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the CJ that started it all.

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Hey, guys I'm back, sorry I haven't been active lately,

my computer has been being faulty with ST for the past month or so,

Today we'll be looking at the capital of Sotoa, enjoy.


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Sotoa City, the capital:


Downtown Sotoa City:


Sotoa City, this area is by a bay of commerce:



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What's up guys, it's Escilnavia again bringing a teaser of this

summer CJ. Once again, because of school work, I've been really busy.

I've wanted to comment and rate on a lot of Cjs but yet have

been to busy :(. Anyways Enjoy and um, here we go! :D


It's quiet... too quiet... (this is a real Sc4 pic!):


HOLY MOLY :O! SAND STORM! Run small caravan, run!:


Luckily they reach the small village of Deiji, :party: the people welcome the rich caravan, hopping to sell goods to these wealthy merchants:


But back at home, (Al Kadir, remade) the sand storm has reached they're home city, hitting the Marina of Kadir!



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