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About this City Journal

The story of travels through a seaside region.

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Welcome back!

While the waterfront is being constructed in Audrey, let's take a drive through the Bauer heartlands. I'll let the images speak for themselves.






Thanks for checking it out!

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Welcome back! Thanks to all those who voted in the last entry's poll.

The waterfront construction has begun and today I'll show the progress so far. Investors from neighboring city Heller, partnered with the town officials in Audrey to create a beautiful, rural waterfront. The waterfront will serve many purposes for the city including freight transport, manufacturing facilities, waterfront homes, and shops. The town really hopes it becomes a hub for industry and entertainment.

Pictured below is the construction entrance used by Almeida Enterprises, the contracting firm hired to complete the project (you'll also notice the new veterinarian facility on the right side of the picture):


Mid-way through the northeastern construction:


Final touches being applied to Edgewater Fire Station:

After the water mains were set, cranes were brought in and will be used to build the waterfront:


At a different angle:


The city did foresee some environmental impacts, such as trees being cut down (as you can see above). The developers and officials worked together to make sure impacts were minimal, but some things were unavoidable.

Thanks again for stopping by.

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Welcome back to Bauer. Read through to the end as this entry is interactive and requires your input!

Today, we're passing through the farming community of Audrey. At the last census, the population was 15,000, though the town's center continues to grow each year. The low taxes make this city very attractive for country folks, families, small businesses and farmers.

This small town is covered with rich, fertile soil and a beautiful views of the water. With farming as a rich hertiage of the town, Audrey's farms produce organic corn, peanuts, soybeans, and wheat—some farms also grow cotton and hay.


Audrey wouldn't be possible without the farms from JMyers (available at the SC4D LEX) and the mod from Pegasus.


Paeng and Craig-abvcs deserve a special mention as well for their SPAM creations.

Here we see Audrey's local freight station. Though small, this station is open 24/7 and is plays a big part in the delivery of Audrey's organic farmed foods and other farmed goods.


Streets are quiet during the day as many are out in the field working.


Dirt roads are popular hang-outs at night for country folks. Local bands take over the barn (pictured below) on Friday nights. It's good, clean fun for the families and locals.


I hope you enjoyed passing through Audrey.

Here is where your vote counts! Many of the younger farmers in Audrey, along with locals, have wanted the waterfront to be developed into an entertainment and freight district. However, the mayor has advised that in order to pay for the development, high-end housing would need to be developed on the north side of the town, and there may be unintended environmental consequences as a result of the developed district.


Please cast your vote—should the waterfront district be developed? Or are things in Audrey just fine the way they are?

Thanks for checking it out!

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In the last post, I mentioned how this region will feature the map (created by A Nonny Moose—though, I am not sure why it is listed as a Cities XL map).

If you are not sure how to use custom maps, check out

Here is a screenshot of the region in its original form:


To make the region a fit my vision, I flatted out some of the land that borders the coast. To flatten out the land, I used the Plains tool in God mode. After creating the plains (where the development would take place), then had to touch up the mountain edges. I wanted to keep that same look-and-feel of the original region. I found using a combination of the cliffs tool along with the soften tool, gave the look I was going for. To finish things off, I added some Maxis' trees.

While I kept the original boundaries, I wanted this region to have a custom, vibrant look. I decided on the lush, beautiful CPT Italia mod, and the ever-popular If you didn't already know, once you download your terrain mod, you have to go back into each plot and save it. After installing the mods, and finishing the terraform work, I was happy with how the region turned out:


And now for some close-ups:



I love how lush this land is. I also really like how there are hints of snow capped mountains in the center of the region.

Thanks for checking it out!

As always, please drop me a comment with your thoughts, questions, and please rate this entry. Feedback is a gift!


Bauer is a fictional region, settled in along the beautiful East Coast of the United States. The region features incredible and vast mountain ranges to the west and north, and lush, green plains to the south.

Bauer is a modified version of the This region will feature CPT's Italia terrain mod and water mod.


In this story, I'll focus on education, trade, free markets, and monorails—Yes, monorails. I hope you all enjoy travels through Bauer.

Thanks for checking it out!


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