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About this City Journal

A CJ about the young nation Cape Barren and it's capital Hampton

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Haven't had any chance to make a big update today but I will post a small one. The city council needs your help! We have got a real traffic issue in downtown Hampton now as you can see in this picture below that shows the traffic volume in central Hampton.


So the city council is asking to outsource this mission to ease the traffic in the central Hampton and also increase air quality etc. The best thing if you want to put in a suggestion is to save the image and paint your traffic solution on it and repost it in this CJ. The city council will then choose the suggestion they think will suite the citys need the best.

Hope to see some suggestions!

A new update will come tomorrow night (Swedish time!)


The city council still got huge amounts of applications each day to build more houses and the city grew faster than ever. So a new resedential area was started to be constructed just east of the new town hall.


It was decided that this area was mostly to be zoned with medium resedentials to allow for higher apartment buildings that could house alot more sims in a smaller area. During the time the new residential area was constructed the Hampton Mining corporation opened up its first coal mine just beside Hamptons industrial area.


The ever growing economys of China and India is the largest importers of iron and now also coal from Cape Barren this makes our economy grow every day and new people move in to start a new life! To still China and India's hunger for more iron Hampton mining also decided to open up a new iron mine, but this time not an underground mine but instead an open pit mine.


After about a year the new residential area was complete and people had started to move in lots of them!


The rapid increase in population forced the city council to expand the infrastructure to be ready for the future. They decided to lengthen the Ocean Avenue to the north and start to build the first part of a future ring road around the city. To connect the Thompson's Avenue to the first part of the Ring Road, this one way alley was built.


In the area around the new oneway alley the city built a park on each side of the road and decided to zone for more commercial and medium sized residential lots.


During this period of about two sim years the population grew from around 9200 to 13680 sims, wonder if this rapid development will continue in the future?

Comments and suggestions is always welcome! Thanks for reading! :)


Update 5 - Visit to our neighbour town!

The city council decided to take a quick tour to our neighbour Barrenville. Which is a small town founded just a few years ago by people that felt Hampton was starting to get a bit crowded. To get to Barrenville we will have to travel along the CR - 1 (Countyroad 1) which is the first intercity connection in this nation!


The town of Barrenville isn't very large, but the city council agreed that it will be a great suburb to Hampton in the future. Most of the people in Barrenville lives of farming and some hunting in the wide forests that surrounds the city.


And here's a close up of Barrenville.


When the city council got back to Hampton they arrived just in time to attend the opening ceremony of the Hampton Memorial High School, this will be a welcome addition for all the teens in Hampton!


To accomodate the ever growing city administration the city council decided to build a new city hall and residential/commercial area around it. Infront of the city hall is the squares for Heroes which commemorates all the heroes that have been involved in the founding of Cape Barren!


As always all comments and suggestions is welcome! If there's something in my city/CJ you think I should improve tell me!


Update 4 - Boom time in Hampton!

Since the iron ore was found north of town the city got into an economic boom new citizens started to arrive from all over the world.


The Hampton Mining Corporation opened up it's first iron mine in the city employing lots of new people.


To export all the new iron ore the city decided to build som dock facilitys right next to the ferry terminal.


To accomodate all the new citizens the city council had to accept proposals for new housing development at a really fast pace. From the Ocean Drive north and around the city, the Minora Avenue was created right now it's a fourlane narrow avenue. This avenue continue all the way to the industrial area to the north.


The industrial area had to be moved north as the city grew larger and with the new industries in place the city also built a oil powerplant to supply all the new citizens and companies in Hampton with electricity.


Also the farming community had a boom, to feed all the new citizens many new farms has opened to supply the city with food and other vital products.


The city council also founded a new park in the city so the citizens will have somewhere to go in their free time, to relax and maybe have a picknick with their families.


Garbage started to pile up all around the city, the city council had all forgot to invest in any kind of waste facility they had been to busy with all the new development that's going on. But now they decided to build a small garbage dock which will export the garbage out of the country.

Next time you will see some pictures of Hamptons new neighbour!

Edit: Just made my first google looking map, I haven't added the streetnames yet will have to do that soon but the current road layout is there I don't know how quickly I will update this map of the city though. Hope you enjoy it! :)


If you have any comments, suggestions for how I shall develope the city just reply thanks! :)


Update 3 - Iron, we found some iron!

One day after a few years an old man appeared in the town hall where he shouted. "Iron, I have found some iron! In the hills to the north!". All the people in the city council thought this was a maniac and the police was about to arrest him for disturbing the order. We all knew there wheren't any resources in the region around Hampton our geologists had told us that several months before, but then he put his hand in his pocket and showed

us some pieces of iron ore.

We all where amazed and he insisted he had dug it out himself in his own mine to the north, we all hurried to our cars to let the old man show us his iron mine. We drow north along Hampton Drive, past the industrial area and onto a bumpy and pretty bad dirt road and after a few miles we got to his mine. A really beautiful place up in the hills surrounded by large forests.


After that we all got back to the town hall and started to plan how the future would be, what will be the best way to pick up all this iron and earn money on it? After a few hours we decided to found the Hampton Mining Corporation, it will be responsible for all mining operations in the Cape Barren nation.



During this time the first school in Hampton was opened along the Fishermans Road and just a few houses beside the new school a new medical station opened to serve the growing population in Hampton.


Beside the town hall some volunteers have opened the Hampton Bucketbrigade, this is our first fire station, if only a very simple one. They use a pickup truck with large buckets to put out the flames. Maybe the city shall invest in some more modern fire fighting equipment soon!


Some religious people built the very first church in Hampton a much needed place for some of the citizens.


And last a look on the new Ocean Drive which has sprung out from Fishermans Road when some more wealthy people wanted a beachside villa! I'm sure this road will be a popular choice for the Hampton citizens to build their homes in the future. You can also see in this picture that a part of Fishermans Road has been upgraded to cope with increasing traffic!

Comments and suggestions is always welcome!


Update 2 - Expansion of Hampton

The number of citizens in Hampton has started to grow slowly, right now the town has a population of 501 sims. In the central parts of Hampton the City council decided they would need a place where they could hold their meetings and therefore they built our first City Hall, to save money they combined the City Hall and Hamptons first Police station into one building.


The city council decided to name the street outside the city hall after Samima who showed them the blueprints for our first city hall, the street is now named Samima Road.


The city worked hard to zone more land to resedential plots so more sims could arrive and build their homes in this new nation and most of the new houses where built just north of the City hall where Fishermans Road cross the 1st Street.


To feed all new sims many new farms appeared along the coastline, growing crops like grapes, wheat, lemons and apples.


The city also zoned some areas to the north where industry is allowed to develope and several new companies has opened their doors. They are alson hiring alot of sims which gives a boom to Hamptons economy.

New companies:

Hamptons Bread and Butter: Is the main supplier of bread, butter and now also jam to the sims in Hampton.

Hamptons Iron and Tools: The first industry which opened up in Hampton and they manufacture most of the tools in Hampton.

Salyns Storage: They store most of Hamptons goods and mail that comes to Hampton which is then distributed by the only mailman in Hampton.

Comments and suggestions is always welcome!


I have decided to post my CJ both in the old CJ section in the forums and in this new one to reach out to more people. So it will come a few updates quickly in a row now as I mostly copy and paste them. Hope you enjoy my CJ!

Update 1 - The founding of Hampton

The sims where traveling with a ferry to look for new land to settle, one day they where entering a strait between two islands and decided that this where a good spot to found the capital of their new nation. They decided to name the island group and their nation to Cape Barren before they went ashore with small boats to establish a foothold on the new island.


An overlook of the area where Hampton is founded.


The new capital was named Hampton after their leader Eric Hampton which was the one who came up with the idea to found a new nation far away. The sims started to build a dock so the ferry could anchor at the shore and unload all their supplies and building materials.


After a few months they had built a few houses for the new citizens of Cape Barren and also a few farms to bring them all some food. The city just consists of two roads yet the "main" road Hampton Drive and Fishermans Road.

All comments and suggestions is welcome!

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