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About this City Journal

Well, its just a transfer of my old CJ to the new CJ location. It is going to get some new updates soon though.

Entries in this City Journal


Final Entry

 Well, Its been over a year since it started, and I have had a good long look at what this city journal was, is, and never will be...

It will never be what I intended it to be. Nor will it ever be a representation of what I would call my style of city building...

However, I do hold some recognition of what a first CJ meant to me, and why I wanted to start one.

This view of mine has changed over the year, and Im not going to say that i want to edit-undo this whole CJ, I just feel that it didn't go exactly how I planned it would, and I feel that it could have done better, but not in this setting, or map.

So, I am going to give it one last update, I feel I owe it that much to actually give an end to this small tale of what I thought "my city" was. However this is not the end for me, nor is it the end for references to this CJ, updates wise, yes, but I don't want it to die, and fade away into nothing. 

So, I am leaving this CJ's door half open, you'll see what I mean in a second. 

I dont plan to ever return through the door, some day I might, but not right now, for now its only the occasional peak through the gap.

Don't worry though, a new CJ is going to arrive very shortly, and it will incorporate some of the features that I felt were missing from this CJ, and maybe some of the features that I thought should have been added, or were going to be added in the updates that will no longer happen.

Without further adue, the final update.


I have kept in the style of things, and this interchange that you see reflects how this region was built.

small story line

while driving down the road, the mayor noticed, not a lack of traffic, but a new layout that had not originally gone through his certification:


He then noticed the 'original' on-off ramps of his islands style:


However, he got nearer and nearer to the coast, he began to wonder when it would stop:


He passed building after building, and then left the ground and was driving over water. When will it end? Well, It does, and it doesn't:


So, that is where we leave it. The road continues onto some distant land, a land that you are now able to see for your selves thanks to the brilliance of "Planning ahead"


As you can tell it is nowhere near finishing. However, it is the start of what I think is an actual representation of what I want as a region. Fully hand terraformed, which I learnt is not fun!

Keep your eyes peeled for its entrance sometime in the very near future. It should, hopefully, put a new spin on how many people may view CJs in the future, well, I hope so any way...

As for this Journal, thats it. I may pop in here one last time, reply to any unfortunate soul who has been desperate for this Journals next update, and also give a link to my next CJ.

Thank you to all the supporters of this CJ, you have opened my eyes to what I should aim at, and I feel proud to say that I have enjoyed this Journals short life here on ST.

Thanks again for your support :D

Motonui, signing out.


Amusement park

Well I'm back, and boy do I have an update for you!      Hold onto your hats everyone!


jacqulina: Thank you, and now you won't have to wait that long for the next update.

roboo1: Thank you. Yes, I like the sunken Highway too.

haljackey: Thanks for your feedback.

1. Ahh true, I'll try that latter, and yes I am having problems.

2. Like most of my island, I have limited space for the interchange.

3. You caught me, it was an old picture from when it was first built. I'm just to lazy to take a new one.

4. Just wait for the beautification to start.

5. Thats the idea.

6. Just wait for the beautification to start.

7. Thank you! This one is my favorite, and the one that gets mostly free space, but it is still confined by the limited space of the island.

8. The top has over hanging props, the ones on the right could be. Sorry no link, yet. I could look if you wanted me to.

9. I thought it worked, but I see what you mean. I'll change it soon.

10. Change is good, right?

I might, once I have a good look around.

rusty_777: Thanks for your comment and positive feedback.

Hester: Thank you, and yes it is.


So what did I promise for this update?   Ahh yes, thats right, amusement parks.

This is what I left you with last time, right???


So it was.

Now don't you think that this picture looks, just a little bit too Two-Dimensional? 

I did, so I now give you this, it's the biggest and, hopefully, best "idea" that I have for this CJ.

I now give you, Simcity 3D:  almost...

Now, I really want you to  watch it in High Quality

Just click on the little link on the youtube page saying "watch in high quality" 

More pics I say "yes" to that.


Part of the park reflected in the lake of the island.




The Wooden Coaster. I love this one, and you will see more of it. Trust me.


From behind the park, you can't get this view in Sim City.

Don't worry, More Sim City will continue with the next update. But rest assured, I am not done with the whole amusement park thing.

Now, tell your friends about this whole new look on Sim city. And remember to come back for more.

And I will try to update this CJ at regular intervals this time.




Its been a while but I am back, And thoes rumours are wrong, I am not dead. yet


jacqulina: Thanks, there will be more in this update.

fabsies55: I think it is too. Maybe I should have said something before I showed some pictures. Thank you. And yes, I know what you mean, but it does not carry on like that throughout the region.

haljackey: Yep, Ive found that out by now. Yeah, I know it could use a slope modd. Its just I've been having trouble with them. I think I have a broken one in my plug-ins but just haven't had the time to look for it. I was waiting for the new big dig files to come out, but that isn't happening anytime soon, so I went with eye candy, for now.

helsinkisvit: Thank you.

Tia-may: Why thank you.

un1: Don't feel sorry, I love criticism. Trust me it will get better, I just had to have something to show that it gets better.

ElBarto92: Yes, I am planning to extend further than you may think with the video idea. And thank you.

Jill Jacobs: Thank you, I do like the SAM network. So far there isn't much of that in my cities. That may change though.

zelgadis: Thank you for dropping in.  The videos aren't that long, and they aren't that great if you ask me. 

Mother of Invention: Thank you, and what a great way to introduce the next page.

jacqulina: well, two posts for one update must mean that the CJ is going well.


Ok, I've been busy lately. But I finally have another update out.

So lets jump straight into it. 

As mentioned last update, it is a transport related update. Now that I think of it, it only has highways, not that much emphasis on the mass transport systems. But beggers cant be chosers.


A small interchange on the outskirts of the CBD.

picture4me0.gifAfter the interchange above, this small cross over is all that's left before you get suddenly immersed into the commercial district.

picture6tq8.gifSee what I mean. This is the first interchange. The use of the maxis T intersection saves space in this part of town.

picture5gh5.gifGo to the right (picture wise) and you will soon reach this, the residential-commercial boundary.

picture7aa6.gifKeep on going and you will find yourself at the top of this interchange. This one will need to be beautified as the updates keep coming.

picture8mf6.gifJump off after one of the many interchanges after this one and you could find yourself heading towards the other part of town.

picture1ya7.gifThis one has to be my personal favorite. It links most area's of choice for both resident and tourist.

picture2qw7.gifTake a left turn before the amusement park and you could find your self heading out towards one of the many tunnels that go out towards the small towns on the bottom (or top if that's the way you look at it) of the island.

picture9id0.jpgOne of the many towns showing off its interchange. 

You get bonus points if you can guess what I did to make this last picture, shown above.

Well, that's it for the transport system. Hope you enjoyed it. Some, if not most, of the pictures you see here will be beautified in the many more updates to come.

Now a small preview of whats coming up:


Guessed whats coming up?  Yes that's right, next update will be small, but feature a video and an update about the amusement park shown above.

Well, until next time, bye.



RHW Interchange Teaser

Ok, I'll just reply to some, well, replies.


jacqulina: Thank you.

roboo1: Thanks. Ok I will try to show some more scenic pictures.

fabsies55: Thanks. Yes I know that they are a bit repetitive. I'll explain this below.

Un1: Yes, its been a while in planning. Oh, come on, have a bit more faith in me. I know what I am doing with the repetitive buildings and will explain this below. And its not a worry, I like critics.

haljackey: Thanks. ha, well if it looks that way...      Oh, yeah, I just thought I may as well post one just to compliment the one above it in the first post. Good idea with the RHW. I think that can be an update in itself.  Well, I had to say thanks to him in someway. And again, thanks!

TimeMaster: Thanks, Im glad you liked it.

TV-VCR: Thanks. Well, yes, the theme parks are going to be a big part of this CJ.

And a special reply to the lurkers out there, thanks for viewing, next time leave a comment, I won't bite (hard...)    I know you're out there.

Ok, some of you have noted the repition of the buildings. Now, I'll have to say why this is. I started out my region and it just started to get bigger buildings. It was at this point that I realized that once this region was finnished I wouldn't really have much to give for updates. So what I thought of doing was to just take out some of the plugins and make the buildings just a little bit more repetitive. This would meen that I can have updates that show city butification. Therefore the buildings are a bit repedative. This is also why I am missing things like seawalls on the river ect.

Ok, sorry, not much of an update this time. I've just had so much going on in real life, one issue was that the WRC Rally of New Zealand rolled into town, so I just had to go to that. Also, unfortunatly for this CJ spore is coming out on friday this week, so I will have even less time to update this CJ. But fortunatly, spore is coming out on friday.

So just a teaser pic. The next update is focused on the transport systems, so...


Look, it probably should have some trees in it, but Im in a rush as it is. 

So just talk between yourselves for a while and I will get onto a real update.


Modern City view

 Ok, a bit of time has past, not entirely my fault.


jacqulina: Thanks, glad you like it.

Speed Devil: Well, I am trying to included new ways to show off my region. Glad you like it.

NMUSpidey: Umm, was this long enough for more awesomeness? Hope so. Once again, glad you like it.

Schulmanator: Thanks, well thats it for historical stuff. But there could be a bit more with one part of my city needing a bit more of a back ground. Thanks for stopping by.

penguin007: Well wait no longer. Here it is.... stop by some time.

fabsies55: Thanks, I'm always looking to impress.

oceanmariner: Well, honestly, not that much of the tropics are in this CJ. I could blame it on the fact that it is meant to be a bit colder, in the northern hemisphere, but its probably because I am to lazy to make it more tropical. But that could be a future update, you never know.

Rictiovarus: Cheers. Well, you're in luck, I wasn't going to have another video, but you asked so nicely. I could, but I was panning this region to be more in the northern hemisphere. If you look closely, on the top mountain, above the little inlet, there is supposed to be what remains of a glacier. 

haljackey: Thanks, yeah I know its small, especially compared to yours! Well, I hope I have made the best with the space I had. Not the best that I could do though. I should have explained that, they're oil paintings, supposedly... Cheers, there are more videos to come, not only of the region view, maybe I have said too much??? I hope I can work wonders. Thanks for your comment.

rct3twins: He'll get more than fired, well he will get "fired", just not in the conventional way. I have a feeling you may like this CJ, thanks for your comment.

And a special reply to the lurkers out there, thanks for viewing, next time leave a comment, I won't bite (hard...)    I know you're out there.


Ok, second update. Possibly a little too long between updates, but never mind.

Just a quick note, these cities are by no way the best. But they are good enough. It will get better once I get down to street level, and have more detailed pictures of the region, and not a huge pic of "everything"

Where did I leave off. Ohh, yeah, thats right, that blurry picture.

Well, the photographer got "whats coming to him".

Here is the overall shot that I finally got...


Well, doesn't that look good? ha, not. I suppose its alright.

And since many of you, coming to a grand total of one, have asked for another video, here one is...

For a higher definition image go 

click "watch in high quality" 

So, there you have it.

Now a quick look at the main parts in my region.

I'll start with my favorite part.

That is this part, just off the coast, the city just starts looping around "Mt Whanuimaunga":


In the same town we have the end of the industrial area, this part here (I quite like it)


Now we have the Downtown, right in the middle of the region, it looks like this, on the right is the commercial part of the town:


Just take a small trip along the high way, pictured going left above, and you might find yourself, if you don't get lost or kidnapped, in the main residential area of town, loacted near the major amusement park:


So, thats the, sort of, more in depth view of the region, more to come of course.

Just want to say thanks to the man that made simtrop, so I had a statue built in his honor:


Now, every so often, see "Note Also" in the first update, I will have a photoshopped image, this one is from the stream above the lagoon in the middle of the region, on "Mt Hukakiriata":


Not my personal best, just whipped it up in a few minuites.

Ok, well that was it for this update. More to come, It could be on the transport system in my region. 

Don't go too far away. Help yourself to food and beverages.

And another thing. haljackey thank you, with your comment you gave me another idea. It will make my CJ a bit more, "communal". This effects just about every one here at Simtrop. 

So until next time, see ya latter.


 Well, I finally decided to do something about the lack of CJ's made by me.

So I had to think to myself, "What do some CJ's have that others don't?" and "What makes good CJ's good?" but more importantly, "What don't other CJ have that I can take advantage of?"

So, after thinking hard about these questions, especially the last one, I came up with the answer.

That is...

Did you really think I would reveal all of my secretes at the start? 

So I had my idea, and I started building my region. I had to use one of mine of course, or what type of mapper would I be. Not a very good one I did find out while making this CJ, more on that latter So I am using my map Island Life, which recently made 1000 downloads.

This is what it looked like...


This CJ told me a lot about mapping. Firstly, my maps are too small, big enough to make a region, but still too small.

Now I am going to go and admit it, the finished product isn't the best. But some of you might have noticed my signature saying that it will be the best, if you haven't heres a quote...

[Q]Have you ever lay awake at night and wondered "When is the next best CJ coming".

Well wait no longer!

Ok, maybe a few more days, But the best thing since sliced bread is coming soon.

hopefully before the end of the month.

I suppose you have waited long enough.

It will be out Saturday or Sunday

Yes, you've waited long enough now. Click the link in my sig pic.[/Q]

Its the CJ, Im talking about, as mentioned above, it uses alot of hardly seen, and some never before seen ways of looking at SimCity 4.

Ok, I've talked enough to put anyone on steroids and coffee to sleep, so lets jump right into it.

First city pictures, but from the first settlement.

Now yes, I know they didn't have helicopters back when ever these were taken, but if you can just get past that and pretend that it is the artists vision of what it looks like.

Firstly, an overview of their life.


They liked their protection, and so they built a castle, although there were no other forces anywhere.


They did eat, and they liked beef, so they brought cows with them.


This is where they landed, I think they were lucky to find this place, don't you?


Now I guess your thinking, "Well thats all good and dandy, but what about some pictures closer to today?"

Well I thought of that too. Lets just skip ahead a few hundred years to the invention of the helicopter and colour photos...


Opps, I guess the photographer forgot how to take clear pictures. While I deal with him feel free to have a closer look at the region through one of my revolutionary ideas...

For a higher definition image go 

click "watch in high quality.

Trust me, there is more where that came from.

Well, thats it for the first update.

NOTE: My pictures are taken in 800x500, like haljackey does in his The Greater Terran Region (Lucky haljackey you get a plug in my CJ) I find that these size pictures are easier to look at.

NOTE AGAIN: the names of the landmarks in the video are Maori words, so is the title. Not many people would speak Maori here, so it doesn't matter that most of the names are just literal translation and don't actually translate properly. Most will mean something like big mountain, or small bay ect.

NOTE ALSO: I have decided, as one of my "Ideas" that this CJ, will get some structure behind it. I will post in an order with a theme for each one. 

1. Normal pictures, one will be a heavily photoshopped picture.

2. Normal Pictures, one will be a mosaic.

3. Normal Pictures, however there will also be a video of some sort.

This Post counts as number "3". So you will need to wait 3 more updates until a new video.

Congratulations, If you are reading this you have survived the first update. You now have the reward of being able to reply, don't like it? Well think of all the poor souls that died trying to get through the first update, you don't want to join them do you?

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