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I know, kinda stupid. ;P (I get bored)

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Hello! Welcome Back! Today we will be visiting Capricorn Island, and Southern Capricorn Island, both are just a few miles east of Ohtoan Island! We will start off with Capricorn Island!

Capricorn Island: The bustling city life can be fabulous in Capricorn Island! For the small area of Capricorn Island, there are many skyscrapers and high-rises. There isn't that big of a population since there isn't much room to build on the island, but at night the population can increase up to 200,000! For an island less than 3 miles long, that's huge!

Capricorn City, the only city inside the island, is a wonderful place to visit. The beautiful parks, the dazzling lights, the crazy nightlife, and of course the best seafood in Ohto. Capricorn City is also the capital of Ohto, holding the Capitol Building, also called Port Tower, seen below in the link.


Capricorn City is also known for its outstanding school system. Many students graduate from PokeUniversity, and become amazing Pokemon trainers. Although there is no gym here, there is one just a mile away on Southern Capricorn Island! Let's look at SCI now!

Southern Capricorn Island: Also called Univosa, SCI is mainly just an island holding the last Pokemon gym it takes to enter The Pokemon League, but there are a few residents and businesses residing on the island. Most people from Capricorn City refer to them as "Trashy", and "Rude". Which, can sometimes be true. There is an Ohtoan Car and Passenger Ferry outlet planning to be built here, but residents on Ohtoan Islands are sending complaints to the Governor in Capricorn City about how "Those SCI citizens will turn Ohtoan Island into a living crap-hole, and may steal all their Pokemon".

Here are some more pictures of Capricorn Island:


Just an aerial view of the capitol.


A neighborhood on the seaside, next to the famous Art Deco hotel, where many famous celebrities and Pokemon Masters have been known to stay at.


Another neighborhood, near Anitiaey Park.


A nice photo of Capricorn City's Downtown District, where the drunks and party fanatics go to rock the night with loud music, and plenty of hard alcohol.


The Ohtoan Car and Passenger Ferry outlet of Capricorn Island.

Now some photos of SCI:


Aerial view of SCI. As you can see, the Pokemon gym takes up the majority of the land.


The nicest neighborhood of Univosa, showing the Chicago influence of Ohto.


A less pleasant neighborhood near Lain-Barn Bridge.

Well, that's it for now! Thanks for reading. Please leave me some comments, I appreciate them. It may be a while before I post another City Journal, because I have to build the next Pokemon region first! It will be called "Goshane", by the way. Thanks for reading. ;)


Hello! If you read this last time, thanks. Anyway, today we will be exploring Ohtoan Island, the largest island of Ohto. Here inhabits the majority of the people of The Ohto Region. There are several places to start residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural zones. Lets take a look!

Residential: The residential areas of Ohtoan Island are mainly made up of large mansions, and traditional Japanese inspired houses, considering Freidekln was once owned by the Japanese. Several young kids and teenagers that live in this house have a Pokemon, and aspire to become a trainer, and defeat the Elite Four in the Resort Area. There are also some modern and post-modern architecture, inspired by Chicago and Houston.


An example of Asian architecture in Ohtoan Island, near Fartueber City.

Commercial: The commercial areas are very diverse, and some feature companies that produce international. These include Japanese based Skylark restaurants, and AutoBac locations can be found in several cities on Ohtoan Island. There is even a Skylark inside the Resort Area, which hosts the Pokemon league!

Industrial: There is some industrial inside Ohtoan Island, but not much because the government, citizens, and tourists prefer to stay in a clean environment, and don't favor pollution.

Here are a few extra images:


This is the Pokemon League/Resort Area in which trainers come to compete against the Elite Four once they've defeated all 5 gym leaders in Ohto.


This is an aerial view of Fartueber City, which as you can see is becoming an urban sprawl over Ohtoan Island. Here you can find many businesses and a few apartments that medium-income families reside in.


This is Zonian City where the famous building, The Lever House, can be found and makes the city a fabulous tourist attraction. This is probably the second biggest urban area on Ohtoan Island, after Fartueber City, and has the Water-Pokemon based gym, as you can see in the far right corner.


This is a photo of Gaushiza Park, which splits Downtown Fartueber into two areas, Eastern and Western, and is the biggest in Ohto. You can see many Pokemon roam free here, as well as people, during daylight. Alot of drug activity goes on during the night though. . .


This is the Ohtoan Car and Passenger Ferry which connects Ohtoan Island and Capricorn Island, and is located in Fartueber City, which by the way is in the Mid-South of Ohtoan Island, and has several boats travel between the islands, carrying tourists to Capricorn Island to visit the giant skyscrapers and parks, Pokemon Trainers to compete at the SCI Pokemon Stadium, and residents to see family members. Oh yeah, by the way, any tourists hoping to visit Capricorn City have to either go by Cruise Ship, onto Ohtoan Island. . . Or by plane to the Ohtoan Regional Airport, so, tourists always get a taste of Ohtoan Island by visiting either three of the Ohto Islands!

Next time, you will get a taste of Capricorn City (Capricorn Island) , and Univosa (Southern Capricorn Island, or SCI, for short). Thanks for reading. ;)


The Ohto Region- A region that consists of 1 large island, and 2 smaller ones.

Ohtoan Island - The largest island in Ohto, has a population of 11,000 people, and 15,000 Pokemon. Its cities include: Fartueber, Imachi, Montsuaono, and Zonian; along with the towns of Kouziel and Kegrell. There also lies The Pokemon League/Resort Area, in which the top Pokemon trainers compete to the top, so they may advanced to the next region, and compete. Ohtoan Island also houses all of the agricultural, and most of the industrial, needs of Ohto. Without Ohtoan Island, Ohto would be a scarcely populated region, and would fail to be important at all to Freidekln, the strongest country in The New Pokemon World.

Capricorn Island - The second largest island in Ohto, holding the only city on the island, Capricorn City, which is the capital of the Ohto Region. It has several tall skyscrapers, which can be viewed from Ohtoan Island, and Southern Capricorn Island. It has very few room for people, though is a strong tourist destination for both the Ohto Region, and all of Freidekln. Although it is the capital, there is no Pokemon Stadium located on this island. Also, considering the bridge span is too long to be able to connect Ohtoan Island and Capricorn Island, the only way to travel between the two is by the Car and Passenger Ferries rooting at Ohtoan Island.

Southern Capricorn Island - The smallest island in Ohto, and consists of one city, called by Univosa, but usually just referred to as the island's name, considering how tiny the area of the island is. It is mainly made up of low-density family homes, some traditional, and a few modern houses. There are very few businesses here, mostly because there is no room to compete with Capricorn City, since they are so close to each other. Capricorn City (Capricorn Island) and Univosa (SCI) are connected by the Freiser Bridge, and occupies alot of traffic between the two islands. The government of Ohto is planning to build and complete a car and passenger ferry on the island, so you wouldn't have to go over the Freiser Bridge to get to Ohtoan Island Ferry.Though, it is not official yet. Southern Capricorn Island holds one Pokemon Stadium, where Vivia, the Grass-Type Trainer holds battles. It is very difficult to succeed the battle though, due to the level status of her well-trained Pokemon.

Well, there is an overview of The Ohto Region. Check back in a few days to see Erin's Pokemon journey take off, starting in the town of Kouziel, Ohtoan Island, Ohto. Please no bad/mean comments. I am a rookie city builder, and a rookie city journal maker. Anyway, thanks for reading. ;)


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