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About this City Journal

An attempt to see if stock buildings with the CAM (lower population) can exceed 200k

Entries in this City Journal


My experiment proved myself wrong. I was able to exceed 200,000 Sims in a medium sized city with the CAM and no custom large buildings. My Sims were partially employed in the city but were mostly employed by Industria to the South and Marcopolis to the East. In order to build it up, I needed to build subway lines from Marcopolis to Mezaton, build more train stations, build a large high school and a library in the newest residential district (formerly commercial and an airport, I moved the airport to Marcopolis next door), build a few parks, and cover the city with as much God Mode trees as possible.

Total cheats: CAM demand, weaknesspays 16 times over region, segregation exploit

Marcopolis day:


Marcopolis night:



Mezaton Alpha day:


Mezaton Alpha night:


Total Residential population: 207,120


OK, I was able to get Mezaton Alpha to 183k population but I want to show a little bit of its evolution from commercial powerhouse Central Business district to bustling metropolis of almost 200k sims.

Before shots

















Shots of it getting there last night





The city of Mezaton Alpha is entirely upper and middle class as well as the businesses there. I taxed away polluting industry, low wealth sims and low and most medium class commercial services.

The final tally last night was

Residential Population: 183,129

Commercial Jobs: 77,162

Industrial Jobs: 45,039


Industria Alpha

Update: My next post will be on Mezaton Alpha and the one after that will be on Marcopolis. Mezaton Alpha started out as 1/4 I-HT, 1/2 Commerce and 1/4 Residential and is now 1/2 Residential with a population of 183,129 sims. I took a ton of pictures so the update will be later.

Industria Alpha is my supportive industrial city. It supplies jobs, electricity, and garbage processing and imports water from Townsville. It has a nuclear power plant, 2 oil power plants, and over 5 waste-to-energy garbage incinerators. It has dirty/heavy industry, manufacturing industry, low wealth commercial services, low wealth residential, and a federal prison and casino.






Agraria Alpha

I cannot resize the pictures to 800x600.

Townsville, the city I created to feed my farms with uneducated poor workers and my industries with slightly educated poor and middle class workers is not worth seeing I plan on getting rid of it soon anyway. Its only purpose was to create jobs by providing workers.

Here is Agraria Alpha in the day time. It is pretty because I used the SPAM and downloaded some packs for it.


Here is Agraria Alpha at night. The CAM certainly helped with demand (I only needed to play this game for half and hour to get this result).



Origin of Mezaton

Mezaton is the name I give to all my favourite cities I make and this is no different. I used a fresh install with only NAM, CAM, RHW, SPAM, PEGPROD, and possibly SAM in the future or CAM-compatible (stages 1-8 lower pop) residential or maybe even larger industries (I bought the STEX CDs so I might install material recommended from them, most likely factories, landmarks, or parks).

Why did I start this endeavour? Because I wanted to see if a realistic population density from the CAM could support over 200,000 sims in a medium city tile. Why that? Because that will be the population cap in SimCity 2013. Just a heads up, I find SimCity 4 passé and is only playable (enjoyable) with mods. I admit that even with this bare minimum, I find it "mind-numbingly" boring and even easy (I only used weakness pays about a dozen times over 5 of my cities in this region) when relying on demand and desirability (and keeping a burgeoning industry and large ghetto).

I will do a different post for each city so I will have time to compress the pictures into JPG and upload to Image Shack. By the way, do you think I should also include Mezaton XL, my jewel from Cities XL?

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