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About this City Journal

We take a tour of Billiga

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Jacob Guajardo: Thank you. I didn't think it was that well. It gets better along the way :)

andrew947065125. No i am not chiniese. I am italian and Pennsylvania dutch. but i see where you got that :)

ggamgus: thank you for the comment.

Thank you people for the feedback. I work hard on My entries and computer problems limit that so that's why i have to link my pictures. I'll try to get that fixed in the near future. once again thank you for the feed back

Stay tuned for more of The Republic of Billiga. My next entry is on the mountain town of wikider. It should be posted in the next week or so.


Borough of China

Welcome to China.. Well Not that china. This is China Billiga! LOL

The history of China is in the introduction of Billiga. But this is about current China and recent history.

China has a population of about 3,000 people. The borough is in the metro are of the City of Exon.

Speeking of population this is a table of differnt types of citys in Billiga.

Hamlet-10-100 people


town-500-10000 (acts of township)

borough-500-10000 (empty land around town does not belong to Borough like a town)



anyways. heres what your looking for







sorry for linking it. computer probs. :(

in 1997. the borough got it's own police force. Before that they shared a police force with New el passo.

1998-city gets new city hall and old city hall is made into the head office of the chambor of commerce.

1999-borough gets 100,000 thousand dollar grant from the rebublic of Billiga. The Grant is used to build 2 borough parks. and an access to the nearby charge river.

2002-city buys land on other side of charge river. thus boosting borough's populations by 1,000 people.

2005-the hurricane Jack rampages through the area killing 3 people in china.

2007-on this spot nothing happened LOL

2008- city passes smoke detecter bill thus giving everybody in the borough a free smoke detector

2008-china gets it's sister city- Holf beach Blufia

2010-president Homer visits China

2012-Pennyguy101 makes CJ on China Billiga

2013-new development is built.


thats just some overview of history. There is much more in china. Like the golden church. which was believed that each president who dies will have their ghost's made by Mr. Ghost. who is myth among children in Billiga.


Tourism is big in china. The Borough is rich in the republic's history and is nearby the big city of Exon which is also rich in the history of the republic.

On the downside this is a big target for Billiga's enemy's. So the government set up SAM turrets outside the city to shoot down enemy planes.

2006 an enemy place flew over billiga airspace and sam turrets shot it down. The plane landed 4 miles outside of New el paso. before that event took place The citizens of China did not approve of the turrets.

That's it for this post. Next up we head to the mountain town of Wikider mountain.


Our Fine republic is filled of beautiful cities and rual farmlands. We bundle all of this in our small country.

Come to the beach and swim or go shopping in our downtown squares. Look for More entry's for pictures and information on this country.

This is china, Bullport,Billiga


Our Fine republic is filled of beautiful cities and rual farmlands. We bundle all of this in our small country.

Come to the beach and swim or go shopping in our downtown squares. Look for More entry's for pictures and information on this country.

The republic is made of 13 different provenience's. Each has it's owns pros and cons.

Here is some back history to start things up.

Billiga was founded in 400 BC by Jaruseu Billiga. He and his armies conquered the land all around his village. and soon he had an empire. He needed allies to help if he was in trouble. So he Befriended the emperor of China in 397 BC. They became loyal friends. Billiga then named one of his settlements China in honor of china being a great ally.

Together they destroyed enemies like a wrecking ball hitting an old building. and soon Billiga and china had only one enemy. Sim Nation.Stay tuned for more history lessons on the Republic of billiga and how it go to where it is today.

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