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About this City Journal

Welcome to the new Modernopolis.A new map,a new society,a new changing economic environment.What will become of Modernopolis?How will we adopt?We will need to build it to be the best city in...

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blue sinjid

Update #6: The Central Park

Well, finally I got the time to update my city showcase  :D Modernopolis has grown quite a lot in the time, but one feature of the city that makes it so beautiful are its parks, notably Central Park, which is an half an acre huge modern park situated in the middle of Downtown! It costs over $10 million to maintain every year, but this is one of the landmarks that tourists come for. The park has 2 ponds, tons of space to sit, walk, and run, and there are a lot more events that take place here. Be sure to visit my site to see the full update, Simcity 4 Modernopolis .

Here is a mosaic of Central Park

Sim city 4 park

Simcity 4 park

Simcity 4 pond

Sim city 4 Header

Central Park
Near Central Park, there has been a lot of construction on some public services, such as a brand new museum, and another new stadium which features Modernopolis' new soccer team. A $500 million stadium that seats 10000 and has a retractable roof, so they can close or open the roof according to the weather. The museum, on the other hand, costs $400 million, which is a 2 storey monstrous building. It is a museum dedicated to modern art, but it has a lot of other sculptures and other pieces of art.

Simcity 4 Overview

Here is just a look at the downtown core being built up very quickly.

Simcity 4 Skyscrapers

Yours truly,


blue sinjid


Updates on site

I have moved hosts again to a more reliable trustworthy host by the name of simgames.net. I am really liking their control panel and basiacally everything about them. I have successfully transfered over and my new domain Modernopolis which I have added some new content, and I will include some of my new LE lots. I made a new tutorial on jpeg compression


OK, I almost finished Central Park, which will be the biggest one in the downtown core. It is an $100 million investment that will benefit the city in the coming years.


Full update coming soon

blue sinjid

Update #5: Economical Growth on the Horizon

Modernopolis is with-standing the downturn effects of the global economy, because we barely have an economy to start with! While we might not have a stable economy yet, we are in the making of become a global contender on the markets, because we are seeing exponential growth in our construction of high-rises, which leads to a whole pool of jobs for citizens in the construction sector, while leading to high paying ''office'' jobs that will attract world-class companies.

Here is what used to be the Downtown are just a few months ago!


Now here is it after construction of some of the new office towers. ( With another angle)


Here's a closer look at the new museum, overlooked by the construction of the Modernopolis International Finainical Center (MIFC)


The Buildings

I'm sure you're eager to know what the new buildings are all about. They will definitely help boost the tourism industry with their unique design and features.

Here is the newest office building in the city, the World Tourism HQ, which deals with all matters in tourism.



This is the new Modernopolis Pearl Hotel Suite, which is one of the most expensive hotels you can find! Notice its very unique deisgn that will sure amaze tourist that visit the city!



Now, this is just a typical waterfront condo that many of the Rich & Famous will purchase.



Notice how I tried some new effects in photoshopping and hope you enjoyed this update!

Yours truly, Modernopolis' Mayor

blue sinjid

Update #4  : A New Skyline

Hi everyone , it's been such a long time since I updated my cj, but after a 2 month hiatus, I'm back! ( Did you miss me :) ? ) I am pleased to announce I have started making my first sustainable website on the byethost.com network ( I will hopefully soon be able to have my own domain and premium hosting!~ ) My website can here and i encourage you to take a look as this is where i will add loads of content in time!

After returning to Simcity 4 , there has been a lot of contruction in the downtown area.Here is a look at the new skyline from an aerial view!


Now here is another angle of the Downtown Core.


Finally my first mosaic in this cj!!!! It shows all the construction that has taken place and the new gleaming skyscrapers!


Hope to see you soon! Good Night everyone its very late in my city!

Yours truly, Modernopolis Mayor


blue sinjid

Modernopolis is busy erecting huge modern buildings and planning the transportation network,it never forgets the citizens.They demanded a central-like park in the CBD.I promised them that in time,it would become a reality.


Click for larger image!

Heres is the new Central Park,part of the huge park trail in the district.In the backround,you see huge construction lots,the start of the buildings.


One of the most essential things in a modern city is a hospital.One of the most modern ones is located right here,in the Downtown district.Here is the construction of it.



Here is some high-rise luxury condos rising over the stadium.They sure must be expensive because they get and overview of the baseball game....FOR FREE! :P



Heres the video that finally got uploaded to Youtube.You can visit my *NEW* youtube account here.

For those of you who want it in HD,on the bottom right of the video,you can see the HD button.

That Ends this update for now.

Yours Truly,

The Mayor of Modernopolis,Blue sinjid

blue sinjid


Update #2: The Waterfront Begins

Hello every again!Today I got some teasers of my new waterfront of the CBD Im making right now.It will be a very ''green'' environment like last time but with a little more livelihood.It will feature a variety of special buildings,such as the city hall,assorted stadiums,and the most important part,the Waterfront Park!Without further ado, heres some sneak previews of it!

This is the new Baseball stadium for the new Modernopolis team.It will surely be a popular hot spot for tourist in the coming years.


As you can see,it is still under construction,but it will be finished in the coming weeks.They are putting the finishing touches and laying down the scenery.


To the left,you see the new Modernopolis City Hall,which is my office.It is a very expensive and important landmark that will indeed turn heads.It has the most sophisticated computers,running at top speed to update everything for the city.


I hope these 3 pics will give you a little idea to what Im doing to this city.

Yours Truly,

The Mayor Of Modernopolis, Blue Sinjid

blue sinjid

The Region View

The Region View

      Hi ,I have finally after several hours of fustration been able to finally get the config.bmp to open! :)This map is loosely based off of the Miami region which can be downloaded here.Enough said,beast your eyes on the Greater Modernopolis Region. Click for full image.


   P.S I have not finished terraforming yet.This is just a rough sketch of the region,and there is a note to develop.I have just modified the height of the region to fit my style.

Yours truly,

             The mayor of Modernopolis , Blue sinjid

blue sinjid

ModernopolisV2Banner.jpg Introduction

      Welcome to the new version of Modernopolis.I hope you enjoyed my first ever cj before.I learned a lot of new ways to engineer my city and many  skills in photoshopping!If you would like to see my old cj , you can find it here.Modernopolis is an ultra-modern region that has all the features of wireless internet ,amazing quality public transportation,hospitals,etc. and better yet, little to no pollution!What I strive to do is make my city the best city in the world!
       Journey through Modernopolis and you will see the warm hearts of people that will help you when you need help finding somewhere to   go.Visit the many free public places,such as the Modernopolis museum,or go to the waterfront beach and relax in the clam tropical air.You are never short on luxuries if you have the money.Stay at our 7 star hotel and you will see why Modernopolis might be the best city in the world!

      Modernopolis is a new world class society that has the most modern subways,services,jobs,homes,etc.It has been ranked #1 on the Worlds Most Desirable List for 2008! With over 400 000 citizens in estimaterd1 year of campaigns,it is an ever emerging society that will have an estimated population of 3.5 million citizens by the end of 2020.It will include in the plan 100 new subways lines to travel around the region, a new international world-class airport, 5000 new modern affordable condos,50 hectares of new park area, 3 000 000 new jobs, and finally to top it off a surplus budget of an estimated $3.5 trillion with the plan to cost an estimated $10 trillion.

     As my job of mayor,I will be in charge of planning a new efficient transportation system first,and plan the ever development of new buildings that will emerge in the real estate sector in years to come.I will strive to accommodate the best I can for everyone, making Modernopolis to its potential! Ill see you in Modernopolis soon!

                  Yours truly,

                                        The mayor of Modernopolis ,blue sinjid



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