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Carcer City

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Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus

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My Town pt. 3

Chapter 3

Welcome to Copperton, my friend. Not what you expected? Good, I like surprises.

Notice the Darcy and Garver projects right in front of us as we head off the highway. Crime has exploded in that area recently. Honestly though, the city doesn't know what to do about it and could care less about what happens here. As long as the crime doesn't travel down south it might stay this way forever.

I don't remember this part being any different when I was a kid; I used to play baseball here for my school and the Copperton Middle School students would always beat us up after the games if we won, which was most of the time.


This is the real jungle. Back of the Yards. After the blackout riots in '79, this place never truly recovered. There's always been attempts to "rehabilitate" the area and its residents but the politicians up here are bigger criminals than the street thugs. Relax, the doors are locked.

I think the utter silence around here is the scariest. It still frightens me as much as it used to back in the '80s.



Don't worry buddy, we won't be here for too long. We're gonna head back to Carcer Island down the Stivers Suspension Bridge now.

This is Covington. I've always liked it here, much more relaxed than other parts of the city. I wouldn't mind picking up fares here all the time.



My Town pt. 2

Chapter 2

Check out the building on the right. That's the Carcer Metropolitan Museum, and a little further up you can see the Pickett building.

It's the one with the red roof.


This is the northern tip of Carcer Island. Right now we're on Vendrell Blvd heading north towards the statue of Carcer city's founder, Mayor Moses B. Kove.

We're currently in Guntersville and about to take the Denton bridge to North Guntersville Island.


Welcome to N. Guntersville Island. It's pretty exclusive up here. We're on River Ave, one of the more developed streets on the island.

Great place to live, don't use the Denton Bridge during rush hour though.

Alright, now we're heading off the island. We're gonna take the Lynch Blvd Bridge to North Carcer.

What's that? Never been north of the river? Maybe for good reason, but I want to show you the real Carcer. The one you never hear about in the commercials and pamphlets. Let's go.




My Town pt. 1

Chapter 1

Yeah, I'm on my lunch break. That's why I'm parked here. Can't you see that the off-duty light's on? Yeah. Does it look like I'm busy? Good. You're not from here? So, you wanna know about my town?

Well, where do I begin?

It all started in 1975, when I was born in a 2-story on Townes St in Carcer's west side. When I was 14, I guess my father went out for a pack of smokes and never came back. Then I dropped out of high school. My mother? Yeah, she never cared. She told me, "You want to stay in school? You want to drop out? Makes no difference to me. Once you're 18, you're out of this house anyway."

And that's how I ended up here, giving directions to tourists out of my cab window. Where'd you want to go again? Centennial Park?

That'll be $15.


What were we talking about again? Oh, yeah, Carcer. Well, like most women her age, she can be real pretty and pampered, but if you start asking the wrong questions or going down the wrong streets she can turn real nasty too. She came into existence in 1820 after Carcer Island was settled by Dutch fur trappers.

What's that? Why do I call Carcer a 'she'? Well, that's just the impression I get. For example, New York's a guy. L.A.'s one of those wrinkled, makeup-caked women you see at the boutiques. Miami's a guy too, a real juiced up fitness freak. But that's just my opinion.

If you look out your window, you'll notice that we've driven into Uptown Carcer.



Here we are, this is Centennial Park and Stanton Ave.

So, how do you like it here so far? Yeah, it's something else. Maybe it's not as cosmopolitan as New York, or as glittery as California's coastal cities, but it sure is something else. It's got that down pretty good.

You know what, I'm not so busy. You want to go for a cruise? Good.

Let me tell you about my town.


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