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Hello followers!

Finally, this weekend I got the time to take a few pictures of the newly named region, Fairburn. It was a long and tedious process, but I finally have enough built to start posting! So, without further ado, let's get down to business. It's only fitting we start in the airport, as we just arrived. FRI, or Fairburn Regional Airport was built in 1980, following demand for more travel when the great agricultural boom happened (we'll get to that later). In 2003, a cargo terminal was added, with capacity to move 10,000 tons per year. Last month, the main terminal was expanded, allowing turboprops to park. The upgrade increased the airport's usage from 30000 to 50000 passengers per year. FRI now serves frontier airlines, air canada jazz, southwest, horizon, US airways express and fedex. Here's a few pictures:







Next time: Random GLR shots!

Bye, folks!


Well folks,

Pacific city is back! But wait... this doesn't look like pacific city, does it?


No, that's because i kind of got bored building in that region. This, my friends, is the beginning of the quarter of the way there ( bad catch phrase.) I don't know what to call this city, so for now we'll call this project Trololol. What I need you to do, on the other hand, is to name this region! I like what i've got so far, so I think we'll stick with it. Give me feedback if you want anything to be changed.

Domo arigato, and see you soon!


Transport map

Hello all,

Today we're going to have a short update again. It's time for a map of Pacific City! As you can see, it's still a work in progress...


Hope you enjoyed it!

One more thing: can you spot the airport?


Dig, Dig, Dig!

Hello, all

Ever wonder why Pacific City is such a business center? Ever wonder why major mineral companies are interested in it? Perhaps these pictures will explain that.

This is Sangel inc.'s newest coal mine on the island.


The railyard. The reason why you aren't seeing many trains around today is spring break.


The infamous shovel #1, which can be seen for miles.



Thanks for viewing. And yes, I know that this is a bit sloppy... i just needed to post an update.

-Evan :read:


Hello all,

I decided that it's been a while since we've had an exciting update, so today we're going to take a boat ride to North Island Provincial park, the gateway to Pacific City.

Now, let's start sailing. We come in from the north, and this is the small marine we first see. Since this photo was taken, the marina has been beautified with tennis and basketball courts, fountains and a gazebo.


A small bend in the ring road going around the island. This is a popular spot for swimming, normally, but most bathers were scared away by storm clouds on the horizon. They can often be a sign of an approaching typhoon.


The first cemetary built in Pacific City.


Here, we have the main marina complex, with acommodations such as shops, a swimming complex, the Royal Pacific Art Museum, and the famed oceanview towers, occupied by a hotel and condos.


Who wants to go sport fishing?


This is the main boardwalk of the island, with a ferry landing for visitors. The boardwalk is filled with high-wealth boutiques, and 5-star restaurants. A condo development has been completed here, and suites are selling for $750,000


Finally, we arrive back in Pacific City. People love it here.


Now, let's go visit the David Smith agricultural institute.



That's all for now. Next time, we're going to visit the port or university.

-Evan :read:


Hello all,

Today is the moment you've all been waiting for! Today, we take a tour of the Prince's Valley regional airport, or PVR. PVR was first intended to be used as an airforce base back in the 50's, to support a squadron of F-104 interceptors. But, as the threat of soviet bombers flying over the Pacific ocean to get to North America diminished, so did the air traffic. To offset the rising cost of maintaining the base, the royal canadian air force decided to sell three quarters of the base for civilian use. That resulted in an airport which grew to be something like this...


The main passenger terminal, built to handle mostly jets. Here, we serve the airlines Lufthansa, Westjet, Air Canada, American, US Airways Express, Air France, Transat, White Airways and TNT. As you can see, it is particularly busy in the summer vacation season. Development here is sparse, due to noise levels. That doesn't stop businesses looking for cash, though.


svalleyairportdec514132.pngThe turboprop section of the terminal.


The private terminal. Today, it is mostly occupied with visitors to the local logging convention.



Now, on to the military section. Here, we have the NorthStar maintenance services hangar, used to maintain C-130 Hercules transporters for the RCAF and coast guard. To the left is the only helipad at the airport, as well as the fire station.


Fighter jet row, with F-104 starfighters.




usfighter15 and abracadabraz85: Well, your taste buds... er, eyes will be satisfied today!

evanm1487: I have the trees i need to add variety, I just got a bit lazy with them. As for the terrain mod, I was using the MTP terrain mod 1, but it was pretty bland. I'm experimenting with different mods now, so don't be afraid to give your opinion.

Hello again,

Sorry for the dissapointment, but this update won't feature the port. It's taking longer than expected to build. So, today we'll be touring a small patch of land in Prince's valley instead.

A few bridges crossing a small canyon. Also a popular spot for herons to meet at.


A shot taken from a higher altitude


Bill Johnson's ranch. You'd better keep of his property, because he has a 12-gauge shotgun!


The farm house. Bill's been building that new barn since mid-november, and the constant sound of hammering is getting on his wife's nerves.


Bill and his son Jim wondering what's for dinner.


That's all for now, folks. The next entry should be a bit more urban, I hope.

-Evandad :read:


Hello all,

Today is the first day of my first city journal, and believe me, this one's going to be unique. First, a little history: Pacific city is the capital of the isle of Peace. The isle of peace is in the pacific northwest. It is a major hub for shipping and air traffic, and a large tourist destination. It has a huge logging industry, which will be the subject of this teaser...




All of this logging was done in prince's valley, and expect to see more soon.



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