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Sophron (صفرون Sufroon): We begin with breaking news today as a large suicide blast tore through Sophron this morning. According to local sources, at approximately 9:30 am, a man walked through the doors of El Shaddai Cathedral during a funeral service in the heart of Sophron, and detonated a massive explosive vest. The blast tore through the roof of the cathedral and rattled nearby buildings and structures. Current death toll estimates range from 70 to 200 dead, and more than 500 injured.

This incident shines a light on the growing tensions between the Arab Christian population and the minority Muslim population. Several waves of terror threats and alerts have spread across the country in recent days, and security has been tightened across the nation. Roadblocks are being manned once again, and currently no traffic is allowed out of or into Sophron, the site of today's blast.


Many will be gathering in the nation's capital tonight to commemorate the loss of life and hope that the instability can resolve into peace and quiet, as Sophron saw this morning before the explosion:





Welcome to Rashamite, a modern transitional state located on the Sinai Peninsula, an ancient land with more than its fair share of history. From the Mediterranean Sea, across the barren hot desert south to Mount Sinai and then to the Red Sea, this small state is nestled between Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

The shaky nation is subject to much instability and internal conflict due to the ever-present and ever-growing tensions between the majority Arab Orthodox Christian population (50%) and the Sunni Muslim population (30%). The Jewish minority, at 10%, is hit the hardest by the string of violence and civil wars that ravage the beautiful land.

But before we dive into politics, let us visit the country's capital city, Ibrahimia (ابراهيمية). The city grew out of an old walled city nestled in the Sophron Mountains in the north-central regions of the Sinai. The city is home to an abundance of churches, synagogues, and mosques, symbolizing the clash of religion and culture which lies at the heart of Rashamite's unrest.





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