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About this City Journal

The Lower Countries, formally known as the Latusian Union (LU) is a union of fourteen fictitious countries located on the off-world Latusian Peninsula. Enjoy!

Entries in this City Journal



Jonkoland: Part 1, Ferrenjeva Island

Willko de Jonokola!

Jonkoland is known for many things. Within its borders lies the busiest ferry terminal in the world (not in this post), a small spring that supplies 64% of the nation's water, and the tallest building on Ferrenjeva Island! It is also the foggiest nation in the world. :P The people that call it home, the Jonkish, speak a variation of Datish, which they know as Bulluvei. The name is derived from the ancient language of Bullu, which was later renamed Datish.

Here we have the flag:


About the flag:

The blue background represents the waters surrounding Jonkoland. The red stripe symbolizes the bloodshed during the breakup of the Svierestal Islands. The greenish band represents the forests that cover Ferrenjeva Island. Each of the stars represents one of Jonkoland's four islands. The scale represents equality, the lion resilience, bravery, and courage. The words "Fër Pesonnå" translate into "For Freedom."


After the drawing of borders that followed the breakup of the Svierestal Islands, Jonkoland changed from a Dictatorship to a Constitutional Monarchy, similar to the monarchy it was before it was absorbed by Svierestal. The current prime minister resides in a townhouse in Possit that has a view of the sea. The king and queen, due to lack of space, live in a mansion south of Possit.

A cloud of fog settles over the city...


An agricultural area west of Janska:


Here is the harbor part of Possit:


An old picture of a foggy day in eastern Possit, close to where the king and queen live:


A residential district south of Possit:


The largest hospital for miles around is located here in Possit:


And the central train station, which services all of Ferrenjeva Island's major cities and towns.


Downtown Possit:


The Datsun / Jonkoland border:


A church south of Possit:


A small town east of downtown Possit:


A rainy day in a district east of Possit:


A railway junction and small field north of Possit:


One of the two flower farms located north east of Possit:


A residential and agricultural development east of Janska:


Senatton, a small group of houses serviced by a rail station:


Janska, a town north of Possit:


Forests and housing developments in Janska:


A misty day in the developments of Janska:


Part of Janska west of the railroad.



Overview of the mainland:


The rest of Jonkoland located on Ferrenjeva Island will be next!



The Lower Countries is a union-ish type thing, made up of 14 different countries, Dostrovek, Malia, Auchtenaliastov, Korgia, Hunsinia, Ementrosia, The Falkands (no L), Neva, New Ammel, Kanne, Pol-Monterre, Datsun, Jonkoland (J's are pronounced as y's) and Svierestal.

Today we will be looking at Svierestal, which can be located on these maps:



This small island nation is comprised of four large and one small islands. I won't show you the main island that has the capital city today, though. The country is famous for its "i could really care less" attitude, crappy bridge building, and lovely biscuits.

A bit of history: Svierestal used to be called the Svierestal Islands, and occupied all of the islands shown above. After a recession coupled with extreme corruption brought the country close to a near civil war, the Latusian Union (the fourteen countries are located on the Latusian Peninsula, that is the name of their union, kind of like the European Union) split the islands into three countries.

Here we have the flag:


About the flag:

The blue symbolizes the water that is the lifeblood of the islands, because the Svierestalians are known for building crappy birdges. The white resembles absolutely nothing, they didn't want to put a different color. The shapes in the blue symbolize the four islands and the castle as seen earlier. The griffin, to them, symbolizes strength and resilience, usually not the case though. The leaf symbolizes their precious trees. And the words "De Kunigg ze Svieste" roughly translate into "The Kingdom of Svierestal" although their definition of kingdom is different then ours. They consider any body of government that controls land a kingdom, so they don't actually have a king or queen, they have a prime minister, who is controversially involved in helping the Datish peoples at the moment...

A bank of fog makes its way over Farringway Island, heading further east towards the mainland...


Here is Boden Bay, a bad place to put your boat. (it gets hit with tons of storms, but it does effectively slow them down, giving the mainlanders time to prepare)


A close-up of the tourist friendly docks:


Gilga Isle's downtown, home to some ugly old buildings built before the breakup of the Svierestal Islands...


An overview of the western part of Gilga Isle:


Constant ferry traffic stirs the waters in the Morrten Isles:


Jakuvich Island, a decent place when it isn't raining, which is nearly never.


The old Sasona Bridge, connecting Jakuvich Island with Gilga Isle.


An old church on Gilga Isle: (and yes it is the photo on the banner)


And an overview of the three isle/islands.


That's it for now.

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