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The country of old abandoned coal mines... or is it?

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The City of Tendons

Hi guys! This is the first entry about the Republic of Wemtonia. It's an island country, which used to be a no man's land filled with coal mines. It had huge amounts of this fuel hidden under the landscapes, but it was being used up to such a huge extent, that it would no longer bring profit if the procedure was continued. Although most of the workers have found a different job and a different place to live, some of them refused to leave and decided to keep on living in Wemtonia, which was then owned by a coal export company. The bosses of the company didn't have anything against it, since the island's environment has been totally destroyed by the coal mines. All of this happened in 1921, a few years after WWI. During all that time, things have improved. Today, Wemtonia is a country with a good economy and a little over 150,000 citizens.

Today we will focus on the city of Tendons. It has only 10,000 inhabitants, so why did I chose this one and not the capital? Well, it's because Tendons is where it all began. That's where the environment began to restore and where the first real houses were built. There still are industrial districts, but great measures have been taken to let the plants and animals live in harmony with humans.


The St Johns Roundabout and Mass Transit Complex in North Tendons Industrial District.

The North Tendons Industrial District is one of the biggest industrial districts in whole Wemtonia. It's located just off the A1 highway, the major traffic link between the north and the south of Wamtonia. There are approximately 20,000 work places available. It's served by a tram line, which connects it with the Riverside District.


The tram line to Riverside, station Brick Street Transit. Allows the Tendonsans to catch a taxi after getting here with the tram.

In 1993, a tunnel under the Oslet river was built, since a bridge over it wasn't enough, due to 20,000 vehicles crossing it each day. It connects the north side of Tendons with the south side. It also forms a part of the A1.


Entrance to the Oslet Tunnel, view from the south.

Tendons also has richer parts, such as the Stone Bay district in the south east. It has been established in 1973 by a group of investors from Ireland.


The Stone Bay District.

The avenue seen on the picture above is the George Pitchmaster Avenue. George Pitchmaster was the man who started the environmental revolution. His daughter now lives in one of the Tendons' villas and she's keen to tell you everything about her dad, while drinking coffee. The George Pitchmaster Avenue is an important road artery, which connects the Stone Bay District with the South Tendons Industrial District. It ends at the George Pitchmaster roundabout.


The George Pitchmaster Roundabout, one of the busiest junctions in Tendons. It had to get an extra lane in the middle, because of the constant traffic jams. On the right you can see the Yellow Lane power plant, which, along with the numerous wind turbines, covers the electricity needs of South East Wemtonia.

Well, this is it. I hope you enjoyed this entry. Keep tuned for entries about different towns and cities in Wemtonia!

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