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About this City Journal

Come see the evolution of Peak City, Valley Township, Dubh, and several other untouched lands which are soon to be built on! Come see the adventure in Stanley County, Otrego.

Entries in this City Journal


Lately, there's been alot of talking about a possible new parkway in Stanley County. This parkway, if the rumors are correct, would begin in Dubh off of Route 517, and wrap around Peak - Valley BLVD, the main road shared by Valley and Peak City, go through unclaimed land, and turn into a road into a neighboring county. This means it could possibly loop back into Route 517. The Stanley County Department of Road Travel (SCDRT) has said that it will have a press conference soon to address these rumors...


**The area causing a massive amount of speculation about the possible highway project in Dubh, Stanley County**


The subtle breeze blows into a young man's face. He freezes, sighs, and stops to watch the sun set. "What a lucky guy I am to get to live in such a place..." he gently mumbles.


**Dubh is a very large farming community. Farmland makes up for about 83% of the town.**

Dubh is the northernmost town in Stanley County. The area is mainly composed of farmland which blankets small sporadic areas of housing and public offices. The population is just over 2000, and for the first few years, Dubh was doing great on it's own. This is until major changes, ordered by the Otrego Office of Power Management, were put into place....

The Otrego Office of Power Management (or OPM for short) noticed how Dubh was using several windmills in order to produce just barely enough energy to keep to grids afloat. At first, the OPM offered to replace the windmill power system with a brand new, efficient, and "some-what clean" coal power plant. Dubh immediately rejected the idea. "The agriculture in which our fine town houses would be decimated if it were to be exposed to any of the filth and grime which comes out of those facilities!" Mayor Georges said. The OPM agreed that perhaps a filthy power plant was not the way to go. They stepped out of the picture for quite a while.

Meanwhile, the agricultural production of the town doubled. And with more farm work needing to be done, came more people and more businesses. However, Dubh had no connections to any outside neighborhoods, except by Route 517 to Howe, which was close to 80 miles away. As a result of this, Dubh decided to open a farmer's market.


**The Dubh Agricultural Shop**

"The Dubh Agricultural Shop", as it came to be called, was placed a little far from the houses of most people, however to them, the drive was completely worth it. Twenty percent of all purchases at the shop went directly to Dubh, and the town's income went up by seven percent! While this still didn't make Dubh rich, it gave them enough money to put in a school. Dubh was very excited about this opportunity, at least until the OPM came back into play.

The OPM, realizing that the town's growth had demanded the construction of at least 8 more windmills that they would have to pay for, became furious at Dubh. The OPM then gave Dubh a choice: Build an oil rig power plant so that the city would never have to worry about power issues; or shut down Dubh's electricity.

Dubh, which is Irish for the word "black", was the name given to the town because of the colour of the soil. However, most of the town's population feared that black was the colour in which all of the crops would turn if the oil rig power plant was built. An anti-power plant campaign was started by the town, but quickly squashed after the OPM, in response, shut down Dubh's electricity for one week. After understanding how powerful the OPM truly was, Dubh stood down, and allowed to construction of the power plant.

The OPM chose the middle of a residential area to build the power plant. "This will ensure that none of your crops are damaged. That's what you wanted, right?" The OPM said.


**The Power Plant at Dubh**

However, a town full of committed citizens did not give in. Nobody in Dubh moved away after their loss to the OPM, including the people who lived right around the corner from the noisy, noxious power plant. It was at that point the people of Dubh proved what they were: a family. A family full of fighters and believers. Dubh continues to feud and $%&^! with the OPM today. Will this tension set off any further sparks? And what about the fact that Dubh still has no outside connections with any nearby towns? Will this ever change? Follow Dubh in The Stanley County City Journal to find out!


Welcome to Stanley County! This moderately sized county lies with the southwest corner of the Great Republic of Otrego! Bundled within this county are Valley Township, Peak City, Dubh, and several other unestablished territories of land. Being as the area was only settled by Otregon explorers close to five years ago, the area's development has remained quite limited. However, it's land has been deemed some of the greatest in the entire country for farming. As a result, farmers from all over the world have rushed to the area to claim their land.


**Stanley County**

However, with that being said, Juan Neveio, the country's president, dreamt of a city. A beautiful, advanced city, which would find itself sitting atop the county's highest point. Neveio set aside this territory, proclaiming the area to be called "Mountain Peak City", which was later shortened to "Peak City". However, this city is struggling to get it's act together, and ironically, the small community which sits just outside of the city, Valley Township, is prospering more then ever! Dubh is also struggling, as it has no connections to any outside towns!

Will Peak City get it's act together and make it big? Will this crush what Valley Township has going for it? When will Dubh come into play, and what will be it's role in the county's development? Stay connected to the city journal to find out!

(This is my first city journal. Please let me know what you think in the comments!)

(In addition, I'd also like to request that an administrator change the name of this Journal from "Stanley County City Jounral" to "Stanley County City Journal". I made an oopsies in mah spellings :B )

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