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Laromia's greatest places

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History of Laromia-Part 1laromia.jpg

A long time ago in the year 1650, a group of immigrants from the country of Tantona were on a ship fleeing from the country's dictatorship. They were wanting to see freedom. They traveled west on the East Ocean, which no one has travled west before.

After 3 months of traveling of sailing across the East Ocean, they saw in the distance a small island. They have found land!! They stopped on this small island for the night and named it, " Laromia Gate " for which they named after their capitan and leader of the group.

The next day, they got back on the boat and they came upon a mountain range in the distance. This would be their future home, Laromia! They made their first settlement, "Pinskie". Which still stands today.

Today Laromia is a growing nation, powerful and wealthy. Our motto, "For the people, for the future" will always stand forever. A peaceful nation, sitting pretty on oil exports makes Laromia very, very wealthy

-This was a brief introduction to how Laromia came to be.

Laromia became a independent nation on August 5th, 1712. This year, Laromia will be 300!!!!

--Quick Facts---

United Laromian Emirates-(Laromia)

Date of birth- August 5th, 1712

Capital- Aljara

Government- Constitutional Monarchy

Ruler- Crowned Ruler Josiah Wilcox I

Number of Emirates ( states/provinces )- 7, Ponica, Alrada, Pawanahanii, Shamen, Zeud, Tajem, N. Tajem.

Offical Language- English, others- Arabic

Population- 400 million (2010)

Largest City- Tronto, 6 million

Longest River- Lartica River

Largest Emirate- North Tajem

Tallest Mountain- Mt. Taj, 25,655ft

Tallest Building- Burj Daki, 3,130ft

Coming soon! History of Laromia- Part 2!!

Will have the continuing story..

Hope you enjoyed this! Rate & Comment please!!!


Go Laromia!!

-Laromia Gate Emirate Park (below)



Travel Through Laromia

Introduction & coming CJ's

Hello everyone! you may have seen my CJ, Tronto, Laromia, which is on Laromia's largest city. Now we are taking you all over Laromia to many different places, and tourist hot spots! Here is a list of the CJ's on Travel Through Laromia.

The Laromian people say Thank You, as you join us on our journey, Travel Through Laromia!

1. History of Laromia

2. Laromian Facts & Info

3. First stop: Ponica

4. Ponica: Laromian Gate

5. Ponica: The Lartica Delta


2012 TR & Laromian Govt.



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