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About this City Journal

Budding commercial center

Entries in this City Journal


Yes, the city counsel has finaly taken action to complete the InterCityAvenue 10 (IAC10) and Buena Vista Ave. (BVA) interchange! So, after spending millions of dollars on planning parties and weekend conferences in Hawaii and an unfortunate number of fatal accidents, they agreed on a plan that would be easy to implement and cost the city next to nothing.


After opening the new interchange, the city counsel got to work on other city planning projects at a conference in Europe.


Transit Upgrades

Here is the new interchange between IAC 10 (Inter-City Avenue) and the Lagos Loop,


If you look closely, you will notice at the end of the elevated Lagos Loop, I terminated the avenue with a one way road puzzle piece. This was done simply because there is no terminating piece that accomodates the EMIS. Mabye one day the SimNation will address that.

Here is the interchange between IAC 20, IAC 15, and the other end of the elevated Lagos Loop.


IAC 15 is running from lef to righ, IAC 20 is the ground level avenue running parallel but heading in the opposite direction through the HT Ind and out of the city. You may notice that the elevated Lagos Loop is not terminated here but left open. The transit workers went on strike and left the drivers to decide their own fate until the advent of an elevated terminating avenue piece that accomodates thru EMIS.

There are yet still more work to be done in Lagos with interchanges, i.e.: a sunken avenue (yet to be named) and IAC 10, which is ground level. I will try to keep the SimNation informed on its progress.


Saying hello.

Lagos continues to grow, and despite many district changes by the the legislature, it continues to thrive and be a beacon of commerce in the region.


Surrounding suburbs continue to fight the fine fight and will report as soon as the Department of Transportation approves intercity travel.


Ive been playing god with the roads in Lagos and I came up with these ramps and interchange. They are fully functional despite their less than glorious appearance. Maybe one day the engineer of my dreams witll work out some lovely accents to make it look better. Done with latest NAM and RHW mods.


A work in progress

I finally got Industrial Park (to be renamed soon) back in the black! I added a small amount of commercial services, some more residences, and ran a major throroughfare through from Lagos into Ferbville. I had to upgrade a small section to highway to accomodate traffic but its still getting congested becouse of the toll, however, I need that in order to keep books in the black. Ideas?


New Beginnings

Hello and welcome.

Im making my first attempt at a large refional development. My main city has reached more than 130k pop with several supporting cities. Currently my capital is the only city with positive ballance. I am trying to not only rework my capital to look more natrural and flow better, but fix my issues in my neighbors. The capital is as of now a commercial hub. ANY and ALL help, advice, direction would be appreciated. I've only made it this far with the help of Omnibus contributors and friendly chat room volunteers. To all of you thank you.



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