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Update Three - New Friscia

Short Name: New Friscia

Long Form Name: Federation of New Friscia

Native Name: Fédération de Nouveau Fríscie

Area: 663,159.48 km²

Population: 74,962,417

GDP Per Capita: ε33,332

GDP: ε2.51 trillion

Government Type: Federal parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy

Head of the Government: Madeleine Desaulniers (LP), First Minister

Head of State: Sofia Auro Colette IV, Queen of Posillipo


Map One: Nation Map


Map Two: World Map


Image One: Lamare National University


Image Two: Central Business District of Lamare


Image Three: Capitol of New Friscia

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Update Two - Okaiken


Update Two | Imperial Kingdom of Okaiken

Short Name: Okaiken

Long Form Name: Imperial Kingdom of Okaiken

Native Name:

Area: 50,162.40 mi2

Population: 60,940,000

Population Density: 337.1km2

GDP Per Capita: ε17,181

GDP: ε926,546,194,197

Government Type: Unitary Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy

Head of the Government: Toshiro Kurosawa, Prime Minister of Troix

Head of State: Emperor of Troix


Figure 1: A Map of Troix

To view full size, right click and press "View Image"


Figure 2: Location of Troix in Adonia

To view full size, right click and press "View Image"


Troix (formerly called Mitoyagi) was founded in 1968 in what was called the 'Quiet Revolution'. Troix came from the Etruscan word "trois", literally meaning three. Variations of the country name include in 三 Sanese.

According to records, Troix was first settled by the Atsus, which was a tribe that primarily fish and gather food in the islands. Gradually the Atsus were driven south, and foreign invaders eventually settled in the island of Halcon, which then became the Miyagi Empire. Also during that time the new settlers established an early form of Shoto, a religion, in the country.

However, the empire didn't last long as it fell on a civil conflict that lasted 86 years, also known in Troix as the Great Sanese War. At that time, 3 major powers appear, the Honda Clan, headed by Honda Teremuto, the Ogasawara Clan, headed by Ogasawara Jinchiro and the Minato Clan, headed by Minato Josetsu. After the war, the nation continued to civilize and it developed laws that primarily reflect their Peilanese counterparts. Also during that time, the nation underwent a period of social upheaval, political intrigue and also constant military conflicts between daimyos. Notable events from that period include the Bodaijō War and the Kidnapping of Crown Prince Futaku, which would later lead the united islands as the Kyōtsū Emperor.

After several conflicts and political disputes, the nation was finally united by the Honda Clan in 1401 and they establish the permanent capital in Okashi. During this period, the nation went into a cultural revolution, establishing many forms of art such as the ukiyo-e, a form of wood block printing. The nation also enforced sakoku, in which foreigners and citizens are not allowed to enter the nation and foreign trade only took place in special designated places.

However, everything changed when the Saito Emperor took over the throne. He abolished the government's bakufu system and he made a constitution from Western Althenian laws such as Posillipo's and Insulo's. With the restoration of the emperor, Troix underwent a dramatic growth in the economy and the nation established a formidable force in the Armed Forces.

In 1921, the constitution is redrafted to reflect the nation's growth in military and economic power. During this period Troix expanded the reaches of its empire to other places in Eastern Adonia such as Southern Peilan and the Kwangju Peninsula. In 1948, however, Troix's imperial growth was prevented and its territories were occupied because of the nation's participation in the Great Adinian War. The nation tried many ways to prevent invaders from occupying Troix by implementing suicidal tactics. The islands were defended but Troix lost its territorial gains.

After the Great Adonian War, the nation continued it's growth economically and militarily, but the nation would soon fall to several protests, leading to the Quiet Revolution of 1968. The ruling government was dissolved, and the country underwent several changes, including the renaming of the nation and its cities. By the 1980's Troix's growth is so quick many people think that it would lead to a bubble. The bubble burst in 1987, and the nation suffered an economic crisis that would lead to the Referendum of 2011, which restored the emperor's power as the ruler of Troix.


Figure 3: Hitoshi River, near Okashi


Figure 4: Central District of Okashi


Figure 5: The Palace of Okashi



Dear reader,

Welcome, everyone, to the first annual City Journaling Around Adonia event! I am Chancellor Charles Brown, of the United Sovereign Nations of the World, the City Journal union that will be represented in the coming weeks in this event we have planned for you! I'd like to personally thank you for taking the time to click that button and open this City Journal. As we fly through this exposition, during which I hope you all notice the immense talent our members have and how proud we are of them, each member of our union who signed up to take part will post an update through Simtropolis' multiple editors feature. I'd like to show you a short history of USNW as well as where the participating countries are located.

Yours Truly,


Charles Brown

Chancellor the United Sovereign Nations of the World

  • Members Participating (In order of appearance; out of 24 Total Members)
  • Gamat
  • Posillipo
  • Insulo
  • Troix
  • Grand, Belluterra, and Malo
  • Greater Morsco
  • Shayden
  • Ruteria
  • Rheinland




The United Sovereign Nations of the World was founded in February 2011 by less than ten original members after the dissolution of the second incarnations of the Confederacy of Free Regions. Over our near year of existence, we've grown from ten members to over twenty, a large number for city journal unions, even in the golden age of their era. The USNW is ranked number two in overall size, number one in overall activity, and number one in per capita activity, second only to the Alliance of Independent Nations (AIN) in the former and beating out the other two major unions AIN and the Sim City Journal Union (SCJU) in the latters.Updates will come over the next few days!

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