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About this City Journal

An overview and blog of various city builders available for iOS devices.

Entries in this City Journal



Better time than ever to say thank you to all those that have replied to my updates over the passed few days. I'd like to reply, so here we go.

Benedict: Thanks for stopping by, yes, its quite immersive to think that these images have all been taken on a mobile phone.

DCMetro34: Your correct, it is conventional rail but it looks a lot like GLR to be honest. I will have a lot more on the transport in the next few updates, so stay tuned for that.

emperordaniel: Thanks for visiting both major updates so far! SimCity 2000 was where I first played simcity, its very similar to it, and I think that might be some of the allure of playing this game. Nothing beats 2000 :D

hahei: Thanks for visiting, hope this gives you some inspiration for your own cities. And feel free to post some images in the comments section of your own cities!

And now onto the rest of the update:

As we have all come to know, photoshop editing SC4 images has become a favorite pastime of many people here. And so I bring you a few photoshopped images of Sim City for iPad.

This is just a filler update, something to pass the time until my next major update, but I think the outcome isn't too bad. I may look at doing this a bit more if it is successful.

Also, if you have played this game, I would be very interested to see your attempts at making a city. So please, post images in the comments section of your cities, it will be very interesting to see what people have come up with 19.gif


A view of the railway line running through the residential district. Notice some of the SimCity 4 architecture...


Closer view of the railway line. Running through the arts district now.







My largest mosaic yet, this shows from the ocean to the other side of the map.

Thank you for sticking around, hope you enjoyed these images. I will be back in a couple of days for an update on the transport system. Until then, hope your all well, and share some images if you have this game too




Lets Get Started

Every city starts somewhere, and this is how my ventures in Sim City Deluxe began.

Since this CJ is about how the games play and to show the features and similarities between the other available games, then I will show how each section of the game works, from how easy it is to start a region, to how far you can go with each game.

When you start a city, you will be greeted with the page below:


Basically just enter your details and choose a difficulty. I haven't mound much difference with the different difficulties, and with easy giving you the most money, thats the one I choose...


You then enter parameters to change how the region is generated. The blue edges mean that there is ocean or a large body of water off the side of the map resulting in water covering the edge of the city. In the middle you can either switch between a river running in either direction, like it is above, or a river from top to bottom, a lake or flat land. Choosing these generates a random landscape, but this can be altered further before generation.


Adjusting these changes the levels and amount of either water or foliage in the city. Unfortunately, 100% foliage does not mean it is completely covered in trees, which is a shame.

Once done, it generates the final region.


Once you get the region generated you can proceed to edit it further. Raising or lowering terrain doesn't produce mountains however, it either sinks the land to make water, or raises it to produce land, however nothing over or under the maximums you can see here. Planting trees, well, plants trees.

Now heres where the fun begins:


Roads! Easy and intuitive to create, just use your finger to drag out a new road. More on transport in another update, as there is a lot of this in the game.


And a power station because no city has ever started without power. Its as easy to place as the roads were, and uses the same mechanics. Just drag and drop the station into its place.

This drag and drop mechanic makes it so easy to play, because you just seem to know how to place the buildings or draw the roads. And since they are the same for each part of the game, like roads and plopables, then everything flows and it feels similar in each part of the game.


And zones! Almost all the same as SC4 except for one, there are no more farms. But with the lack of support for farms in SC4 then this is no real surprise. Another difference, is that there is no more road dependance for individual lots, however roads are necessary to keep the city running. Think back to the zoning before SC4, its the same as that. Not a bad thing though, its easier to use for an iPhone game and not as difficult for new users to grasp.

They are as easy to use as the roads, as the creation mechanic caries over to zones too.


Add some water to help everything start, not necessary but I like getting it in there early. And then watch it grow. This is the most exciting part to me, because there is no knowing what will grow.

Looking at it overall there are a few artistic themes I should point out. Yes, it does look like SC4, thats because this game uses the same trees, road textures, and buildings. It also shows a few interesting points. The game is isometric, which is not how SC4 was made, however since it has SC4 graphics it mess that maxis or EA must still have all the models and are willing to go back to them from time to time. Also, yes, the ground is white. They introduced proper seasons in this game. I will touch on seasons more in a few updates, but check out the spring and summer grass in the newt few images.

I'll just show a few images of how the zones develop. They are quite beautiful and interesting, quite impressive for an iPhone game.





Check back for the next update showing how the city progresses and more on the transport systems.

Hope you are enjoying a look at this type of Sim City game :D



App List

These are the apps that I am looking at so far. Each of them is uniquely different and very interesting. To get a complete look at what iOS City Builders have to offer make sure you check out all listed apps below.


SimCity Deluxe


Virtual City


My Country


Oh! Edo Towns


My Town 2


Oregon Settler


City of Wonder

Check back here for more apps added on a regular basis.

If you want to see an app tested then post a link in the comments section and I will check it out.



iOS City Builders Blog

SimCity is arguably the best City Builder franchise, ever. But it's been several years since its last major release, and its performance and accessibility has started to decline as technology has progressed around it.

When ever I access my laptop now, its because I need to do something important, write a long document, 3D modeling, photo editing or anything processor intensive. However, this isn't exactly because I don't have the time. Current technology has done away with the need to use a desktop, or even a laptop. I find that when I'm on the go I reach for my iPhone to access the internet or to pass the time, when I'm at home, the easiest access point to the internet is the iPad. When using these devices I don't have any additional need for a computer. I was wanting to release a CJ at the start of the year, but my time spent on Sim City 4 was limited because I was hardly on my computer.

However, the City Builders Itch, that reason that we keep coming back to Sim City was calling me back but I just didn't find the time to start because I was never on my computer. My iPhone became the hub of my City Building games, and I have been pleasantly surprised with what I found.

This CJ is not just a review of games, but a mixture of review and a documentation of my progression through these games. This CJ will hopefully show you the good side of iOS City Builders, and what can be done with some fantastic apps available on iTunes.

My next post will show what apps Im currently looking at along with future apps that I may write about.

If you have any apps you want me to checkout before you go ahead and download it, then post a link in the comments section and I'll have a look at them.

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