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About this City Journal

An flat and sturdy land and an old and week river leading to an busting metropolis!

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The verry first sighting of Alusford but it is not in the City District! These districts came from the South West of Alusford. Anyway here it is:

  1. This road is the A314 carrying on to Ryde, Guildford and Lightwater Alusford-22%2520Nov.%252C%25201121339171675.png

2. This junction conects Airborne Road, B344 to Lands End and A334 Old Street


3. Westway Roundabout: Conects Clickiham Street (Yanke District Center), A3 London Road towards London, A345 Eastborne Street,Char Street (Newton West District Center) and Old Street


4. Old Street. Exit: Old Town


5. Chaford Street and Yankee Comunity Hall and High Street.


6. Yankee District Bondarrys. Contineing to Newton and Newton Powerplant.


7. Newton and Yankee Railway Station and Ya-New Complex


8. London Newton Aybisyas International Airport or LNAIA for short


9. London Aybisyas Commerical and Buisness Airport (LAC&BA) and B366 to Hilling (next district towards the city!).

Aybisyas Airport Parkway Light Rail and Railway Stations.


A322 to Bristol and Exter,also roundabout to Hilling Garbage Center.


Hope you like my 'city'! :D


Sneak Peak!

Welcome to Alusford an fictional city about 900000 people in there.

  • Name: Alusford
  • Place: Southern Region of the United Kingdom *fictinal*
  • Building of city date: 520A.D
  • City convertion date: 1642
  • Capital: No
  • In the metroplian zone: Yes
  • Fire outrage zone *SA = SAFE AD = ADVRIDGE OR = OUTRAGUSS: AD
  • River: River Hapchester
  • Airports: Alusford Campberry Newton Airport and Alusford Campberry Newton Regional Airport
  • Seaports: Alusford Docks
  • Railways: Alusford Central Railway Station and Yard (more railways stations avalbile)
  • Fire Dept: Hampshire
  • Police: Halifax
  • Ambilance: NHS South of England
  • City Hall: Alusford City Concil





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