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About this City Journal

The region of New York used for a few small towns. My first cj, so please rate and give hints.

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Brighton International airport is the major transport hub for the region. We start at the freight terminal, which is where allot of the imports arrive through. The hangar for plane repairs and the fuelling area is also in this area.


Any freight travelling by rail arrives through here, which is a major regional distribution warehouse.


The main terminal is located at the other side of the runway, at the end of the A636, which leads to Brighton and the M703. The terminal has 9 gates, including 3 gates for for Boeing 747s.


To help any confused sims, a map of the terminal was created with city hall's finest software (MS paint).


As night falls, we see the runway of the airport, a giant strip of tarmac capable of landing the largest jets.


And finally, here is a night shot of the terminal.


That's all for now. Please leave comments!


The Rock Hills is one of the regions fastest growing regions, despite difficult terrain.To the south of the area, the northern suburbs of Brighton sprawl across the area.


In the centre of the image is the end of the M703, junction 39, one of the regions largest interchanges. The interchange has been added to and re-built several times, creating this sprawl.


There is a link road east, which leads to the A636, the major road north. Brighton technology park is located on this route.


Brighton technology park is a major regional centre for high-tech industry, known for good transport links and government incentives, like reduced-priced land and cheap power.

At junction 39, the roads west lead to Valleyton, a town wedged between two large mountains.


Developers have only recently started building on the falter land to the south, which was used by farmers to let there animals roam free. Only one farmer does this today, as they fear their livestock will run into a road.

This is one of the most recent developments.


Developers are deigning new estates in more abstract patterns today, favouring diagonals and roundabouts over the grid pattern. Another major change is the raising of roads over railways, to reduce the number of level crossings, and rush hour congestion. The centeral flyover introduced this concept, with similar schemes being rolled out across the region.


In the centre of the flyover is the north central rail station, on of Brighton's major stations.

That's all for today, please rate and give feedback!


This is a city journal using the New York region, but is has nothing New York City. Please give feedback!


Welcome to Long Bay, the most populated area of the region!

This area consists off two major towns, Brighton, on the north shores of Long Bay, the current capital of the region, and Bayton, the town to the south of the bay.

As you can see, the area has a large band of farms, and a industrial estate. Various apartment blocks have been built in both towns, and a highway cuts through Brighton, heading north.

Bayton was the first town to be established and one of the first things they did built a port to send goods from its rapidly expanding industrial estate away to distant regions. When the town built a lighthouse on the northern shores of the bay, a small row of cottages were built. This row of cottages grew into Brighton, the bigger of the two towns. Initially, Brighton was only accessible by a farm track, but the track was slowly improved into a road. As both towns grew, this road became terribly congested. Eventually, the M703 was built crossing the bay, connecting the central areas of Brighton to Bayton's large industrial estate.

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