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About this City Journal

Rockford is a Pacific Northwest city, broken up into districts. The Central Business District, Rockford, is where the name of the greater metropolis is derived. Enjoy.

Entries in this City Journal


Dalton Valley is the most populated district in Rockford and home to more than 260,000.  Here we see the sprawl of Dalton Valley.  The Sears Tower can be fully seen as well as the many residential high rises in the area.  This is the fastest growing district and boasts booming commerce and competitive housing markets.

Dalton Regional Airport.

Just an exapmle of the crowded, urban living conditions in the district.

The building in the center (L - Shaped) is Dalton Medical Centre, the largest hospital in the metropolitian area.

From high above the clouds, this is Dalton Valley.


This is the view coming in off the ocean. The labeled district, Atwater, is an industrial center located between two rivers that cut through the greater city area.  The island in the lower right is an example of the volcanic activity in the pacific northwest.  This island also acts as a barrier island and is a natural wildlife refuge.


As you move westward we come across the penninsula.  The penninsula is largly residential but contains some major business districts.  the Edge Water - Delray ByPass Bridge System can be seen here to (lower left hand corner).  It is the shortcut connecting the districts Delray and Edge Water.


Moving more even more westward and panning down some we see Orangeburg (center), which acts as a secondary business hub to greater Rockford.  Moving down Highland Forrest, a largly residential and agricultural district can be seen (lower half of page), and South Side Shores and Pilots Pointe below that (bottom of page).


Finally, we can see Rockford, the capitol district and central business district of the entire metropolis.  It is the more densly populated region in the mid page on the left side.  To the south of Rockford is Dover Downs a residential surburb of Rockford.  All land south of Dover Downs is considered wildlife and protected be the government, it also plays a key role in protecting the areas immediatly behind and on down river from storms and hurricanes.  To the north of Rockford is Humboldt, industrial center of the city.  Riverbend is directly across the river from Rockford and to its north lies Parkview and the Parkview Golden Pass Bridge.


Moving more upstream the Wimbeldon district is now visible, it is the one with the dormant volcano.  To the left of Wimbeldon is Dalton Valley, the most densly populated district with over 260,000 residents, the large black tower is the Sears Tower, the tallest building in Rockford. Although Wimbeldon is not far behind it in population with close to 180,000 residents. The districts below Wimbeldon (from right to left) New Haven, Kennsington and the districts below Dalton Valley (from right to left) Hampshire (which is left of Kennsington) and Hensley.  To the south of them is Olympia, the "sports district" of the area.  It houses the cities major indoor sports complex, and swimming arena.


Seen here is the northern most limits of the metropolitian area of Rockford, Decatur, to the north of Wimbeldon (one with volcano) and the mountains that surround the greater area.  They isolate Rockford from the outer region.


more to come....


Rockford CBD

Here are some glimpses into life in the bustling district of Rockford.

This is the Rockford Instutite of Technology.


Here is the Jones Soda Bottleing Company, historically located in Rockford.


Seen here is the Rockford International Airport.  The greatest advantage is its location to the center and heart of Rockford.  Although it only has one run-way it stays busy and keeps commerce constantly changing in Rockford.


The nitelife of Rockford, the Rockford Braves Baseball Stadium can partally be seen.


The graduation ceremony at Rockford University is a major event in Rockford with much tradition and heritage.


As its known around campus (Rockford Univ.) Fraternity Block and the high rise dorms.


Down the street from the greek housing are more high rise dorms and typical college restraunts and bars.


The skyscrapers and high rise towers that house many businesses and companies.  The Rockford Braves stadium can clearly be seen here.rockfordjul141601235776.jpg

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