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About this City Journal

Follow the steps, blunders and excitement with the development of the Sanya Region.

Entries in this City Journal



The economic engine in the City of Larson has been chugging and churning for quite some time (400 cycles to be exact). It's with great enthusiasm that I now present the first in a line of updates chronicling the adventures throughout Sanya, where planning definitely got in the way.


Click for larger

The beaches surrounding the built-up center of Larson pose unique building opportunities for developers.

It was decided that these natural resources add much needed beauty and elegance,

not to mention a million dollar view for high-rise condo yuppies.


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The city's Westend plays home to several key attractions.

This area obtained its name primarily due to the fact it is

nearly separated from the city proper by the region's busiest passenger rail

terminal system feeding life and commuters into the main cultural district of Larson.


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Culture-savvy Larsonites appreciate a peppered life.

Quite a few cultural institutions have taken residence outside the

gritty steel and concrete jungle of downtown Larson, much to the

benefit and delight of the suburban residents.

Larson has seen it's far share of growing pains as well. As part of the upcoming updates, we'll get to see some of the highlights of these challenges. Included with these will be some panoramic mosaics along with the usual reimagining, redistricting and bulldozing bafoonery.

Closing out this brief and long overdue update, I'd like to leave a teaser for what's in the works.

Coming Soon



Faux Pas' & Fluffs

What would an account of the growth and development of a newly started city be if there weren't images lying around that just didn't make it into an update.

Here are some of those images, either untouched by any photo editor, incomplete or just lacking in character, as the powers-that-be tooled around in the City of Larson.


While planning for the highway to run through a large agriculture section on the outskirts of the City of Larson, the bottleneck

known as Route 1, leading out of the city, shows exactly why the new highway system was needed. Better now, than later.


This image shows the start of the waterfront district, or boardwalk, or whatever it will be called. It found its way to the floor because

the brightness of the beach areas couldn't be toned down without losing the feel of the rest of the scene.


This is the aerial of Cederview Cemetery. Development was slated to surround this area quickly, so not much

landscaping was completed. Due to this, it just looked bland and didn't come alive. (pun intended)


This aerial was to be combined with the start of the waterfront district, showing the literal start of the pedestrian canal system.

Shortly afterwards, the waterway was replaced with another model that ties in better with some other features being added at the moment.


One of the few night shots that exist of the City of Larson. Since the boardwalk and waterfront district isn't complete, this photo really isn't complete either.

It's also less than enthusiastic to look at beings as there aren't many unique structures yet. Incidently, commerical development is slowly

ramping up to fill in the void near the bottom middle of the image.


It's been several years while the City of Larson has been quietly developing. The Larson Ledger, the City of Larson's local newspaper, was kind enough to provide an advanced copy of a special edition insert that will be included in this weekends circulation.

Can't read the small type and blurred words? Try the larger version.



Greetings and welcome to the Sanya Region (resources here) project.

530366766687003d9a3aa.jpgI’m Elmer Metrik, CEO and founder of 5303100125e894a42e37ma.jpgStudios, a public relations firm specializing in economic development and tourism.

iVisit Studios won the bid to assist the City of Larson, run by Mayor Megotta Zuta, in realizing a new future for both the City of Larson and the Sanya Region.

Since there was hardly any background on the Sanya Region or the City of Larson, associates of iVisit Studios, under my supervision, have been working feverously to gather what limited information already existed and combined it into a focused campaign that will be used by Larson’s Economic Development Council to suit their needs.

Known History & Background

Sanya (/sæn'-jə/) was at one time an uninhabited region that was recently discovered in Sim Nation. Their motto has morphed to be known as “…where planning sometimes gets in the way.” Within its boundaries currently sits the regional seat of government, the City of Larson, a fledgling township. According to the most recent census, the City of Larson has a population growing towards 5,000, with 3,500 being residential, 1,500 being commercial and agricultural industry being the primary source of the remaining amount. It is estimated that in the future, the City of Larson will expand and develop into the metropolitan center with many neighboring communities and townships.

The City of Larson was incorporated in 1908 to little fanfare and gallantry, soon afterwards they formally adopted their City Seal and Flag. Both of these were combined into what exists today. While nothing extraordinary, this marked a milestone for both the City of Larson and the Sanya Region.


So without further introductions, I give you the City of Larson as it was when iVisit Studios was awarded the public relations contract. Let me be the first in saying I look forward to a fruitful campaign to increase the notoriety and regional influence the City of Larson will no doubt play.





Here we have the commercial center of the City of Larson. Not much but it provides for the needs of the community.

Larson is booming, literally. With new development happening quite often, explosives are in high demand and the BOOMLAND

Company has secured an entire block near the middle of town, suppling for the needs of current and future works projects.


Knowing that commerce in a variety of forms will make a healthy, thriving city, Mayor Zuta authorized the allocation of a small

parcel of land solely dedicated to the needs of the township's farming community.


The land was quickly cultivated into the Fallbrook Farmer's Market, featuring ample parking and direct access to Route 1 which

not only runs through the city but also connects to the farmlands and neighboring counties.

While my agency works to promote our campaign, we hope this introduction will suffice until we are able to better reference and make available our strategy.

Until we cross paths again, Namaste.


The Sanya Region was originally by Izidor44 on January 9, 2012. The region consists of approximately 1,610,612,736 kilometers that include numerous mountain ranges, flatlands, waterways, peninsulas, outer banks and secluded islands.

This entry documents the major mods and plugins used to bring this region to the beauty as presented. Wherever possible only mods/plugins that affect core game components are included here. If specific details are required, for instance, in referencing particular BAT(s) or LOT(s), please post those requests in replies associated with the particular entry.




Fixes & Tweaks


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