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Gulf Coast

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As Pasadena enters its 29th year since incorporation, it's time we catch up on some improvements around the city.

The new skyline reflects burgeoning growth in the commercial sector and an influx of new residents. Note also the new Roberval Bridge carrying NZ1 across the Salamanca River. It was built in a part of a series of improvements by NZDoT which saw NZ1's route move to a widened 2nd Avenue which was then renamed 1st Av in a large scale renumbering of the area. Note also that development has eked onto Wallis Island.port.png

Improvements to the port and the new Pasadena Naval Station:


Some of the grittier parts of town persist--I have a fondness for them. With R$$$ demand as high as it is, however, no doubt some developer will soon tear these down:


Phase 3 of the River street upgrade is complete. It now provides convenient access from the S and W to 2nd Av and the Roberval Bridge:


Wallis Island:



Recently, the Wright County Dept of Roads with the Pasadena Transportation Authority and NZDoT undertook an upgrade of River Street in Pasadena to make the road a more attractive alternative to US 78. Previously, the road had a stretch of steep 40% grade near its eastern end and two level crossings with frequent Amtrak and freight services. In addition, it only extended as far south as SW 5th Av* as it was intended mainly for local use. The new roadway is partially elevated, with a new entrance on SW 10th Av and now stretches down all the way to NZ 1 / S 1st St. To complete this segment, portions of Industrial Rd were widened and a new signal was built at the intersection with NZ 1.

*In case you were wondering the control roads are US 78 (1st St E/W) and NZ 1 (1st Av N/S). This does create a small patch of the city between US78 and the Salamanca River which has "West" streets and causes a little confusion with regards to "true" western streets across the river. The numbering system however, extends beyond the city limits and does make more sense out there. A renumbering is under consideration.

Below: River Street before construction. Note steep grades near SW 6th St and multiple crossings.


Below: Phase 1 of construction SW 10th St to SW 5th St


Below: Phase 1 partial opening: traffic routed onto US 78. In Phase 2, River Street will be extended South of the Rail Line to join with Industrial Road.


Below: Phase 2 Opening. Planners are happy with the increased use of the road and reduction in volume on US78. Phase 3 (under review) will involve straightening the roadway to remove the S-bends, provide a connection to SW 3rd St and possibly eliminate the level crossing.


Below: New Signal at intersection with NZ 1. Old stop sign ahead warning needs to be replaced.


Below: Some of the new signage for local destinations. Trailblazers for NZ1 and US 78 and River Stadium Signage will be reused.




Welcome to the coast! This is the Eastern Edge of Natchez on the Gulf. Lets take a peek down here while we leave Hialeah to grow a while (well.. just working on a bus map and its taking a while) Travelers on I-5 can grab exit 20 and take US78 Eastbound to get to Pasadena, one of the coastal ports. US78 Links Pasadena to New Paris to the West. Although US78 skinnies down to two lanes in the Pasadena City limits, most of the heavy traffic goes along NZ1 or Port Road Parallel to I-5 until the interstate curves eastward allowing for a diagonal intersection near Santa Elena.

Pasadena1.pngHere we see the northern end of town, Pasadena NZ. US78 runs near the top of the picture (towards the top left corner) right to the Givens Generating Station at the waterfront. 78 crosses NZ1 near the tank farm and level crossing. The principal commercial area is along Burlington Street.


Here, NZ1 crosses the Salamanca River into East Pasadena: home of the South Pasadena Lions! (High School) The single-A Pasadena Everlades play at River Stadium on the North Side. Though they draw less than the high school football attendance is up since the Cincinnati Reds have affiliated with the team.

As an alternative to I-5 or NZ1, Amtrack's "Southern Belle" offers spectacular views of the gulf (and less spectacular views of the port, say some) with a stop in Western Pasadena here (Amtrak-Pasadena). Amtrak also operates a small commuter service, 2 eastbound and two westbound trains, between Western Pasadena and the port which draws about 200 passengers per day. The 7:15 is seen leaving here, as the Belle draws in.


More shots of the town


NZ1/ NE 3rd Street interstection. ^Pasadena13.png

Southern Belle, New Paris-Bound with SW 2 Av running by the water ^

And a quick look at the port below.


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