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Colony of the Solarian Empire

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Today was the day that Emperor Palpatine of the Imperial Solarian Empire turned the first sod at the newest Solarian colony - Neo Solaria


This is the site where the Imperial Party headed by Palpatine turned the first sod marking The Next Generation in the Solarian Empire


The first official zoning marking where Neo Solaria will come to life.


Where the founding colonists will move in to live


The first supporting industry of the colony and wider Empire


The first farming zones to support the colony and later export to the Mother City of The Solarian Empire



The first colonists building their homes in Neo Solaria


A month later the first colonists have built their residents and moved into their residences

The Board of Imperial Solarian Colonial Affairs and Well Being has set up an office in this fledgling colony to assist new settlers establish themselves in this wild and untamed land.

For those wishing to settle in Neo Solaria, contact the BoISCAWB today to arrange an appointment on how assistance can be made


While some has chosen to take up residences in the first developments of The Capital District, some colonists have chosen to establish farms to support the fledgling colony. The Emperor applauds those on the new frontier making a difference and being heroic citizens of The Empire


The colony is booming with the first 1,000 resident moved in

Growth is beginning to take off and the first expansion of the colony is already underway

Emperor Palpatine stated to imperial media how proud he is with the colony establishing and growing so fast. :thumb:

Stay tuned as more news comes out of the new frontier of The Next Generation building the new colony - Neo Solaria out of blood, sweat and tears

Also be in to hear how the Board of Imperial Solarian Colonial Affairs and Well Being and the Imperial Geographic Authority are executing the Emperor's vision of Solaria's newest colony.



Well it took five months more than planned for but she is finally here

I present to you my first new region since the founding of Solaria in January 2003

NEO-SOLARIA :]8):D:lol::yes::ohyes::party:


Thanks to drunkapple at SC4devotion.com for producing such a high quality map based on Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty in New Zealand (currently where that hunk of metal call the Rena is sitting of the coast)

Neo-Solaria is the first colony of the expanding Solarian Empire (with Solaria as the imperial capital)

This colony is where I will be using all the skills I have learnt over the last eight years and eleven months on SC4 to build a city reflecting the times

(Simply put no Maxis Highways)

The Neo-Solaria colony will be using the same growth technique as Solaria: Ad-hoc organic

None of this master planned stuff where it looks like every single detail down to the last flower in the small flower garden has been "added"

This is 100% ad-hoc organic URBAN SPRAWL for miles and miles and MILES - like real cities

SO with ad-hoc comes some follies and limitations that would be inherent and "bung" the city development unless I raze it to the deck.


This is the Neo-Solarian Capital District where Neo-Solaria will start :D

Stay tuned as I get this colony and my only second region underway :thumb:


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