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About this City Journal

Introducing new SuperdDuperGuides City Guide to the growing metropolis of Unified Territories!

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Aurelius Erasmus


Greetings fellow travellers!

We at the SuperDuperGuides hope you are as much excited as we are with our upcoming guide the the Unified Territories' metropolis and capital city of Banbury-Penton. We aim to bring you up-to-date practical information about traveling around the city as well as hundreds of historical and interesting facts.

Some fast facts about Banbury-Penton:

Originally an administration centre and major port of then-colonies it later became important manufacture and high-tech centre of the Unified Territories. With its growing importance at the end of 20th Century it was decided the capital city will be moved back to Banbury to directly oversee the nations' major industry that was also heavily influencing the technocratic government. Two decades later the city became vibrant and lively metropolis wher new meets with the old: The fully-planned Imperial Quarter where the government is seated is directly opposed by the small-scale Old Port; the industrial neigborhoods surround the city, yet their wealth allows the numerous residential and commercial districts to grow and to become cleaner then in most other cities.

The Unified Territories and you:

One of the most developed ex-colonies now stands as a unique country: Where an old-world traditions meet with modern trends - in technology (Did you know that the Unified Territories are no.1 high-tech exporter?), in society and in its enlightened government (no other country has thus far been able to convert to the utmost efficient technocracy). Anyone can feel at home in this vast country with the flavour of old continent.*

*)Official text of the Travel Office of the Imperial administration - go to www.visittheterritories.tr


*Full transportation guide to the Subway, Monorail and Rail*

*Guide around the landmarks including The Ranch, Emperor's Greenway, Old Port and The Embankment*

*Practical information for visitors to the Imperial Quarter*

*Full-day trip itinerraries (including trips outside of the city*

*"Did you know...?" fast facts*

Coming soon to your local bookstore.

The guide has been sponsored by:


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