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It's going to be a long drive...

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Markus J

Hello, I know it's been a bit of a wait, but this is a big update! With my other project about to start in the Old City Journal as well (please be sure to check that out as well), you are all in for a real treat! So let's get this started with some over due replies!

Replies To "Classified History, Base 5..."


"Bwuhahaha! 'workers' and 'factories'.... sound mysterious..."

-No doubt, clearly not just regular factories or workers.


"Very nice...and suspicious.

Hope to see you applying at USNW soon! :)"

-Thank you. Also, the problem I have besides, not having Skype (or ever plan on using it), is it's a extra group to sign up for. If it can strictly be done with me on this site, I'm for it.


"I suddenly feel like watching old x-files episodes..."

-The truth is out there...


"Aliens and secret bases?

I hope there will be something more new. But the photomanipulation is great."

-I got some new things cooked up, and thank you. I'm no photoshop master but glad you enjoy.



Heres the fix.

Alien bugs that turn you into zombies, well look likes theres a reason to burn ashburn down.

HEADLINE - Alien Bug escapes from Base 5 then infects worker returning from Base 5 to Ashburn into zombie, zombies proceed to eat human flesh."

- XD It's ok, it made me laugh, so no harm shall come your way (lol)


"I like..."


Replies To "Aliens, They're Here..."



-Must be super cool for all those explanation marks! Thanks!


"mainly interested in the story but a progress report wouldn't hurt but that's up to your readers"

-This shall be story only, in this part of the CJ


"aaahh D:"

-Don't be afraid, the president shall address then nation!


"Heh nice UFO... can I take it for a spin?"

-Ha, if they'll let you ;)


"Very nice :D

I can't wait to see more.

Btw, I prefer to see the story only, but maybe you should also make another city journal, for the building steps and such, that would be awesome, or maybe an entry about construction, and the next entry is about the story, and so on, like 0101010101...

5 from me :D"

-Thank you, and it has been done, there will be two CJ's


"The last picture is great."

-Glad you like it, should see how it looks now.

Now, we continue our story...

The government must have done this! My god... I must get the news out!


Hawk One: We have to clean to mess up fast -

Base 5: Attention, the Mother-ship has arrived. Single 1A-H75 was confirmed received by alien forces, all units return to base at once, in case friendlies turn to hostiles, repeat all units return to base.

Hawk One: Copy that command. Roll out on the double, back to base!

Hawk Two: Can't I find the bug first?

Hawk One: Negative, nothing is coming in or out of this town, and besides we have orders to return at once, the mother-ship has arrived.

Hawk Three: You serious?

Hawk Two: Fine, more bugs to squash.

Hawk One: Negative, we are ordered to precive as friendly, untill noted as otherwise.

Hawk Three: We killed about 17 of them already...

Hawk Two: Exactly, you really think they came down here to make friends with their killers?

Hawk One: ... We have our orders, move out!


They're... leaving? What one Earth could pull them away while a disaster like this is going on...? Hm... W-What is that...? Is that a cloud? They're flying towards it... it can't be... I got to get my camera! The world has to know of what happened here! And - What ever... that is...

Hawk One: Something is not right, my controls are going crazy...

Hawk Two: Yeah, my aren't responding!!

Hawk Three: My engines turned off!!

Hawk One: Something has fried our electronics!! Brace for emergency landing -

Hawk Two: I can't -

Hawk Three: Ahhhhhh!!


... ... ... ... ... ...Meanwhile...

Date: July 14th, 1963

Location: Base 5, Nevada

Time: 19:00 - 22:00





... ... ... ... ...One Day Latter...

Date: July 15th, 1963

Location: Washington D.C.

Time: 08:00


President John F. Kennedy: People, please, be seated. Now, it is common knowledge now that the city of Ash Burn was completely wiped out. This was originally thought to be the cause of a weapons explosion in a factory that then set off an UN-stoppable chain of reaction. This was not the case...

Press: Mr President, Mr. President!!

President Jhon F. Kennedy: Order, please! Now, it was estimated 23,000 lives were lost, and only one survivor. This survivor who shall remain nameless to protect his identity, has said it was the work of Aliens. What was once considered a silly notion, has sense become the truth... On July 24th, we lost contact with a research facility located approximately 100 miles East of Ash Burn. It is our understanding the Aliens attacked Ash Burn, then this facility to avoid us reaching out and providing proper response to the people of Ash Burn. Our only witness said, and I quote: "The ship flew off into the sky as quickly as it came." We do not know what to make of this attack, only that we are not alone, and we must be ready. Our hearts and prayers go out to the lives lost.

Press: Mr President, Mr. President!! If the Aliens return, will we have the force to stop them?


President John F. Kennedy: Yes, yes we will. We were un prepared for an Alien Invasion, but this time, we will not be.

Press: Mr President, how can it be that 20,000 lives were lost with no response of any kind until the next day?

President John F. Kennedy: As I said, the communication towers to the area, were destroyed. It is a very Rigged area, and strong towers are, say you "Life Lines" of the area. If signal is not received for 12 hours, we investigate. Sand storms, and high winds render the towers useless for hours, which is why we set a 12 hour time frame. We acted as soon as it was called for. I will take one more question only.

Press: Mr President, Mr President! It's said that the research facility was actually a hidden base that rivals that of Area 51, and that they knew this was coming, and reported Ash Burn was under attack hours before they met their demise. Is it true they're was an attempted cover up and -

President John F. Kennedy: We responded as quickly as we could to the UN-known threat, that is all I have to say on the subject, thank you.

Press: Mr President, Mr President!! Wait! Mr. President!

... ... ... ... ... ...On The Other Side of the Country...


Good Morning Los Angeles!! It's your morning station KPFK!! Have you herd? Ash Burn, small city in the Nevada Desert, was destroyed! That's right folks! With only one survivor! A his photos have shown us the Truth! Aliens are real, and they are cold blooded killers! But you have to ask yourselves... are we really safe? Of course! With all due respect to Ash Burn it was small and in the middle of no where! If Aliens came knocking on our door, you can rest assured the army would be there to greet them!

But on to a lighter note, here is that NUMBER ONE! Song, and band! The Kingsmen by Louie Louie!!


... ... ... ... ... ...

Thanks for waiting guys, I worked hard on bringing together everything on this one so if you like it, please give it 5 stars, and if you're feeling really generous leave a comment! :golly:

Can't promise when the next update will be, as I'm not 100% sure the direction I want to go from here just yet... :???:

Now, with that, I suppose "Chapter 1" draws to a close... thanks for the views and rates guys, comment below things you'll like to see (pictures), or things you think you will see in the next chapter. If you got questions you feel were left UN-answered, or just curious about something post it! :read:

My other project is up "Hot Springs" check it out!

Lastly, thanks again for the support, you guys have been super awesome, and it's been fun doing this and seeing people enjoy it, so thank you so much! :party:

Markus J

Hello, so this one will be a small single picture update of the story, as well as the other region I'm working on (which sucked massive time away). I still am working on my story region and would admit it would go faster if I just plopped everything, but I actually plan on taking cities and towns from my story, and dropping them in my other region (or vice verse).

Replies will be in the next update, but I do have an important question.

Would you like to see updates of the Story as well as my Real Region's progress every time? Or just the story?

Let me know! The first part of the story is close to an end...

Thanks for the support as always!


Could it be aliens did receive the signal?


Two Cities, Hot Springs (Downtown) & South Heat

With a bit of a lighting problem on some skyscrapers...

Markus J



"Alien bugs! Sad to hear about your window, but at least you have plenty of support!"

"Aliens indeed! Thank you, yes all the support I revived help make the nightmare pass."


"Wow... the road is certainly blocked!"

"And can you believe a little city fire scared them away from clearing it? :P"


"You have a fun story developing here, keep it up :)"

"Thank you, glad you're enjoying it."


"That huge "rock" in the middle of the road looks sorta like huge alien bug dung... :P

Wow sorry about the car thing... (I like that you said "my lovely" it sounded so sweet ;) also, is "my lovely" a person or an animal? because my sister calls my dog that... :P"

"Gross, big poo! My lovely is a person yes she is. :D And she calls her dog that (lol) I might have to change it then."


"This is an interesting and strange story."

"It gets more interesting..."


"Powerful Story"

"Thank you."


"I'm sorry to hear that happened to you, but great update! Loved reading every word of it :)"

"Thank you, it's alright now. And glad you have enjoyed it that much."

I try to get these updates as soon as I can, the hard part is building this "story region" while working on my other region, and dealing with life and college stuff, but here it is!

We're going to take a bit of a side track, and see the history of the meritorious Base 5.

The following is considered classified information: :read:

Base 5 of Nevada has been in charge of extraterrestrial research, from study of captured aliens, to radio communications. Base 5 was originally founded in 1921 as "Federal Prison 5." Because of the heat and the nearest town being Ash Burn, it became named "Hells Prison."


From 1937 - 1945 'factories' were built, as well as a supply runway.


1945 - 1950 Military Branch 'Green Machine' became stationed, at what became "Base 5"


Ash Burn grew, as 'workers' were needed. 1950, project 'Space Needle' was constructed. 1951 'Space Needle' was finished, and the base was completely self sustaining (other than needing power).


The first radio transmission was sent October 9th 1951...

Hope you enjoyed! As always thank you for rates, comments, and views! I can't believe it, 2,000 views!! :party:

Maybe we can get 5 followers? :O

Markus J



"Aliens, aliens everywhere"

-Perhaps, maybe it's something else everywhere?


"Lost wonders of the ancient world!

Or it could be the worlds largest chemical bomb..."

-The largest something is here...


Government base, aliens and sci fi stuff...

Nice story!

Hmm... all good guesses! thank you, glad you're enjoying it!


"nooooo aliens"

-Or worse!!


"Aliens :S"

-Don't worry, they may be friendly.


"I like your story line, now get the shotguns and get those aliens of my property :D"

-Thank you, and Going to get er' done!


"ok i'm scared."

-It gets worse.


"I'm not saying it'll be aliens.

But it'll be aliens."

-You seem pretty sure. :golly:


[[Hey just want to get a little personal for a moment. Yesterday I was out with my lovely, and when we got back from hiking my car had been attempted to be broken into. We were in shock that someone could do something like that, we don't do no one any harm... and if it wasn't for my window tint (which was very, strong apparently) the whole window would have shattered instead of leaving a big hole. My insurance wouldn't cover it since it was 'only' $202.19 to fix, and though was too cheap for them to cover with my $500.00 deducible, it left a hole in my wallet for the month. But I've received a lot of support from family and friends. And one thing on here really made me smile was seeing my story on the front page (wow!), and my comments and ratings shoot up. I know it's silly... but it just made me have such a smile to see that, so thank you for indirectly helping to cheer me up! I made this update extra long to show my thanks!]]

NR-123 is the only way into Ash Burn, it makes residents feel safe, but has also caused days where it is impossible to reach the outside world when the road is blocked.

The road is blocked? Well, looks like someone is working to move it...

Hello, excuse me! Excuse me... any idea when this will be moved?! Hello?! No one is here...


It's getting dark, and foggy... I saw the town as I was coming down the hill I should be able to walk from here. Are these guys just on break? With this being the only road seems they would be working on it non-stop.

The town doesn't seem to get closer, it's only getting darker... and is that... smoke I smell?

My gosh, it's not fog, it's fire! The whole town is on fire! What happened here?!


-Cough- Hello?! Is anyone alive?! -Cough-


-Cough- -Cough- My God.. the Hospital too... -Cough-


-Cough- The factory must have caused it... -Cough- I hear something coming...-Cough- -Cough- Too much smoke...


-Explosion- Jesus! What was that! -Cough- What's that... the Army is responding?! -Cough-


Hawk One: This is Hawk One to Base 5 Putting the finishing touches, Ash Burn should be toast within an hour. Hawk Two do a last sweep of the area to insure containment of Ash Burn.

Hawk Two: Roger that, flying over NR-123 to insure no bugs escaped the boot.

Hawk Three: Shame they had to be killed like that, and couldn't all be taken to Base 5 instead.

Hawk One: Trust me Hawk Three, the ones who died are the lucky ones...


Hawk Two: It seems a motorist tried to get in the town.

Hawk One: Copy that Hawk Two, find the bug.

Hawk Two: Can't wait to put the boot down! Yee-haw!

Markus J



"Nice job pairing the real-life pic with the SC4 pic.

The story is getting more and more intriguing with each update. ;)"

-Thank you, what do you think is in Ash Burn?


"You sir (or Ma'm) have some good skill! Love the story line."

Thank you kindly!


"damn good reinatment of the pic"

Thank you. Funny thing is all those windmills would bankrupt that poor town if not for all the neighboring power deals.

NR-123 travels along the hills, untill it reaches the peak of "Ash Burn" it's a lot of twist and turns with few and far stops inbetween. Travelers are warned of the dangers of this road. Recently the Federal Gov. has proposed closing the road. Thus, closing off Ash Burn to the world...


[un Edited - Beauty]

How is this possible? Every gas station along the way is closed! And it will be night fall before I make it all the way there! These hills are too step, and it's beating my car. Something is not right here... but I can't turn around I'll never make it back to Jean! I have to push on and hopefully I will not only make it too Ash Burn, but hopefully it still exisit...

-Hours passed-

Wait... I think I see a little bit of light...! It has to be Ash Burn! Oh thank goodness! I thought I was going to die out here! Wait a minute...


Why is it so dark...? Maybe... turning around wasn't such a bad idea...?

To those who have been kind enough to reply, what do you think Ash Burn holds? Why would the Gov. consider closing it off from the world?

If anyone guesses it right, you'll play a part in the story!

And thank you for the rattings, comments, and views!

Markus J


Tried to get this in sooner, but got caught up in college stuff (yay)... and have to build the region up more, before I could take pictures. Keep in mind, no money cheats, all levels on hards, and each town/city does support itself/each other.

Also wanted to again thank you for the 5 stars, and the comments! It puts a smile on my face everytime to see my little giving back to the website is being enjoyed. :D


"Great job and I loved the story and photoshopping on the last and this one! You have the same kind of "small town charm" as many others except it's in the desert. Very unique!"

-Thank you, hope this one is enjoyable as well! Thanks, if you like small towns you may like what's comming, what lies in Ash Burn?


"Very nice! (And also nicely creepy)!"

-It will get more creepy, as we get close to the base. :)


"Nice photo-editing. :)"

-Thank you :)

Jetty Jockey

"Great story line so far. Any old atomic bomb test sites along the route ? ( Cue the spooky 50's monster movie music )"

-Well Neveda was known for it's testing of the Atomic Bomb, so it may be possible...


"Interesting picture .. and interesting storyline.. can't wait to read more."

-Thank you, here is more for you, enjoy!


"Very cool!"



"ohh spooky indeed :P"

-Just wait =p

NR-123 holds even more windmills once it reaches behind the hills of Vale Vista, these windmills are the main source of power for the Desert Cities, and with 70% of their power going to Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Though known for it's man made beauty this part of the highway is not only under traveled, but not very well maintained.

Los Angeles is a big city in it's own right, and I haven't been to Las Vegas but it seems strange to need the sheer amount of power this area does. Something is demanding a lot of power, so much that windmills, and The Hoover Dam just don't seem to be enough. Also, I noticed a trail of powerlines leading off to no where. I've checked my map and all major power lines lead to major cities... Jean, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Henderson, and Boulder City. This change in sudden direction isn't on the map. I think it's worth a drive out to investigate.

Behind those windmills, and behind those hills could be what I'm looking for...


Ash Burn is where NR-123 ends, but being this far out from Jean it seems no one has traveled this road in years... and it's strange I don't see any light shine from behind the hills. Is the town that small? Or is anyone even there?


"This is sky patrol, with have an unauthorized motorist driving heading for Test Site 2, stand by, will inform when motorist reaches Ash Burn."

Markus J


MamaLuigi945 - "Continuing the interesting story... I like.

I'd recommend using more custom buildings, but that's just me."

-I have downloaded a nice some, but for the most part do keep it Maxis because it doesn't bother me too much. You'll notice more custom contect in the bigger cities, not the small towns. Glad it has you still following, things are going to get more interesting!

hahei - Nice storyline! Will this have a UFO theme at all?

-Thank you! It's possible, it is the desert, what better place right?

westy177 - a the fronhou (sorry for my spelling ) radio tower real nice

-No problem for spelling. And it's a nice tower, I was surprised Jean unlocked it without cheating, but it barely did.

vivapanda - Ooh, spooky! I'm looking forward to see more!

-Then you'll love this!

SimCoug - I like the photo editing on your night shots.

-Thank you, glad my little effects have a nice impact.

Previous Replies:

MineDerpArby787 - Awesome start! I like your storytelling. I always really sucked at that.

Thank you! I try, it's new for me, so glad you're enjoying it.

Nothing like a little reading before I go to sleep with my favorite comic "The Base In Space"



During my sleep... I saw that radio tower again, but this time it looked like a military base was around it. With a UFO... maybe the base in space is real. Ha, or maybe I should lay of the sweets before I sleep.


But... what if... that base in Mexico is real, so it's possible...?

Thank you to whoever gave my last entry 5 stars, means a lot!

Markus J

Yucap & Big Red


Westy177 - "Exccelent start I really liked this"

- Thank you, it's something new to me. So I'm just going with the flow as I go, hope you like the next update.

Jetty Jockey - "Looking forward to more"

- Some more you say? Well here more is, enjoy

MamaLuigi945 - "Great start! Looks like this will be a good mix of story and pics."

- Thank you! Hope this second one builds on that.

Yucap, established 1932 as a town for workers building power lines, power plants, roads, and Jean Good Springs. It's population was less than 500 untill 1940.

Reaching Yucap just in time, because the sun is going down and I'm out of gas. At least everything I need is right off the highway that runs through it's center.

Fun Fact: Yucap has only one traffic light and it's at the corner of "Main Drive & Main Street"


I'm all checked in, ready for a good night sleep... I'm not used to it being so dark at night, and without all the people. Very different from Los Angeles.


What's this? "Red Roof Inn, named after the workers that lost their lives building Big Red."

Oh... how did I not notice that before?


All this time I thought that blinking light in the distance was an airplane...

Markus J


Traveling down Old Route 66, will eventually lead you through Nevada. Once here signs warn travelers how far before the next service. It's not only recomended but smart to bring plently of food, water, and fuel, before leaving the last town or city. If travlers break down here, they may find theirselves with limited phone service, and any form of 'rescue' may be an hour or more away.

When in doubt, just keep following the powerlines. They will eventually lead to a city...


This is where the Junction (Jct) between Route 66 & Neveda Route (NR) - 123 meet, even here nothing has decided to build; Other than signs showing the nearest towns and cities. These are the cities to the "West" on NR-123.

"Yucap 123 Miles"

"Jean Good Springs 157 Miles"

"Ashburn 234 Miles"


Most travelers that head West on NR-123 are greeted with over 200 wind turbins along the highway. More are planned as growth of the regions Desert cities continues.

Still... "102 Miles to Jean Good Springs"

The sun is going down and I should of used that last restroom...


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