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Tide City and the last of the wealthy southern shore

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Hello all! It's been a while since the last full-fledged entry and I like this one, mainly because I've discovered the magic of:



Well, this episode illustrates the second-richest city in Antara, after Stuyvesant. Tide is a town built on reclaimed land, on the southeastern coast of Antara. Tide is far more straightforward than an experiment of population density. It doesn't serve much of a purpose economically, even.

It's a playground for the rich.


The waterfront district, home to the "middle class" of Tide, is the center of government and business.


The brightly colored buildings and flashing lights of downtown are a little too much to bear, even for the seasoned traveler.


The Marina District is the oldesd reclamation project, jutting out half a kilometer into the sea.


The Corniche District, located in the north, is a remnant of a bygone era.


In the Northwest, Corona Island rises out of the water. Those who live there take ferries to work on the mainland.


The secluded paradise of The Ring is home to the rich and reclusive.


But the city's crowning achievement is, for sure, Sunlight Atoll. The atoll was a naturally occurring reef, until it was partially reclaimed and made into four separate islands, aptly named North, South, East, and West Isles.


For those who can afford it, living on South Isle is a viable, if exorbitant option.


Visitors who don't make seven figures but want a taste of Tide-style luxury can stay at the Al Thahab Hotel for a night or two.


At night, the hotel is truly beautiful.


Corona Island stands out as a pinprick of light against the dark waters.


And, of course, the Waterfront district is powerfully bright, even at midnight.


That's all for today!


@Konstantinll: Thanks! Also, apologies for the rant. :}

@Huston: You're right. I tried a more understated lens flare and it works better.

Next time: Sand


Sorry for the infinite hiatus! The next entry will be showcasing Tide, an experimental city in Antara. Also, as a side note, the next entry will be the last one for a while that focuses on the richer, democratic south shore of Antara. Expect it within 2 weeks.

just a mosaic for today:


Once again, thanks for bearing with me although this CJ was inactive for a while.

Cheers! :D

P.S. I've changed my IGN to TheRepeatedMeme. if you get the reference, you're awesome.

Next Time: Tide: Fighting the Seas


Hi all!

Due to recent developments in real life, new entries haven't been getting published.

I know. It's annoying.

But I want to let you all know that I AM working on getting a new entry out as soon as possible.

Sorry if it's been a bit long!




Welcome to Dust, the epitome of urban sprawl. Its population is just over 1,100,000, making it the most dense (10 persons per square meter!) and by far the most populous (by a factor of 7!) city in Antara. It's recovering from a recent economic collapse and it has a bright future. The present, maybe a little less.


The city center is over 100 years old and was established on the ruins of an ancient city. It is technically a sovereign nation from the rest of Dust and Antara, but the border is unarmed and trade flows freely.


The outskirts of the city are a palace of dilapidation, ironically almost entirely middle and high wealth.


The Kawasaki Houses were built 2 years ago to accommodate the flood of unemployed residents in the stock crash.


The southern tech park is a mecca for innovation and the one neighborhood not hit by the crash.


I just like this photo. It showcases the stunning Lighthouse tower (left) and the insane density of Dust.


The Dust Stock Market is an attractive example of the brutalism movement and is home to 87 different offices and startups.


Dust was the first city in Antara to create a mass transit monorail system. Nowadays, it has over 30 stops and spans the entire city.


This tiny strip of land showcases a characteristic detail of old Dust: there aren't really any districts in the Central or Northern regions of the city. Here you can see residences, industry, and business in about 1/100 square kilometers!


The Western Region is the newest part of Dust, being only 15 years old. It's dense, diverse, and hideously wealthy.


Demon's Gorge is a river near the political boundary between Dust and the rest of Antara. Although that narrow strip of land is technically part of Dust, years of political pressure have halted progress on this frontier.


The Dust Femtocollider is a research building that might just unlock the secrets of the universe. If it ever gets running.


These spires, known only as The Schism, are said to have magical powers beyond our realm of imagination.


The gap between them is filled with what are called the Sacred Stones, untouched by civilization.


The question is, why is The Schism there? What created it? And why don't we know anything more?

...And that's all for today!

Stay tuned for the next update: [The Name's A Secret!]


HAH. See this one!


Actually, I was aiming for a Dubai over-the-top style in Stuyvesant!

@ Chuck The Mayor

Thanks a lot (not sarcastically.) I was a bit careless with the grid (oops!) and I should've used tastyzots and zoneria for attractiveness. this time, I did both. As for the skyscraper-jungle, yes, I think that concrete forests are hideous and horrible. Stuyvesant was meant to be extravagant and ugly so as to provide room for improvement (this story is heavily plotted.) I really appreciate the constructive criticism!


Welcome, to Stuyvesant, a superrich city where luxury is everything. There are two main areas of the city: The business-oriented Valkyrie Waterfront, and the island of Scorpius. People commute across the city via a massive underground subway system and a high-end ferry network.


Here is Valkyrie Waterfront. As you can see, skyscrapers are everywhere and congestion is off the charts. Stuyvesant is opening a bus network to try and fix this, but who would want to ride inside a metal box with 30 other people when you can hop into your six-figures sports car?


This is the antiquated headquarters of Phicorp Energy Solutions, Inc. (bonus geek points if you can identify the reference! :D ) Its latest innovation is an engine that runs entirely on red wine!


This tower is home to Via Caffeinated Items, Ltd. Their latest production is (another) lemon-lime energy drink. Yay!..ish.


The business center of Valkyrie is always alive with new ideas and newer buildings.


These condominiums, dubbed "Firefly Towers" by the locals, are a striking addition to the Stuyvesant skyline.


And.. This is Scorpius Island! Scorpius is, believe it or not, a center for nightlife and partying in Stuyvesant. It is the richest neighborhood in all of Antara, and visiting it is believed to make one prosperous, no matter what.


Scorpius is especially stunning at night, when the town comes alive.


This is Phicorp Stadium, a hub for sports fans across Antara. Free root beer every Sunday! Well, not really free. Your taxes are paying for it, and every sip you take raises the rate. Enjoy!


The Retenna Green is where the really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, rich people go to have fun. Average score: -10.


I love this image: It shows the country club, the high-end condos, the marina, and the private school all at once.


This man-made island is called The Rotunda. It gets over 500,000 visitors a year! People come from all over the world to experience its beauty.


The watery thing in the pool is known as Mnemnosyne. It is believed to reflect your past at you.


And that's all for today!

Please rate + comment!

Next Episode: Dust, the City of Magic


Welcome to Silversun, an industrial city on the eastern border of Areon. Now wait, you may be thinking "what sort of idiot puts a grimy, ugly demand leveler in a city journal?" Not me. Silversun is an industrial city only because it has industry in it. Unlike other industrial cities, the builders of this one used groundbreaking technology to make the city cleaner.


Here is the industrial sector, a pollution-free mecca for all sorts of manufacturing.


A gigantic park known as the Greenbelt contains many gardens and ponds. The twin parks on the sides are known as the Phobos and Deimos parks.



The central residential sector, called Hunter Town, home to 50,000 residents with another 60,000 in the metropolitan area.


A CCS (Carbon Capture/Sequestration) belt traps pollution and stores it in huge underground tanks.


The Citrine company has built an underground an aboveground farm network that supplies much of the south of Antara with food. It is cleverly fed with the sequestered CO2 from the CCS devices.


Even Mergatroid General have set up a branch here!


Molecular nano-realignment beds convert garbage from Antara into clean, usable products.


The city is powered by clean, zero-carbon oil plants.


The Terracotta Estates are located on the western edge of Silversun, and they look really nice.


Finally, here is the soccer stadium, where sims from all over Antara come to watch the great games that take place all time.


..And that's all, folks!

Next episode: Stuyvesant-Country clubs, marinas, and more!


Welcome to Antara, an island nation on the edge of everything. Located on the south coast is the capitol city of Areon.


Areon is a technological city, with high wealth and a bright outlook on life. Here is one of the tech centers, including the iconic 050504 and 050425 towers. The towers are flanked by many smaller Hi-Tech startups that supply the ever-growing city with amazing technologies.


Areon also boasts hundreds of high-wealth homes in fancy neighborhoods.


This block is also nice.


Low space+High demand= Intelligent housing for 100,000 citizens.


This artificial island is home to the Mergatroid General corporation and many scientists.


On the other side of the island is the stunning Eclipse Tower.


On the island's twin, there are two 050504 Towers and a high-tech broadcaster.


The Areon Institute is home to the world's most prestigious researchers and professors.


The city center is marked by a half-mile tower into the sky, which holds hotels and offices and fish kabob shops (floor 124!)


The best doctors in the region gather at the Areon Hospital Facility, serving the city as well as the neighboring ones.


The Areon Cathedral holds worship centers for every religion. Avoid floor 7- Church of the Ninth Poultry Awakening.


Beyond all this is a town full of eccentricities. Take the Palatial Waterfall Estate, for example!


This empty lot is for future use, but nobody knows its true purpose...


..And that's all, folks!

Next Episode: Industry, Redefinded. (The Town of Silversun)

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