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Brief Update


Join in for another update of Confluence Region.

Today - a rather short update, due to personal health issues. My two months absence is interrupted to bring you this update. After that, it's a matter of time until the next one, hopefully as soon as possible. :???:



SimCoug, Mithrik, ggamgus, urbanconstanta, 10000000000000, hammysonata, Kinderly, nedal2001, blunder, Jeroentje, Kruness, mrsergio, Aaron Graham, CarrotCake07, Waterclaw, daybreak:

I wish I could thank all of you separately... It's heartwarming to see my work bearing fruit, and to recieve your blessings every update!

All 16 of the comments are awesome to see, especially because I get it on my phone, online and instantly.

And to answer a small question by Kinderly - What makes you sure that this CJ is set in america? ;)


Brief Update:

Do you remember J.L. Solomon? As one of the heads of the "Gateway to Hope" movement, he recruits many men and women to join to the effort of colonizing the frontier. By 1882, dozens are due to travel by sea and settle in the Confluence region, thus forcing development.

Cornerstone is the second settlement in the region, besides Homestead. While their north bank neighbours enjoy easy access to crops and fishing boats, locals here rely on constant supply boats, mostly from Homestead itself.


Besides of taming the land, land surveys are starting to initiate... This next picture is shot around 500 meters to the east of Cornerstone, past the small creek, towards the large slough shown in the "Sculpting Nature, Part 5" update. I wish them minimal mosquito bites during their stay there.



Cornerstone Colony, Summer 1881:


Have an awesome week,

Thanks for watching/commenting! :D


Summer of 1881


Join in for another update of Confluence Region.

As promised about a month ago, this update focuses on the development of Homestead.

I enjoyed getting back on MMPing and developing this tiny settlement, and I hope you will enjoy this update accordingly. ;)



Kinderly: First of all, thank you for the compliment! My stories and imaging material are made up of real life situations, though I try to blend few styles together in order to be original... This poster is similar to many posters made to attract people to newly discovered or emerging regions. Many times they do feature a painting of some sort, but because I made it in the two hours I had, I used a picture. But... I will try better next time! ^_^

ggmagus: Thanks! I've searched my entire font library, until I stumbled upon this fine typeface: "FormalScrp421 BT"

JKRMC: Yep... :blush: I found a photo of some family that posed with old clothes, so if that's midwestern it's good to know. I personally would like to go there, seems like a quiet region.


Summer of 1881:

Well, imagine you're a pioneer. You seek a place of your own. You wish to find wealth, prosparity and hope in a distant land.

One tuesday, as you stroll through your town, a poster pinned to the wall of the local tavern attracts your attention:


The poster offers an opportunity to improve your future. Who knows? Maybe you'll aquire some land and build a farm. Maybe you'll be able to open a business.

At the "Gateway to Hope" gathering, group leader J. M. Solomon explains about the latest progress that his people had made. Solomon starts with the crude data:

"We have chartered Confluence region from the authorities for 51 years. The contract is for an approximately 320 square kilometers, or about 120 square miles. Homestead colony itself has now about 60 residents, and 40 more people are about to join venture this summer. We are in a building boom and will need help to cut down some wooded groves, and in turn to build permanent homes and farms."


"Homestead has it's own dock, built by me and the first members within the first months of stay. We have 6 boats in our possesion, bought from the funds we raised. The benefactor is the honoured Baron of Edmund, who is actually the major contributor to our organization."


"We get our water from a small creek. Construction of a boathouse was finished lately on the shore of that creek."


What a feeling! You have been seeking to improve your life for so long, and listening to that progress amde in just three years sure is wonderful. And to top the tempting offer, that Solomon fella seems sure of himself and his initiative. He is serious and respectable, but you still see his excitement and enthusiasm. He is full of charisma and holds the crowd in suspense for more details.

Some young couples in the back are asking about the accomodations and food supply.

Solomon replies: "Our colony is made up, as I said, of roughly 60 people. All of them are young, between 25 to 35 years, and live in tents or huts. About 15 huts were built, yet we don't have any homes big enough to accomodate a family. We will build bigger houses, starting next year in the clearing next to the current village"


"Food supplies were scarce in the beginning, but we have planted crops of maize, barley and wheat in the last two years. And let me tell you - the soil is perfect! Everyday I enjoy taking a stroll through the fields, and get satisfied to see such fertility."


"We aspire to be a farming community, but in time we will expand to more sectors. We consider fishing and logging as our sources of employment. As we speak, a team of surveyors are exploring and documenting the Confluence teritory."


Solomon sums up his lecture with this: "As for community life - Every week we gather under the three maples in the center of the colony for the weekly meeting. At those meetings we decide on further steps, future plans and discuss different issues. Most nights we light up a bonfire next to the supplies hut and enjoy the time together in games and sing-a-longs."


After a couple of weeks, you join "Gateway to hope" along with your spouse, heading to a promising future.


Homestead Colony, Summer 1881:

Large mosaic! Clickers beware... :}


Have an awesome week,

Thanks for watching/commenting! :D


"Gateway to Hope"


Join in for another update of Confluence Region.

Well, two weeks it's a long time... In the last two weeks I didn't have much time for Confluence, and probably this will continue for the next week or two, due to the jewish new year, or Rosh-Hashana, which I'm celebrating next week... So you can consider this update a small teaser. :uhm:



Jacob Guajardo: Thanks, me too. Two weeks are long time.

SimCoug: Well, ionionion is the king - we all know that... I searched the entire STEX with nothing even getting closer to the quality of these BATs. ;)

blunder: Be sure it's heading for a promising future..

Kinderly: Thank you very much... :blush: If you like this style, check out SimCoug's New SorGun; packersfan's Wenzel; and CSGDesign's Boston v2... Great CJ's.

JKRMC: LOL! Great comment, made me laugh so much. :lol: Thanks for the heavy appriciation.

Schulmanator: Thanks dude!


"Gateway to Hope":

I know I promised to show more of Homestead, but I didn't have time to continue with it.

To compensate y'all, I made this poster, encouraging pioneers to immigrant to the region...


With the jewish holidays upon me, I still strive to find time to work on Confluence region. Some great ideas of mine will maybe start to pop out.

Thanks for watching/commenting!



Join in for another update of Confluence Region.

This update will continue last week's focus on the new residents of the region. As you will see, the settlement has been successful, and drew more people in...



SimCoug: Yep! And after the 'nice start' they have managed to be based there... :D

kakado_to_save: Thanks! You'll find that the stories are quite familar to you, if you had listened to your history teacher hehe.

ggamgus, Hazani Pratama: Thank you very much! Great to see awesome followers like you guys, everytime... It always keeps me motivated.

Jeroentje: Appriciated, yet I didn't start now, but in July. I thought that the 'nature sculpting' updates will last for a week or two, but found that my perfectionism won't let me that. :blush:

Aaron Graham: Thanks! Your stuff is wonderful too.

JKRMC: I aspire to follow CSGDesign's method of Natural Development, yet I mix it with history. Patience is a small factor at my perspective, I would rather pick passion as the #1 driving factor. :golly:

Kinderly: Three words - Thank you, sir!

Benedict: New SorGun is a continuous source of insipration to me. I absolutely love it. I try my best not to copy it too much, so Confluence can stay unique. ;)


Establishing Homestead:

It's late 1878. The four founding men - Goodman, Solomon, Barnett and Katz - have been relying on regular shippments of supplies for about 6 months. At the start, dissatisfaction was significant to the group, due to the remote location of their camp.

Only one man, Joel M. Solomon - who was the leader of the group - was certain that they will succeed.

He sailed numerous times back to the old land, in order to partipicate on "Gateway to Hope" assemblies, and has successfully convinced 12 people to join the effort of establishing the first settlement on the new region, now called Confluence region.


Two years later, in the summer of 1880, a bystander could not guess that the small camp would develop to its current state.

The first 12 people drew more and more settlers to Homestead, and begun working to make it suitable their needs:

The nearby trees were cut for firewood and building huts for the founders and married couples; Imported maize and barley took roots at the lush soil to feed the growing needs for food, without relying on the weekly shipments; And the small creek to the east turned into the permanent water source.


Up next are some rare photos from the early years of Homestead.





Homestead Colony, 1880:

This mosaic is big - Beware! ^_^


Next update will focus on the development of Homestead, this time with more details and at zoom 5!

Thanks for watching/commenting!



Join in for another update of Confluence Region.

In this update I will start telling the tale of the first settlers in the region. I also started to experience with photoshop. Real life pictures will be shown in the upcoming updates, and most of all, real stories! I base the regions' history on real events, hope you'll like it.



MrTerry: Wow, I didn't intend to copy any real life region, anyway great feedback! And for your avatar i'll have to say: this strike must end guy. I'm not your guy, buddy! I'm not your buddy, friend! :lol: this episode is awesome.

Hazani Pratama, ggamgus, JKRMC, Platanero23: Thank you all for the ongoing support! Sory for the bland reply... :blush:

ThomasSimpson: Thanks! I'm honored to have such good reviews from you! I love your CJ... :thumb:



The History of December Bay:

December 6th, 1789, a ship caught in a storm discoveres the lush bay and shelters in it, yet dosen't dock in it's shores. Instead, the expedition returned to it's home port and told the tale about their journey. Almost a century passes, with no new visitors to the bay...


Late 1870's. Population is rising. Western world expanded and conquered many areas. With new land to exploit, people are trying to find new places to colonize in. On top of all, the western culture has shifted from having one convention (or concensus) to many: Some have capialist ideals, some dream of a socialist commune.

Then came "Gateway to Hope" - An ambitious plan by a group of dreamers to colonize December Bay after thw winter ends.


"Gateway to Hope" was orgainized by a group of four men: Barnett, Solomon, Goodman and Katz. Their ambitious plan to colonize that frontier caught the

attention of an important businessman, the Baron of Edmund. He promised to help them, and support the goal to bring people to the region.

In the spring of 1878, the group docked at the northern beach of the bay, at the estuary of a great river.


About 50 meters from the shore, they erected a small camp. This is the start of brand new future for the region...




First Settlement Mosaic:


More to come on the next update... Thanks for watching/commenting!



Join in for another update of Confluence Region.

So... The first tile of the region is complete. I begn working on two adjacent tiles as well. On this update you will see the latest progress, and by that concluding nature-related updates for the upcoming weeks. But hey! That dosen't mean that I will spare you from spectacular vistas, right?



JKRMC: Wow, thanks!

chimeran, ggamgus: I hope this update would satisfy you guys as well! :D

blunder: So great to see good reviews from nature-sculptin' gods as you! :blush:



Plains, Meadows and Marshes:

In these nine photos, selected from a variety of scenes, you will see the flood plains of the major river of the region.

Both the northern and southern banks are shown. The north bank was reworked, as I wasn't content from it.

Anyway --- This is the south bank, after the outline of the forest was plopped. You can see a shapeless form on the plain.

This form is actually the ALN marsh tool, brushed to the shape of a planned marsh. Sometimes you got to get to sleep and pause your work... ;)


Jumping forward, this is the marsh... completed!


Two close-up photos of the marsh;



And zoom 1 picture of the area.


The next four pics will show some scenery that was made in parallel to the marsh. The third one showing a clearing abundant with wildflowers, is my favorite.






First Tile Overview:


I can't believe that I have 11 more large tiles, and 20~ medium tiles to do in order to complete the region. It will take months in my work rate hehe.

This is how the region looks like right now:


Beginning from the next update, humans will arrive to Confluence Region for the first time.

Have an awesome weekend, at least what's left of it... thanks for watching/commenting!



Good day everyone! Join in for another update of Confluence Region.

Wow... I can't believe that my perfectionist traits lead to me to work on ONE tile for a month... :blush: I know I mentioned this update to be the last to focus on nature, yet it will be next to last. Bad news to nature enthusiasts.

The good news are that I finished the first tile!! I have big plans for the society that is about to arrive the shores of Confluence Region. :idea:

About 40 pictures were taken in the last 3 days. It's was hard to decide what to show today. Most of those 40 will be featured today, and the summary will be shown on the next update.



hahei: Yes, it is mostly nature. Beggining in the next week you'll start to see human intervention, although minor.

Fox: Thanks! Today I have posted another tutorial. This time intensionally :)

Hazani Pratama, Jacob Guajardo, kakdo_to_save, chimeran, ggamgus: Appreciate your positive feedback!

SimCoug: It is my favorite ploppable water too, as you can see. I think it's the most accurate and versatile water in the SC4 community.



Tutorial for the nature enthusiasts:

First of all, I am using Columbus terrain mod for the terrain of Confluence. It's blending really great with my MMPs...

To create the shores, I use the grey sand from heblem's pack as the packed sand, and NBVC grey stones for the outline.

Second, I blend in some Omco filling gravel and grass from the ALN pasture flora pack.

In this picture you can see the original columbus terrain, and the reworked shores.


After creating the shores (and sometimes during that hehe) I lay creeks.

RFR ploppable water are shown in the next picture, confined by the same stones plopped in the shore, and occasionaly bigger rocks.

The majority of the forest is made up by PEG's pine trees. Most of them are done in the god mode, yet for accuracy, I plop them manually.

In real life, you hardly find bare ground, I mean bare from any kind of vegitation. That will be solved later.


A collection of VIP's evergreen trees is always nice. I use it for the other half of the forest, mostly in valleys and ravines, but also for plains.

ALN pasture flora pack is extensive, so I tend to experiment with it to decorate the scenery. In this case, yellow wildflowers.


Further downstream, you can see the creek half completed... The transition between the RFR water and PEG's Brigantine water mod is made quite easily since their textures overlap.



Pictures of the completed area:






Woods to Shore mosaic:


Well, it was a productive week, i've been working to finish this tile --- You will see the final results in just few days!

Have a great weekend, thanks for watching/commenting!


Sculpting An Island


Good day everyone! Join in for another update of Confluence Region.

Since the last update, i've been working on the final unfinished areas of the first tile. And boy, it WAS productive!



First of all, a great THANKS to all of the great comments, tips and support I got after the last update!

I really didn't think that Confluence would get such good feedback from the community! So thank you. :blush:

JKRMC: Thank you very much. I'll tell the chef to make some more of those.

SimCoug: You sure are right... I am planning to populate the plains at start, so I tried to invest less there than the riverbanks, even though I don't want to plan ahead due to my natural development approach. Btw, i've seen your last CJ entry, and couldn't notice you upgarded some streams similar to mine. Coincidence?

Jacob Guajardo: I try my best. Thank you!

Harden: Try to look at google earth/streetview in order to have direction for the kind of environment you want to create. I have a folder with examples to help me. Good luck!

Schulmanator: Wow, thank you! You're welcome to contact me, it will be an honor.

blunder: I appriciate your advice. I think you refer to some areas that I paid less attention to. This will be fixed as times progresses and population arrives there.

_marsh_: Thank you dude! As a token of gratitude I created a marsh on my island. :D



Sculpting an Island:

The work on this island took me about 1.5 hours. Pretty fast in my pedant terms hehehe...

Anyway, this nameless island (nameless as everything yet) features two small marshes/sloughes/bogs. In the process of creating the scenery,

I used approx. 20 kinds of Mayor-Mode-Ploppables. Some of which are easy to detect, some less conspicuous.

This is the island before any intervention.


The south-eastern marsh was made first, using ALN marsh. At first glance it looks as if I plopped too much.


The north-western marsh is the bigger one of the two. Heblem sand and ALN green grass helped me to blend the marsh with its surroundings.


Some other great MMPs from the ALN Pasture flora pack were plopped. Rocks and trees (most of the trees originate from the awesome yield of VIP team)


Back at the other marsh, progress has been made, and the shorelines was created.


The final outcome of both marshes:



Some another great views of the island:




Island mosaic:


Next update will probably be the last nature update for the near future, hopefully to start populating the region.

Have a great weekend, thanks for watching/commenting!



Good day, Simtropolis viewers!

Today we will continue our journey of sculpting the nature, soon to be a civilized area. Funny that I invest so much in the process, even though I know it'll be destroyed. Hmm, perfectionist, anyone?

Beware, this is a long post. Don't get used to it. :nyah: Just joking. I like having a CJ that appeals to many users.



Jacob Guajardo: Thanks! You have a great CJ too!

Furiousuk: Just you wait - there's more where that came from :)

JKRMC: Thanks! The terrain in the pictures you wrote about IS raised... The topography of my region is well carved by the talented izidor44...

SimCoug: Conusimg work? More like daunting ^_^ few.. Great to see good response from awesome CJ-er like you!

hercules83: If you could explain what do you wish to download, I would help you out. If you can, reply to this post about it.



Grstudios presents... Some meadows, and another cliff:

So... My first tile is about to be completed. In the process of it, you enjoy with some more heart-warming wilderness, as opposed to the usually seen cold & remote skyscrapers and megalopolises. But in time, this nature will be disrupted in favor of mankind's need of claiming the land to improve it's own life.

The following pics are taken along a river's banks, and the meadows that surround it.




That's the perfect place to build a village, right?


Another bend of the river, bypassing a small hill.



Nice fishing point... Who knows, maybe one day it will serve the locals.



Sculpting nature, the mosaic:

This is the first tile in it's whole. You can see my slow progress... :blush:

I hope that I will complete the southern bank of the major river and the small island in the following days.

To see the full size of the mosaic, click on it!


With that bombshell, it's time to say farewell, until the next update!

Thanks for watching/commenting. :D



Good day, Simtropolis viewers!

This update will continue with nature photos, mainly regarding a cliff I made. I have to mention that this week I haven't progressed at all due to work & stuff, but next week I would concentrate on Confluence fully. For that reason this update will be a bit shorter.



IL., sHnozZa, kakado_to_save: Thanks for replying! I really try to keep up the quality of my posts...


Shaping A Cliff:

Continuing from last week, this cliff and nearby creek are adjacent to the river I showed you about last update.

This cliff was already terraformed originally by the fine izidor44. All I got left is to plop rocks, trees etc.

I begin with some MTP Pines on the range, and VIP oaks/maples at the valleys. Streams are embedded with many kinds of rocks, pebbles, and trees washed off to the shores. This creek in particular, flows to major river of the region.


In the actual cliff, that spans east from the rivermouth, I plopped many bedrock to simulate the looks of exposed terrain, lacking trees.


Dosen't impress you yet? Then I'll complete the scene with several weeds, green grass and flowers.


Finally, the whole cliff - Done!



Cliff Mosaic:


Well, again, have a good day! Soon i'll complete the first big-tiled city, and begin to show the arrival of civilization. You won't be disappointed, that's a guarantee.

Thanks for watching/commenting.



Good day, Simtropolis viewers!
Today i'll start showing methods I use to create the region. I haven't experienced and/or practiced the craft of plopping MMP's until last week... Nevertheless I think I got the idea. Remarkes regarding my nature plopping, good or bad, are welcomed by me.
Blunder, Simul8ter8, Schulmanator: Thanks for watching, I hope you will like the rest.
IL.: I use RFR ploppable water, found It's quite tricky to plop, especially at slopes, but it's worth it.
SimCoug: Thanks for the tip. I will try to blend more trees in the future, but for now I am trying to create dense forests, usually made from 2-3 kinds of trees. I have seen that many times, forests may be very repetative...  :}
Shaping A River:
I picked a region abundant with ravines. So, I have to plop many streams accordingly.
In this tile alone I had to plop about 15 streams, 4 of which continue to the next tile and require loads of work on them.  o.O
This is one of those four. I begin with plopping RFR water and some Murimk bedrock along them.
Next, I lay NBVC rocks along the river banks. Notice the small rapids I added near the edge of the tile.
I plop different flowers and weeds near the river, most of them originate from the ALN pasture flora.
Pine trees follow the higher parts of the ridge, while maple/oak trees grow near the streams.
River Scenes:
Two streams merge into the major river.
Further downstream, a small marsh is formed as the river bends.
Finally, the river spills into the major artery, leading to the bay, about 1.5 mile west of here.
River Mosaic:
Long update, isn't it? Part 2 will be uploaded in the weekend.
Thanks for watching/commenting.


Welcome and good day, Simtropolis viewers!

In the course of this CJ, I will share with you the creation of a full scale region.

Starting with terraforming, mostly handmade, the early posts will focus on the long, tiring process of giving life to the land.

Next, it will be the turn of the pioneers to set their homes there, beat the elements, conquer agriculture and at last develop society.

My goals:

1. Realism:

In order to be realistic, one must follow many guidelines, many than the usual aspects of SC4 gameplay -I will explain those every now and then, but I don't want to waste your time right now -- it will have to wait...

2. Natural Development:

Settlements density, distance between them, transportation routes, land uses - all of those will parallel the natural courses of human activity, without developing too fast. In real life it takes societies decades to grow. That's how I'll go by.

3. Openness:

I will try my best to explain my methods, to share my information with the community, and sometimes even show that in pictures...

I believe that approach could be useful to anybody.

Now, pictures:

Confluence region spreads along 4*4.5 tiles, and is based on izidor44's "Aberdeen, WA" map.

Great credit to that - it's an awesome mold to cast my ideas to.


These two pictures are of small rivers I created in the central tile of the region, the tile to be developed first.



That's it for now... Next update in the upcoming week.

Thanks for watching/commenting.


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