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Laromia's Largest City

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Tronto over the years..

Tronto has become the largest city in Laromia in just a short time! Glance back in time at Tronto.

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1. Tronto in 1967

2. Tronto in 1980

3. Tronto in 2000

4. Tronto 2012






The Lartica River Park ( photo below ) is now open in Tronto! It is now Tronto's largest park. The park sits in the business district of downtown Tronto, and sticks out into the Lartica River. The park is complete with a softball field and soccer field, and even a marina on the south end of it. Citizens can enjoy stunning views of the river, and the towering buildings of downtown Tronto. The park is on Riverwalk Blvd, and a short commute from all major highways. The grand openeing ceremony was held on a nice sunny day in June, even the Ruler of Laromia gave a speech there. Tronto is sure this is a good investment for the city! Let us know what you think!

This will be the last CJ for awhile, my CD drive on my computer is messed up. So I cannot work on my Sim City :( ... But hopefully I will get it fixed soon! Wish me luck!! please comment!


Hello everyone from Tronto, Laromia! This article is about Tronto's Best & Worst times which effected the city through the years..

Best Times ( Pictures will be added soon... sorry )

January 14th, 1986- The J.D Bonyan Bridge is completed in Tronto. The bridge is one half miles long, and is the main entrance to downtown Tronto.. It connects to Wexford on the opposite side of the Lartica River. Now citizens of Tronto have a faster commute to downtown on this 6 lane bridge.

May 3rd, 1990- Tronto World Trade Center is completed. The 103 story tower is the centerpiece of the Business District in Downtown Tronto offering citizens with new jobs.

July 18th, 2006- Tronto's metro area hits 20 million. A huge festival is held in Laromia Square on Tecoaj Ave and Laromia Square Blvd. Over 400,000 people attended. Metro area of Tronto includes, Wexford, Pinskie, South Tronto, Bradley South, Deria, Green Port, Winstonburg, Harrison, River City, Eastville, and 20 other major districts.

Worst Times

Febuary 9th, 2000- The Tronto Slow Down, the Tronto Slow Down was a 3 year period in which demand, funds, and population was on the brink of collapse. Citizens moved outside of Tronto to find work, and industrial jobs shut down. The Tronto Slow Down recovered in August 2004.

September 20th, 2006- The LaroTech Oil Powerplant across the river from Tronto in Wexford exploded. It killed at least 40 people and 5 of them still have not been recovered, It also pouluted the Lartica River.

This has been a preview of the new series- Tronto- Making of a Megaopolis articles.. Hope you enjoy! Leave a comment please and be respectful!


Coming 2013- Tronto- the movie.. ( see next month's article for details )


Hello everyone! Welcome to the city of Tronto, Laromia.. ( Lar-O-Ma) Located in the country of Laromia in the northeastern state of Ponica. All of Laromia is under the power of Ruler Josh Williamson for the last 23 years.

( Pictures will be added soon )

History- At the delta of the Gulf Of Laromia and the Lartica River stands a dazzling, modern and massive city of Tronto. With a rough population over 20 million in it's metro region, it has blown the limits to what the Laromian people could have guessed! This huge port city had humble beginnings.. The year is 1805 when a group of farmers made their way from the rugged Brownrock Mnts to the river valley of Ponica. The set up a town called Trontocani, named after the natives who have lived there. The settlers began farming the valley next to the delta of the Lartica River.

As the settlers saw a opportunity for their small community of 500, they decided to place ports along the eastern banks of the Lartica River. They shipped raw goods to many places around the globe and Trontocani became very rich. In the year 1850, manufacturing was most promenade in Trontocani. Now with a population of 19,000 downtown Trontocani was growing.. and fast. Downtown Trontocani was a exciting place, with fine dining, great hotels and parks, it became one of the planets most fabulous cities to visit.

The year is 1880. Trontocani now has a population of 700,000, and the city now has a skyline. With tall office buildings and hotels, the tallest building in Trontocani was the Imperial Hotel on 122nd street and Alinar Ave. It has 13 stories and the most luxurious hotel in the world. Today the Imperial Hotel still stands proud.. If only it could see sunlight from the rest of the skyscrapers crowding it today.

The year 1900. Mayor J.D Bonyan one of Laromia's greatest rulers and government officials was mayor of Trontocani at this time. J.D Bonyan decided to shorten Trontocani's name to Tronto. The population of Tronto now was 1 million. Tronto now is a bustling, loud and busy city. Many large corporations and media organizations ( newspapers ) now thrive in Tronto still to this day.

Modern Times- The year is 2000. Tronto with a massive population of 18 million is the planets most attractive and busiest city. With invy coming from neighbooring countries of Camosona and Vincetopia they became angry at Laromia for our power and strength in everything. Tronto is now the leader in world media corps like LNN, LNC and Q, Laromia's largest news associations. Talk about Tronto's skyline.. It's tallest building the Tronto World Trade Center (TWTC) the tower stands above Trade Ave in the Finacial district at 120 stories. Making it the tallest building in Laromia until the Daki 1 Tower in Daki Laromia in the state of Zayed rose 230 floors. I hope you enjoyed reading about Tronto.. I will have pics posted soon, and more articles on Tronto. Always Thank you and greetings, the Laromian way! Laromia 1780-2012............. and still in power.

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