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Hamilton City

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A radiation wasteland

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It has now been about 78 years since the Hamilton City Nuclear Power Plant exploded, since then outside the massive walls the surround the ghost town, much has changed What once was corn, wheat fields is now home to 207,000 some sims, development grows the cities the surround a memory of the past. South Hamilton founded two years after the explosion, is now Honi Counties most populous city some 187,000 strong it dwarfs old Hamilton City.

It is odd looking at, old Hamilton City once the largest town in all of Honi County, now is dwarfed by its successor.


Even though it has been so long, the memories of that day still loom large. On the 75th anniversary of that tragic day the current mayor of new Hamilton City and South Hamilton dedicated a memorial to those who died that day, and the city that once was.


Next updat, we'll tour around outside the rotting city, to South Hamilton and its sights and sounds.


Since last time we visited the ruins of Hamilton City it had been only a few years since the meltdown. Now it is 22 years latter and the area around the ghost town has been cornered off with massive concrete walls, they only way to enter the old town is through a check point on each side of the zone.


Oh what a sad sight to look at once the largest town in Honi County, a population of 1,231. Now all that populates it is those mutated dogs and few wild animals.


Home, home on the range where the radiation makes me glow ho ho!



Hamilton City established in SYR 1, but John Hamilton the towns first doctor. This picture taken in SYR 5, one year before the disaster that would take hundreds of lives and leave the city a ghost town.


Thenit happened on that terrible day on Simune 8, SYR 6, workers at the Hamilton City Nuclear Power Plant make a fatal error and shutdown the plants cooling tanks water flow. The reactors started to heat up, and at 6:32 that night the plant blew up, killing hundreds instantly.

The city was placed under a mandatory evacuation only after the explosion, which caused uproar with the people in the county and city.

Two years after the explosion and an additional 570 deaths, the official report did not mention the explosion was caused by human error, simply stated "Electronic malfunction".

Today old Hamilton City lies in ruins and the once magnificent mansions that once dotted the city are now slowly rotting away, while mutated animals roam the streets, only the brave and gutsy people would dare to explore the city.



This picture was taken on Simtober 17, SYR 10 trees have started to grow everywhere.


However a new issue started to arise mutated vicious dogs have started to roam the city, they look like somthing out of a horror flim, but they are real. So far since this was discovered in SYR 10, over 67 attacks have been reported, two have been killed. These attacks haven't deterred explores, however the county board of supervisors has set aside 3.7 million to build a wall around the contaminated area.



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