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About this City Journal

My First City Journal, EVER, so please help me

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That Guy is good

Well, as our developer grew old, he decided that he might as well give his son an "Around the Region Vacation", So he did......

As the cruise ship pulled up for a close shore pass, Leif pulled out his camera and snapped a pic of the historic lighthouse of the Land of Ports, aptly named as it was.


Then the Coast Guard ordered us to stop and we spent about an hour while they went through our papers, they said we were good to go.


Then we docked at the cruise ship port, and I went to find a car to rent at the local rental shop.



I ended up renting a Mercedes Mclaren SLR Black edition, but Just drove it to the HSRP station.



The train was soon on it's way.


We also passed through the downtown and by the casino.



Then we went to our hotel. After getting off the train of course.


At the hotel we realized that there was not much else to do, so he called a cab, arrived at the airport, and went home.


That Guy is good

Reconnaissance of the region has revealed another city, about time!


We soon see that they have great offensive and defensive capabilities.

They have an air force base, and army base, a military court/prison, a missile testing center, a civilian airport, and even a HSRP network for quick evacuation of the city...





Anybody there, I repeat anybody there?

They have shot him down

We should prepare for WAR

That Guy is good

When the developer first came, FirePeak was a sleepy resort town, now look at it, it has a Golf course, a University, a seaport, Suburbs, A bustling downtown, Avenues instead of roads, a historic lighthouse, and an even larger wind farm.


The University Complex.


The Original buildings from when it was just an agricultural and fishing school


And the shiny new Sports complex, Art Center, and Administration buildings.


That Guy is good

Ok, this story starts out fine, a developer and his wife are out in their private yacht, and find they are lost in foreign waters, their GPS says they are in "Firepeak", now what is that?


Wow, this is some shallow water, let's get in the dinghy before we run aground


There's a dock, we're saved! But it only is for large boats, hopefully we'll find a marina...


That was close, but now we can see a beach and a dock for boats like ours, we should pull up and dock.



We are so lucky today, there's a bus stop.


Didn't expect to see high tech industry in a resort town like this.


We soon arrived at a real estate office, it was the run by the same company as my developing company, so they arranged for a house for us, by the beach of course.



Then we stopped at the airport, but this time in a taxi, for our free air tour that we had arranged at the friendly "Cox Family Real Estate"


Then we took off, and soon found a hidden farm area within the crater of "Firepeak", the locals say that this once was an active volcanoe, and that she may blow any minute now,


And then we headed back home and went to bed

Please comment and help me with ideas, Next entry will be on the realistic golf course and university!


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