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About this City Journal

In this CJ of a North-Eastern, American City in the Forest, you will find shiny downtowns, farming villages, and dense forests.

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Moving to old CJ section

Today or late last night, someone rated the last entry 1/5 stars. The same thing happened a few times in my other CJ, Cambridge, and it also happened to Escilnavia. It is really annoying me that a troll just goes through and blindly rates badly. The next update will be in the old CJ section.




The city just started building a new university about 5 minutes from downtown Genoa. Genoa University is going to be very expensive to get into. It is already looking really nice! It is opening up new areas for retail stores and bumping up the desirability for new homes. Great highway access is helpful for students visiting home over break.


Across from the university some a new subdivision is being built by the beach. The beachfront property will be quite expensive.


This building right here is the city's newspaper building. It is so technologically advanced that some readers get the newspaper on their Kindle or iPad!


Today, the fog and rain is slowing the construction near the highway. It is closed while an overpass is being reconstructed. Some noise walls will be added to the new subdivision too.


But by tomorrow, the rain will be gone and the planes will fly again! This is the Genoa Regional Airport. To go international, travellers must fly to New York, then get on another plane to get to their destination.


(As you can see, I'm not much of an airport maker. Please do not complain about it.:))


The airport and beach development has caused the need for a new school. Pineview Elementary School serves much of the new neighborhoods.


(This was just uploaded to the stex when I was about to publish this update!)

A popular beach in the Genoa Metropolitan Area is North Beach. But it is rarely ever crowded because it is usually cold in Northern Viatica. Take a look at their slogan.


Enjoy swimming there! Rate and Comment! 12.gif


A little history

Before I make another update, I decided to tell the history of the country Genoa is in, Viatica.



This is where the country is located:


Some Facts:

-History- The name Viatica comes from the latin word for money, "viaticus". After the world's economy collapsed in the early 21st century, protests started to spread and violence started to break out. The people wanted to develop a new country with a different government. One that would not go into debt or handle money in ways the people didn't want. So a new country was formed in what used to be Maine, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Maryland, and parts of Pennsylvania in the U.S. and Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia in Canada. Of course the U.S. and Canada did not want their land taken away to make a new, independent country. But their military was too busy fighting in the Middle-East after war was declared by the U.S. president. The Vaitican Revolution took only a year to win when the U.S. surrendered.

-Population- About 20,000,000. The country took over most of New England, including major cities like New York and Boston. The major cities that used to be in the U.S. are the main reason the country has a reasonable population. After the revolution, however, the population decreased by a few million. New York City alone used to have 19 million in its metropolitan area. After, it was about 12 million. But almost 50 years after the revolution now, it is at nearly 15 million.

-Government Facts- Now Viatica is a powerful, rich country on the Atlantic Ocean. It is strictly capitalist with republic law and voting system. The symbol in the flag and coat of arms represents capitalism.

-Economic Facts- Trade is greatly encouraged in Viatica. Major shipping ports are in New York City, Genoa, Boston, and Baltimore. The government does whatever it can to keep the economy stable. It never, ever borrows money, it would be in direct violation of the Articles of the Capitalist Republic of Viatica. But it does support many other countries financially, as long as they have enough money to spare. Viatica also has more than enough food to support the country. It is a major corn and wheat grower.

Foreign Relations- Now Viatica and the U.S. are living peacefully together, but are very competitive. Still, they never take it too far, in fear of what almost happened in the Cold War (Nuclear Power Arms Race, Soviet Union vs. United States) in the Mid 1900's. Canada is less competitive with their eastern neighbor. They commonly import products from the many manufacturing cities in Viatica, and seem to be glad that Viatica is there.

A new update will come soon. :) Just thought everyone should know the history of what they are reading about.



I am glad to announce that I have made a new City Journal! Genoa is a fictional city in the North-Easter U.S. It is surrounded by suburbs, trees, and farmland. Here are a few pictures of the downtown area.


Tallest building in the city:




The city hall:


Some old, historic buildings.


The harbor/port.


These are Genoa's ongoing gridded suburbs.


That's Genoa! So Rate and Comment :)


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