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Hiroshima Region!

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About this City Journal

A simple tour around Hiroshima and its region.

Entries in this City Journal


Coastal Ride

Hi everyone!

Okay, today we will continue on the Etajima island and city, while aiming back at the west city center ( yeap, there are two downtowns).. Just one tiny mosaic today though.


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Ride on Shooting Star

Today we'll see the new station as well as the apartment blocks finished!

The update is named Ride On shooting Star (youtube link).


here's an over view of the area of the station


Now a close up.I have choose a Victorian styled station, I think it looks quite well there.


Remember this area under construction near the curve of the railway?


Now there are two apartment buildings there.


In this overview you can see the two area that will be shown now.


The first one let out a big modern and high tech' condominium.


The second one is slightly smaller.


Later on, the government bought theses two houses' lands because of the growing apartment demand in the region.


And yet, another apartment skyscraper was built here. Rumours says that one of the most famous rock star set his home on the last floor.


Just a teaser shot about the area of the next update.

I hope you guys enjoyed this update!

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-Arthur. :wub:


Elevate me Later

As a lot of people asked for this, and I must say I do agree with everyone, the rail line has been elevated! Today's update will focus on the works of elevating the railway.

The update is named http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DF7wInjEGuc.


Here is a shot of the crossing where the railway was the problem, and not the pedestrian overpass. :rofl:


Now the same shot during the works.


Finally, a night view of the finalized area. As you can see, it is much more pleasant and no more congestion is made of that crossing.


Now lets move to the curvy part.


Now, the railway takes much less place so that the regional government decide to build.... more apartment complex.


Time for this station to suffer!




Hehe, just kidding, next phase of the works in the next update.

I hope you guys liked this update!


Etajima city, part one

So moving on to the update. Today we are going to see a new part of a city I showed some pages ago -- page 62 to be precise -- , that town is nothing else than the Etajima island. yeap the island is a city itself.

So lets start the update with a tiny mosaic.


This mosaic shows a large part of the city, from the bridge and the hill to the railway.


A group of apartment flats.


The railway running though the entire city.


A close up of a commuter train coming or going to the major city, I don't remember well.


The telecommunication antenna overlooking the city from its hill called " Telegraph hill ". It is also the same hill as the bridge rapid road.

Now three shots to showcase the superb works of two Great BATers and MODers, Vester and Xannepan! You can find their own topic Here is for Xannepan's BAT thread and Here is for Vester train showcase

Firstly, A big congrats to Xannepan for his Samaritaine BAT which nigh lights are among the best I've ever seen.



And Finally, a giant thanks goes to Vester for his kind patience and for accepting my request of a Japanese Commuter train skin. Thanks a lot my friend!


I hope you liked this update, I don't have any good ideas for the next one without falling in repetitiveness. So if you have any, any idea at all, even something challenging, feel free to post'em all !


Hello everyone, and welcome to the new update! :ohyes:

Okay, today is a small update about a town at the north of the region. The town is called " Nagano " and is directly located next to a Highway and Shinkansen line ( high Speed rail )... However, it's still the Series 0 that are used since 1985 on this line. :golly:




A mosaic showing the full town. You can see the sport field near the river.


In this shot, you can see how near the shinkansen line is from the town.


A candy shot of a Shinkansen on another line.

I hope you enjoyed this update!


So, today we got a small update once again... - recently, I tend to like small updates a lot more than big ones, seems like I made too much big updates in the past.

This quad picture shows the small town of Hamamastsu during the four seasons.. :blush:




So here's today's update. Nothing special, just 4 pictures.


An overview of the area, the suburban part of Hiroshima, in Kawanuma.


Zoom on the main strip which has lots of jobs. The tall building with the brown staircase is known as the home of the 765 pro, an Idol company


a very nice close up of the temple on top of the hill. The observation deck is very well known and gives a nice panorama of Hiroshima city center.


Here you can see the famous bridge that crosses the river. It is one of the two ways to cross it at this point. The other one is a tunnel recently opened a little further south of here.

I hope you enjoyed this update!


hello everyone, and welcome to my newest CJ! :golly:

After a big break from updating at ST ( I didn't had time to update 3 forums at a time) I decided to finally continue to share my works with the ST community.

My new region is loosely based on the city of Hiroshima and its surroundings. here's a link to my thread at SC4D.

So, lets move on the first real update here at ST. To be honest, this update is a brief summary of all the previous interesting updates posted at SC4D. ^_^

In my MD CJ you'll be able to travel from Rural japan :




to dense urban cores:



Endless suburbs...


And beautiful landmarks such as:

Hiroshima castle.


Ika Temple



I hope you'll like this update!

More to come.... I don't know at the moment. >.<


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