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The Prodigy

Welcome to Concord, the commercial center of the in-progress tri-county area (which will have pictures posted upon completion). Concord and the wider area are based off of a rotated, flipped view of south-central Puget Sound. Concord, which is developed on what is actually Gig Harbor, Washington (near where I grew up :D) uses Wollochet Bay (named Alesar Inlet in the game city) and with influence from False Bay and Metro Vancouver creates business district peninsula surrounded by marinas.

This is the broad view of metro Concord. To the immediate left of downtown are the three neighborhoods of Gadatonka, Oroyuga and Warahoo which service Nomwa to the south via the suspension bridges over the narrows and through the valley freeway or the Warahoo cut over Alesar Inlet into downtown. Gim Island is serviced through four bridges that connect the island to Warahoo, downtown, Mickleponk and north to the neighboring towns.


Downtown Concord is a tightly packed tall bunch of towers providing the majority of Concord's jobs on a sliver of land walled in by the Strait of Killinger above and Alesar Inlet below.


The Prodigy

Concord Traffic

These pictures are kind of fuzzy since I took them with a phone, but I could not resist posting pictures of my first city where the sims actually use the bloody freeways (albeit through the herding of one-way streets.) This pic shows the high degree of daily commuter road traffic into downtown from the seven neighborhoods.


And this is a subway pic... mostly posted for fun.


The Prodigy

Downtown Concord is a highly dense, purely commercial district that fills the peninsula created by Alesar Inlet and the Inlet Marina (to the left). The downtown area is fed by four freeways and five subway links.


Oroyuga is Concord's smallest neighborhood; it has immediate access to downtown via the Oroyuga Bridge (left), Inlet Bridge (right) and two subway lines. Oroyuga dominates the southern section of the Alesar Inlet Marina and has unparalleled, up-close views of downtown. Oroyuga is separated from Gadatonka by the valley freeway below.


The Prodigy

Gim Island dominate's Concord's eastern section. It is particularly interesting in that it maintains a rather high density despite being completely disconnected from the mainland, however its proximity to downtown and it well developed connections allow for such habitation. This picture covers the northern section of Gim Island which includes the North Island Bridge (far left), Mickleponk Bridge (middle), Island Marina, and the Downtown Bridge.


The southern section of Gim Island, contains Concord International Airport, Concord Golf & Country Club and connected to it is a community of mansions. The south island is serviced by the South Island Bridge and Narrows Tunnel.


The Prodigy

Mickleponk is Concord's first, largest, and most populous neighborhood. It services Gim Island to the east via the North Island Bridge (not seen) and the Mickleponk Bridge. Concord's transit hub, stadium and the majority of its residential hi-rise structures. As demand for more office space is demanded of Concord, Mickleponk loses more space as it is the only neighbor that directly connects to downtown. To the bottom right, Mickleponk's connection the Alesar Inlet Marina can be seen.


Nomwa is the southern most neighborhood, connecting to southern cities and is serviced by the Warahoo Bridge (above), Narrows Bridge (below) and the Nomwa Monorail Tunnel (middle).


The Prodigy

Downtown Gorstopolis

This region is 1 of about 15 I've planned so the downtown district of Gorstopolis, while still packed and full of jobs, doesn't have many super-skyscrapers which I'm saving for planned regions which should have bigger populations, necessitating taller buildings. But I digress, the downtown in my opinion is still quite smart looking and realistic, probably not the most AMAZING thing anyone has ever made.



It is mostly high density office commercial with a few high density residential towers sprinkled in to take advantage of weak customer spots in the downtown area.

Again, a big thanks to STEX and all the uploads members have put that have made my downtown area look much more diverse, realistic and easier to piece together.

The Prodigy


This is the metro area of Gorst County. It hold about half the population, almost all of the commercial and has a comparatively extensive transportation network designed to funnel people from their compact medium-density neighborhoods onto buses and highways or into subways to the business district that dominates the center of the city (as it does in every city).



After re-sizing the pics I noticed how difficult it is to see the neighborhood names. To the southeast is Susquahawn, Gunther, Robough and Duchess Hill. to the Southwest is Westminster, South Ward, Sinclair, Valley Heights and Middleton Hill. To the north is Geoffery, Hamilton, Jaga Point, Callow and Vasquez

A big thanks goes to STEX in general and everyone that uploaded stuff (Highway walls, underground parking, and the many towers I feverishly downloaded)

The Prodigy

Gorst County

This is my first ever post, so bear with my novice level uploading skills and etiquette. This region size wise is not very impressive with only 600,000 people, but my main goal was realism; not to harp on other playing styles. I tried to orient the land, and highways in a way that forces sims to use them (which many have managed to subvert my efforts anyway).


I zoned with a lot of diagonal neighborhoods and districts to hide the boundary lines and give the region more realism.



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