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So you think you know the story of Aladdin as told by Disney? Two people separated by societies classes, but fall in love regardless because of their love for adventure and to the break social norm.

Ahh, but does the real Agrabah where these two live, actually look like, what did the animated story decide to leave out? In truth the real Agrabah is not that happy medium size city in the middle of a vast desert, but it is much more.

The City of Agrahbah City, the immense capital of the Islamic Empire of Agrahbah. Ruled by Sultan Ag-Ali, with the help of his most trusted adviser Jafar, who is also the CEO of the Central Bank of Agrahbah.

Sultan Ag-Ali's daughter Princess Jasmine, one of two children of his, but next in line to the throne. She is seventeen years old and in a few short months she will be required by an ancient law to be wed on the day of her eighteenth birthday. However though she has made it tough to be wed, as every fine young man who has come to try to take her hand in marriage leaves the palace furious.

The City of Agrahbah City is divided into nine sections, simply referred as: North, South, East, West, South East, South West, North East, North West, Center Agrahbah.

The section where Jasmine and her family (the Salton and brother Rajah) live in called Central Agrahbah, the financial hob of the city and country.

Aladdin, eighteen years old, whose parents were murdered for unpaid debts loaned to them by a gang. Since the age of nine Aladdin has fed him self from stealing from the gardens of the few well off who live in industrial, polluted, West Agrahbah. West Agrahbah's the most crime ridden part of all of Agrahbah, where gangs run amok and murders of the daily norm. The most infamous gang that rules over this section of the city is the Agrahbah Nine who have those who cross their path of total control, murdered in the most heinous ways. Aladdins' parents were one of those killed by the Agrahbah Nine

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