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A small AOIN nation

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00Stevo - Thanks :3

10000000000000 - I hope I do X3

Ghostlider - Yep, it's in there. I tried getting more of the American and Canadian buildings in, but of course there's a few others that aren't that will be here.

Jill Jacobs - :D It's the Gardener Center building (Darknite)

It's been a while. Lost interest and my Simcity slowness didn't help. Launched it today and found out it's running fast again. Maybe it's fixed, who knows. I made this quick so I could put something out, that 2 month limit thing (new thing in AIN that if you don't post a CJ in 2 months you get downgraded to a new membership, which is lower than the associate which I am) is coming in fast. I'm still working on the bigger cities too, very slowly though. Perhaps I'll post pictures from Chatham next, it's coming out rather well.

This is the town of Dexter, a small town. The town is located on a hill near the ocean, with cliffy shores. I really don't know how to describe this, but the picture should explain it much better. There's plenty of farms near the town as well.


Darn helicopters.



Here's a bonus that AIN saw a while back. Picture from SBC during the Simlympics at Das'gotn!



Norwood Teaser


dubaidude303 & 111222333444: Thanks!

Simul8ter8: Cool, sadly though this is a wimpy post XD

Fox: Sure! Do you want it in the town, in the village below, or somewhere to the side?

00Stevo: Yeppers! Miyafuji Yoshika!

Norwood is the capital of Shawland, and it's largest city. There's several HQ's located here, and the Norwood Gazzete and SBS (Shawland Broadcasting Station) calls this place it's home. I'm not quite done with Norwood, but some places are just right to make a little teaser I guess.




Also I'll be doing something simular to how ggamgus does his news soon. I'll try to post videos as well, but you might not see any news for a little. No the newspaper isn't going away ether.



Dove Lake


I've posted this as a comment on my first post because I didn't know when I'd make this, but why not post it here!

@ggamus: That's what I thought looking at France at school a few days ago!

@111222333444: Thanks ^_^

@Spore415: A lot of the downtown is plopped, the houses arn't though. Some of the plopped buildings are also working commercial buildings too.

@terring: :D


I'm still working on the cities of Shawland, but I made this town up for the AIN Expo... but I got so lazy and didn't finish my entry! So here is Dove Lake, an old town full of fancy houses placed right next to a lake.



Here's a newer, and not as nice looking section


Here's the commercial area. The left of the picture is the weather station!



Now, I mentioned that this was going to be in my Expo entry, well there's pictures of the town!



Oh! By the way, here's a better map of Shawland, it's incomplete but hey, it's better than that derpy sketch.


QUESTION: How do I submit this to the front page? I know this has been asked many times, but I can't find it. (Nvm, found it myself)


I have the full lake view now!




Well I decided, "Why the heck not". This is just a small post I made for AOIN, to say I am here. A larger post will be next.

One of the great (in a matter of option) things about Shawland is the lack of sprawling metropolis's, and towns are many. Charlesburg is one of those towns we'll visit. Here's an amazing drawing I made that shows the location in a better way!



Now onto the actual town. Charlesburg is a small town, but the commercial industry is raising for some reason, and new neighborhoods are being planned out. The citizens are bracing for a mass expansion boom. Here's the main street of town, lots of downtown like buildings.


psst, I know I have a problem with boxes, I'm trying to fix it right now (btw, reinstalling the light mod didn't help)

This is one of the neighborhoods surrounding the mainstreet:



Outside the town is a few farms. The area is naturally unforested, or how you might put it, and the soil isn't that bad. You can see alot of the farms modernized, it's like a hot trend in the town!


I'll put most of my CJ's from AOIN into here, the ones that I feel is worthy, which I hope is all actually. :}

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