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About this City Journal

This City Journal is Unique - Its a Minecraft City Journal.

Entries in this City Journal


Well, hope you have had a great start to the New Year and I welcome you to the new metro System of the City. Well, its not all complete yet but will bring the Masses to the centre of an amazing city. So, I'll cut my main chatter here and lets make a start!

Your Mayor of MCBC


Who remembers the old Subway Map. it had two subway lines: St Welhburg and the City Line. Well, if you can't remember it, lets now have a new look!


Well, if you thought that was complicated, you now need to see the new metro system map!


This new system has been a great peice of engineering to work on. A lot more Stations and even a new introduction to the system can occur. We have all of our new lines, which cost a total of over $32 Billion to construct. That isn't all though. Because of it being such a hefty project, we still have a lot to do! Our old city line has been renamed and all our routes now have route numbers. The serive also serves most of the City and a new loop around St. Welhburg on the Central City will mean even better services!

Well, shall we take a look at what work we have done?

Royal Square Station in the Centre of the City seems to become a Hub. All but one of the lines passes through this station and many start from here. There is over 10 platforms for all services so it has became the Baker Street of Fango City.


Another new concourse has set the station into becoming the Intermodel Hub with more types of Transit to follow.


Each of the new lines has it's own Seperate Stair Cases with a lower Concourse for quicker interchanges below


Howardsend Will become a Terminus for the Royal Square and District line (Howardsend Branch). Many of the New Services will be able to bring up commuters coming from this district to the Centre by nearly 2000% (predicted by the District Council of Howardsend)


Our New lines are now electified bringing better, ecofriendly and more efficient services around the City.


Services from the Centre to Nonatown will bring new fortune to the city, Making the best out of its population. Nonatown is one of the Founding Cities of FANGO and brings major development to the other districts.


Our looped end lines means no need to keep changing driver ends and means a more efficent service can operate.


Another Route to Osktown will also mean that the service can run more efficiently with masses of passengers. Both the Nonatown and Osktown lines

will run together (Much like the Hammersmith and City / Circle Lines in London).


These signs are made Clear so that we can keep our arriving and Departing Passengers Seperate. We don't want conjestion on the Staircases.

Platforms A and B are used in order to Keep people from being confused by the Route Numbers.


Our district line is the first proper subway line on the Network and is based upon the Wirral Line found in Liverpool City Area up until Birkenhead.

It is a proper rounded tunnel - also known as a Deep tunnel Line.


The District line, because of its split route, has another Concourse to keep the platform free of waiting passengers. It splits into two halfs

and is the deepest of the lines.


Keeping Passengers Informed of where the Services Operate to!


The Tunnel again is electrified. Have you noticed the Rouned tunnel area?


Well, that was a quick look into what work has been done on the New Network. I hope to see you again soon but I have two loverly images to leave you with.



Hope to see you again soon!

(Please note, many of these images were taken on 1.8.1 beta before stair blocks could be placed on there side or in another way, shape or form. Therefore, the rounding was done to the ability shown by the software)


Welcome to one of The many suburbs of F.A.N.G.O City - St-Welhburg. The place name comes from a Tram station in Manchester, UK - St Welhburg Road. All but two of the house blocks of the Town are wooden, a Tradition building material of the Town. This was because before the town was there, it was a forest until the building of the International Airport, where Trees had to be destroyed in order for the aircraft to safely land and take-off. It has since been tradition for all the buildings to be built out of wood in a very similar style - the exceptions maybe being the Subway and Train Stations.

I suppose I better start showing you some Images of the Area so that we don't run out of time (and there is only 19 to get through!)

Welcome to St-Welhburg


A view from St-Welhburg towards the City Centre


Overhead view of St-Welhburg at night - You can also see the airport to the right


A Similar Image - Just in Daylight


The View from St-Welhburg at night towards the city - You cannot see the Cathedral because of the darkness


One of the 2 Main Hotels of St-Welhburg. This is very close to the Square.


The Ticket / Information desk for the Subway and Suburban Trains. There is no HS from St-Welhburg


St-Enoch Subway Stn - The most interesting Subway Station on the Line


Looking from the Beach




St-Enoch Harbour


What a Place to approach and land on!


Butchers - A very interesting building from the inside


View from the Butchers


Proper Suburban houses


A view towards the Sea


17th Street


The Railway Station


Back on the Train we go...


I hoped you enjoyed your tour around St-Welhburg today - Please comment below and I'll see you again soon

Thank you



Fango City, what a Name. Built into the Mountain of Humblesin and situated between a coastline and Lake, the whole city Started off as just one tower with another one added to it. At the moment, it is still a Traditional Town with some nearby Communities and only one airport (Since the City Airport Closed Down), its a small Hub for those who need to get there Daily Supplies. Well, even a Supermetropolis has to start somewhere...

Well - I suppose I better Show You some Images at the moment:

This is Fango City (Central) from the View of St-Giles


This is a local village Called St-Giles (building work for the City Commute is already Underway)


This is St-Welhburg (The name came from a Manchester Metrolink Station). You can see the Airport Runway on the right of the Image.


This is the International Airport From the Outside


I hope you have Enjoyed this Entry and please comment below!

Thanks for reading and Drop by again


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