Hurst built the largest sports arena and football Stadium the city has seen.








My city wanted a new Stadium there are nice choice but I wanted something different nothing caught my eyes on simtropolis sure the Beijing National Stadium, looks good but a little crazy I want something a little American the Reliant Stadium was great I would love to see something more bigger something closer to my heart something I know. I love the Dallas Cowboys stadium or The rangers ballpark





I hope I can get someone to create this work of art not for me but for all the people who play SimCity. :D Comment if you agree


The Inland Port

Every City has its industrial area. My city industrial area is made up of large warehouses high tech and a small amount of dirty industries .Despite being near water the city doesn’t have a port the area relies on roads, rail and the nearby Airport .





Upscale island

Every City has it rich area well this is my city rich area. The Heights. Named after being on a cliff

River Side development group made a plan to create the largest upscale housing development for the city. The city worked with the group to get started on the community. First the city worked to build the most beautiful bridge to help connect the island to the main land. The Group launched a ad campaign to get support for the community.


A roundabout monument was donated to the city for the community.


After a years of planning the city finished the massive community.

The city is home to a new upscale Target,Academy sports and outdoors, a large park ,a public pool ,a elementary school, library, museum , Fire and police station, and of course large beautiful houses for the wealthiest of Sims










The city of Ocean Land has good shopping for its small size

The city Mall

oceanlandjul18136134281.png Home to three department stores the mall has a Hechts,Nordstrom, Sears,and a Pizzeria Uno good for city when the city was smaller.

Around the mall there are some good deparment stores such Toy-R-us,Bestbuy,BigLots,Red Lobster,Kohls,Food Lion,Century theater, Fuddruckers ,and many more




Update after a huge fight between the Riverside Avenue development group and the city. The city decide to vote for a tax increase on Dirty industries to help fund for larger Shopping Mall

The city built a larger Mall “RiverRock Shopping Mall”

The mall required the relocation of the Riverside Avenue and demolition of the Century theater (owned by Cinemark) and the Fuddruckers

The RiverRock Shopping Mall

The two level mall has 4 department store JCPenney, Dillard's, Sears, and a new Cinemark to replace the Century theater that was torn down to make way for the mall. The mall has two upscale restaurants: The Cheesecake Factory , and, The Bamboo Hut. The Mall has 100 stores, a large central food court, indoor children's play area, and a comfortable upper level lounge to rest your feet. (JaWood)







Ocean View

Ocean View is the oldest part of Ocean Land .Ocean View was built to house workers for the neighboring city. Ocean View saw a huge demand for commercial real estate which in turn created a downtown area leaving many residents going to work now across the river. Ocean View is home to the City Hall the city first and oldest hospital and elementary school ,The largest high school in the city, the Riverside college, the Skyline Stadium, the Night Hawk Stadium ,and the city only Wal-Mart and Home depot.

Comments are welcome.










Downtown Part 2

Like my first city journal said my city is divide by 5 parts Downtown/tourist district ,Ocean View, Shopping district, The heights, and the inland port area

This is the Downtown area it is home to the stock market ,large hotels, the city casnio ,the city police headquarters, the city convention center, the Ocean View arena , the cruise port, the beaches, the city largest hospital and the second college in the city.


oceanlandjul20145134281.png<---- police headquarters


oceanlandoct41451342812.png <----- The Ocean View Arena






Ocean Land started as bedroom community as time went by the city saw a huge demand for commercial development creating a downtown district but with all the boom in the city a lack of services left the city struggling to fix the problems such as good transportation. New demands for residential homes also helped the small town grow to a large city with a booming tourist district home to large hotels, a cruise ship port, a large beach area ,and a new multipurpose arena home of the Water Monster basketball team. The city is divide by 5 parts Downtown/tourist district ,Ocean View, Shopping district, The heights, and the inland port area I hope you enjoy my city pictures are coming soon.

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