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The land of Daggerson

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Learn the lands of this rich and isolated (also imaginary) country

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REPLIES! (for he first time, don't know whether or not I should make this a thing?)

@NMUSpidey: Yeah...I know. Glad you think it's all so interesting but as for the vandal, it's a secret :3

@skyscraper241: When I first saw it I thought it was awesome too. Just a random lucky goof up on a different city actually.

@Vlasky: Thanks!

@emperordaniel: Glad you're interested, and well...you saw my reply comment in the other one, right?

@bigro: You sir are handsome and smell really sweet, you should be made president of the world.

@lobsterav: Glad you like it! My favorite is the fourth one.

now, get ready for my first ever mosaics...ever.


WA~HEY! It's you again! Couldn't have come at a better time honestly, just got some hot off the press stuff for you of our largest and dirtiest areas.

Lets start with....Derby.


"Wait...what?" you say? "this isn't industrial at all!" you might also say....well fear not good chums, this is just south of the major industrial center, the recent residential developments in the area as well as the main water supply, kinda boring actually. With a grand daddy population of...500. Derby isn't really large per say...but.


That's a little more like it, the current trans daggerson rail line WILL be going directly through this area, even if it is split near Hage. Which will see it explode in size once it's done...but for now, let's just explain whats here right now eh?

With the largest power station...actually...only power station large enough to actually be classed as 'power station' Derby is a jobs center, providing over 4000 full time jobs to people as well as countless many more part time and casual. Without this vital area most of Ulatown would be out of a job really. It also has one of the few trash processing plants in Ulatown and once the rail is done it's set to cart the crap off to Hakkus which is much better prepared to handle the stuff. The rail you see that IS complete however goes directly to Alistair, it's how about 40% of the people get in and out of work actually, as petrol prices have recently gone through the roof. The major production of this area is various smelted minerals and metals. Raw material really, but it's what they make and they fetch a good price for it. "Wait...raw materials...that means mining? I don't see any mines, where are they?" Some of you may ask...well...


Well here, they were only just out by a fraction in the last one. Here, we have just quite simply gone and went a little nuts with the explosives (more like a lot) and manged to tear a great scar in the valley face. Yay. Anywho, here they cut out the rather soft chalk like material that when melted down and alloyed with iron makes a very flexible yet strong wire. Literally cut it out. No really, they have some big machinery that resembles a tunnel digger and a chainsaw. They cut it out in well sized prisms and then just load them into the various factories and smelters to be purified, alloyed and molded into shippable shapes. So that's chill.


Here, just a little south of the area is the brand spanking new development, the turnoff to the new Derby - Darwin line. Not finished yet but hey, once it's done it'll be awesome. Not much else to see here...maybe the makeshift road for the equipment and stuff along the Alistair - Derby line....meh, not all that interesting.

Now, for a little planning talk.

A large estate company has taken quite the interest in some of the higher up areas of Derby, away from the industry, they have given us their proposal for a small community along the existing Alistair - derby road.


the green is a street with residentials. The blue is commercial zoning on the existing road.

We are skeptical about this plan as it would cause some congestion along an arterial road, but it would further the development of Derby. So we're gonna ask YOU guys what YOU think. Go find the poll up top.

Next up, we're heading into Alistair....the BIG city.


We'll start with the industrial areas of Alistair. Most of which are kinda separate from the city (but at the rate the city is growing...) Here we see the Mara subdivision, a majorly mining area that just happens to be located in one of the most fertile areas near Alistair. Lucky them. The farmers hate it. Anyway, they are also one of the oldest places in Alistair with an age over 20 years. When compared to the rest of the city, it's old. They are also trying to clean up their act a little, they have built some solar plants and are cutting back on many things, like their water usage and their emissions. The area is also a renowned iron mining area. Back in the days of McOmar this was the ONLY thing they did.



Awesome, we have the area so close to the Alistair border that many consider it as Gilroy. This area is where some of the alloyed materials from Derby end up to be made into various products. Like wire and spoons. It also has the only dump in Ulatown. It get's a lot of use.

NEXT! (that one sucked)


Ah...here we see the last remnants of McOmar. His renowned 'Rock Mine" he built at the height of his success. A little but closer to the city than other area's as it has in recent years been literally eaten by sprawl.

In the south of this picture you can see his old headquarters which unlike his other offices has not gone to ruin. It has instead been bought by the city council. They use it as their own office now, and so do many other areas including Duncan, Derby, Hage and Gilroy. (it's a big building)

Well, now that you've seen some sprawl, may as well see more.


This, is a the western side of the southern division. It is without a doubt one of the sprawliest areas of Alistair. Lap it up.

OK, some explaining? Well you see, the house prices in Alistair are Ludicrously low...like ludicrously. And there was a HUGE demand for housing that we just couldn't keep up with. So we sold off large blocks of land to estate companies who, in their own special way, botched it and went sprawl. We don't blame them, we didn't pay them much, although now we're going to have to deal with this terrible sprawl later when it chokes the infrastructure....*sigh*

Now for something that isn't a disaster.


Here, is one of two majorly commercial centers. Although this one is a little less meticulously planned than the other (lack of any train stations anyone?) it is however a vital part of the city. Here, is where we stationed the public safety center and a major hospital. The area provides roughly 1500 full time jobs and many more part time and casual.


Here, is the planned one. The Proposed CBD of Alistair. It has great train access, surrounded by parks and awesomely low rent. This area is also where that crazy schmuck in Branson Beach wants his first bus stops put...we are seriously considering this. The area here houses about 2000 people and provides about 700 full time jobs. Nice area, I suggest you get a flat while they're still cheap.


And just because I like you, have a big ol' overhead of Alistair. (it was tough strapping the camera to the eagle) Oh, and Alistair has a population of 65000.

Now, for something to break the gritty mood...


Just off the coast of Darwin someone bought out a couple of islands. He almost flattened them, and then introduced some tropical plants that do grow well here. Darwin is currently trying to persuade him to sell it to them as an attraction.


this is what it would have looked like before, Just bigger.

Come back later, not much else to show you now but with the growth happening here, there will be soon.

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Well hey there man, good to see you back so soon. We got the permissions and we have tons of stuff lined up for you. Except....the industrial places are still giving us grief. So come back later if that's all you were after....

still there? good. Because do we have a treat for you. He have the two most agriculturally minded towns in all Ulatown here and ready to show you.

First up is the Ula delta.


This area with a grand daddy total population of 7 is not...well...a town per-say. It's more of a job center. It provided jobs for over 6000 people in both Darwin and Duncan for it is in the middle of them both, closer to Darwin though.

This picture also shows a recent innovation. Some people from down south invented a way to make normal fencing which would normally be trampled by everything the wildlife included more....everything proof. They made it so that it is painful for the animals to touch the fence. They call it barbed wire. All the farms round here have gone for it because it's a far sight cheaper than what McOmar was offering (rocks)


Speaking of McOmar, the mans broke now. ALL his offices and distributors across ulatown are now abandoned. (all three of them) This one, has recently been gutted by a small fire. Luckily some locals got to it and extinguished it fairly well. The building still stands but it unusable. It sure does add some culture the otherwise bland farmlands.


Here, we see everyone's favorite vandals handiwork. Although this was here before we got here, he...or she, has been here and made rocks. The unmovable kind too.

Next up, we see....HAGE! Remember? that little patch of farms we showed you way back when? Well....


NO MORE! It has grown quite significantly to around...8000 people? The last census results haven't come in for here. Just a guesstimate really. Anyway, this picture clearly illustrates what is the single most used rail in Ulatown, the one where we transport all the Livestock and various produce to abattoirs and Distributors in Alistair. And soon to the rest of Daggerson as the rail gets completed.


here, we see a suburb of sorts of Hage, a small road with a few divots here and there on it with houses. This area, is not actually primarily a farming area, no, it's mostly occupied by people who 'self employ' or tend to the solar panels here, which need lots of tending to.

Or...they're abandoned houses from farmers past who got fed up with it and left.


Well, this is one of the largest fences in Ulatown this is. It encompasses the ENTIRETY of Hage with some room left for growth. THis was made because the farmers didn't really want to give up land for fencing, whereas some did....it was a bad situation. So the local council took initiative and built a fence around the entire town and hired some hunters to kill anything that got in...lovely. And it's effective too. The farms have more space, there are actually less animal break ins and it looks cool. EVERYONE WINS! (except McOmar)


here, we see a little more of that rail. In fact, this is where it intersects the fence. Nothing really worth noting here, just looks pretty.


Now here....this, is an abandoned dairy. It's become quite the tourist trap after what the vandal did to it. He went in sometime after it was abandoned thank goodness and just went nuts. Rocks everywhere. Inside and out. People just love it, it looks creepy and even haunted on the inside. Heck, a big ol' studio wants to use it for an up and coming movie set. Don't know whether or not this vandal is good or not....


This, is an oddity. At the very far end of Lake Ula, far away from Ulatown itself. This exists. The picture taken at dawn is being heralded as a great advancement in floating cherry picker (no planes, remember?) technology. We are currently investigating the island for just what exactly it is and WHO was there.

That's all for now, come back next time for the...MINING INDUSTRY!

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(( D: grid AGAIN! how did this happen?!?))


(Wow, been a looooong time eh? Well, updates should be a wee bit more steady now that exams have been and gone and the moving process is done)

Oh, it's you again? well....just hold on a tic while I find some stuff to show you this time around....errm.....well, the councils of most of the rapidly growing area's want a little more notice you see. We can only give you a few place this time around...sorry.

First up, is a look at the only large area that can work on short notice. Darwin. Darwin nowadays is one of four area's in Ulatown of really notable size, a populous of 15000 and a booming tourism industry to boot. The area, although in recent years stopped growing at breakneck speeds to become more 'controlled' and less sprawly.


(please forgive the grid, I didn't notice it and I'm too lazy to go and take another pic now)

This picture probably shows just how sprawly Darwin is for such a small town, it's a little misleading as this is practically the entire west half of Darwin In fact, you can see the outer extents up the top. In the bottom left of this picture you can see the start of what is a much needed project, the 'paved roads' project. this started in Alistair but has started to reach Darwin. And just in the nick of time with a new wave of tourists set to flood the area this spring.


Here, we see the bulk of the paved roads project as well as the second largest commercial center in Ulatown. The hotels although still out of place are less out of place now. In here we can also see (left) a relatively new development, a large church that a certain group simply demanded must be smack bang in the middle of town. We couldn't really kick out the existing guys so we re-zoned some abandoned residences to accommodate, not ideal for them because it's not central, but they can just deal with it. (it's the out of place looking tower and brown building)

This area is set to grow.


Here, we see an incredibly recent development, some guys from the capitol wanted a train line from there to Hakkus. Going through Ulatown. Good thing they told us because we've started to build a few rails about the place to make use of this. right now we have a line from Darwin to Duncan, a line from Hage to Alistair and are working on a line from Darwin to Derby (new dev) to Alistair. Oh, and there are two stations in Darwin, the other one is southwest near a beach. It'll be good in the future for when we get internal tourism to the beach. Future planning that is.

Now, for something completely different.


Here, we have a little village that sprung up out of nowhere. Off the road between Darwin and Duncan, this little town dubbed branson beach, has a whopping population of 50 and one whole multi-purpose facility (post, power, shops, water and trash management)

The town is mostly populated by beach bums and canoing nuts with a passion for the isolation.


Not for long though! The mayor and owner of the facility in this small divot of a town is really pushing for a bus system to be built in Ulatown. He's going to build a bus station regardless of weather or not it gets passed however. He's cleared an area ready for it already (the gray patch north of the houses)


Now, to show you what's been happening in the weather.


and suddenly there was little rain for 5 years. This area known as Gilroy and with a massive populous of 2. is possibly the best example of the dry spell. The thick coating of tree's on the higher places in Ulatown has all but thinned itself out with small strips of lush area's here and there where a high-ish pressure water table is leaking a little. In the lower places though, it's still as overgrown as ever.


this house, the 2 guys in Gilroy. Is the result of poor choice of location to put your house. The pressure from the water table here got a wee bit too high. The next day they found their house flooded and in the middle of a lake. They managed over the coarse of a month or two to sandbag a small area in the lake and eventually raise it higher so it wouldn't flood when they removed the sandbags. The results are good. The lake is also spreading outwards slowly. So that small trail there will have to be raised at some point. (these guys are millionaires btw)

Also, on the mysterious rocks and formations...also an insight into why they are so light. We have found that they're not a natural chemical composition. We think there may be someone doing this on purpose.

Come back soon, we may be able to convince the other places to look at them, and then you'll get to see the dirtier side of Ulatown.

(don't forget to rate + comment, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when you do)


Hoo-freaking-ray, one of our small towns got the prestigious award for being the most promising township in all of Daggerson. And that ain't easy to do. It had to compete with the rapidly expanding south and the old but cultured north, both of which were tipped to flog us. But we prevailed. The reward money should cover some service upgrades. To celebrate this victory we're gonna give you a run down on how Duncan has progressed the last few years. (7 to be exact)


Now you may be thinking "hey, that looks familiar" it's because it is, we showed you this picture in the second update, back when the lake was a striking blue colour. It's only here for a comparison to this....


With the population more than quintupling (you'll see where the rest is stashed later) and the recreational facilities (the beaches....possibly a field too) rising from nigh on nothing to the second best in Ulatown (again, later, you'll see the first besterest and precisely why it didn't get the award.) Also, the unemployment rate, even if the town only has 593 people, is the lowest in the area, and the second lowest in all of Daggerson with only 29 of those 593 people being without some kind of work. Even if only a quarter of them are full-time workers. That's still pretty decent.


The west beach, pictured here, is the smaller of the two dedicated beaches we have cleared. Even though it's smaller it gets just as many people to it with an increasing tourism and the proposal that the DPASS (Daggerson professional aquatic sporting summit) to be held there, a smaller event in terms of the events that Daggerson holds, but it would be huge for Duncan.


This, is the south beach. The larger one that we made extra large so that future developments have the advantage of the beach. This area is a very recent development of only 3 years old, but it has equal population to that of the main Duncan township just 750m to the north. Curiously enough, the agricultural industry here is larger than that of the first settlement. Mr.Omar with all this Agricultural growth has been raking in the dough attributed to the need for fencing off of the feilds and crops...nasty wildlife. Also referred to as brown beach by the locals because of it's several brown patches. Also, Mr.Brown Lives in his caravan on the beach here.


Note, he is illegally here. He wont leave though, no matter how much we try to get him to. Largely because he's ANCHORED the caravan to the ground there making it impossible to move without damaging it...which conflicts with our laws. Fun stuff.

So, we with all this extra money have considered offering Mr.Brown funding to set up some sort of 'beach side' caravan park so that he and all his caravan buddies can camp out in peace, whilst increasing tourism tenfold.

Speaking of tourism. (warning, out of place art-deco ahead)


Not that long ago, about four years ago in fact, a large...ish hotel company selected a small town named darwin (12km form Duncan, 20km from Alistair) which had a slight oddity, white sand. The pre-existing beaches in this 1km stretch of lakefront are composed of white sand and are well...awesome. They had built their standard and largely pre-fab hotels within a year. (also the tallest in Ulatown) The small town (if you want to call it that) of 50 rose to 1200 within two years. Another two years passed and it is what you see there, with not much increase in population due to....events involving rocks warding people away. The town is also solar powered, a uniqueness among the larger towns which are mostly fueled by diesel. Then...this happened....last week.


About 2km northeast of Darwin the Huxley Solar plant is located, it was a dry and windy day, away from the town luckily. A stray spark from a faulty solar generator sparked a small fire in the dried out at the time grass underneath the solar panels, grass had been growing across the dirt roads that saw little usage and it jumped the road easily. Two hours later and it has turned into a 5x5m patch of eucalyptus trees burning rigorously, Within moments after that, Mr.Huxleys house was alight (not shown in picture) and not too long after that gutted. All in all no one died or was seriously injured but several hectares of forest got wiped out. A back burning program has been suggested to prevent any disasters in the future. Hopefully it will work. Oh, and if your wondering why the solar panels are ok it's because we replaced them as soon as it was safe. Because we can't have tourists without power now can we?

Now, onto a more....weird note, that static footage from the rock incident involving those cows and that paddock has been sent off too Georgeia to be analyzed by a specially trained team of nerds. It has came back with only this image. The only thing they could get out the static.


creepy right? spooked me when I saw it. But nonetheless, this rock bull has been happening more and more of late. One very notable example that resulted in the death of some poor travelers was this one just five years ago.


Dear lord that was a mess, the rocks had appeared over the highway and they just drove into it not noticing it appearing. The black box recorder (it's law to have one installed in any vehicle in Daggerson) was not recovered.

It was after this very incident that the government got off thier butts and funded us a team of rangers, biologists, geologists and a range of other ists to find out just what is going on here. Here's their remote station.


state of the art shed, crappy cabins and a water wheel. Couldn't get any better than that right? I mean who needs a spa when you have SCIENCE!

That's all for today, swing round some other time.


stuff...has happened. Towns have shot up out of nowhere, people have moved away, tree's got dense, rocks got weird.

Please explain? OK.

Let's start with a few of the newly founded towns.


Here, we have the town of hage, majorly an agricultural job center. With a population of just 38 Hage provides almost eight times that in jobs. No shops, no rubbish collection either, this town is...a little different. Also, the town is run on solar power, just a few solar panels provide enough power for the farms and the residences. A recent development in this town has had a major mining company propose it for a possible location their new Ulatown Office. This offer has been met with much controversy as the people of Hage want no part of it yet the people further south (about 4km) in Alistair are fighting for it because they don't want it. Fun stuff. Aren't you glad you came back? Oh, and the farming sector here is majorly just pastures at the moment. Still surrounded by the rocky walls however, being that it is cheap and efficient. The boulders we keep finding are lighter than they should be, and the local wildlife don't like them....neither do the cows. The farmers have have dealt with this by creating a sort of 'safe haven' for the cows to calm them in that they have planted loads of the tree's nearer to their properties. This also makes them easier to round up because they're generally near these and not spread out.


This, located in the new development of South Alistair, is the McOmar Boulder Shifters main yard. These are the guys that thought making a business based off these very light rocks was a splendid opportunity and we weren't in the position to argue. It's convenient because now we don't have to go and find them for ourselves. Also, in this general area the local wildlife seems to have....vanished, gone, not to be seen. We speculate that the rocks in a large clump have something to do with it but we just can't be sure. We're getting a geologist from the capitol to come down and investigate.


Just north east of Alistair is this, some guys got together and found a large patch of boulders. They owned this land but McOmar wanted in on the large amount of boulders here. They sold a portion of the boulders but kept most, resulting in a small depression in the land. The guys seeing this as an opportunity made a dam out of it and use it for water storage for their properties and a lot of Alistair 1km to the south west. They are making a killing. Recently, they have proposed to sell more of the boulders so that they may expand the dam to cope with the growing population of Alistair. McOmar is mightily pleased.


Alistair itself has grown significantly to a population of around 540.(note, it isn't all pictured here) It now sports several small stores and (still) only one servo. The tourism here is almost 100% of the income for the small town and people are buying land around the town in droves. Alistair is set to expand. Also worth noting is the proposal for a large research station not too far from here and the resulting data from such a facility would be immense. This proposal is looked upon with much expectation. Alistair has also recently gotten itself a rubbish pickup that covers South Alistair as well. (only 1km to the south east by east) The residents have really approved of this but just trucking the rubbish to facilities in the capitol will not do it for much longer, Ulatwon will need to get some sort of trash collecting facility soon enough.

Now here's where it gets weird.


Recently, in South Alistair, a small pasture was victim to the weirdest thing any has seen in Ulatown ever. This pasture was perfectly normal one day, and overnight these boulders appeared out of nowhere. We think it might be a prank but aren't sure as these boulders are arranged in a pattern. Also, all his cows are missing.

We are reviewing the CCTV from the paranoid (funny how the weird stuff happens to the paranoid) Farmer who lived here. If we find anything we will tell you about it next time for sure....come to think of it those rocks under the underpass (think last update) weren't there last time either....

Holy cow, while I write this I have discovered this. At around 2:35 am that night the camera goes to static and when it comes back to normal the boulders are there.

Wow, I don't know what to say.

Come back soon, because once people see this...well let's just say that some people wont stick about. we should apply for the annual conspiracy meet...


oh, just thought I might like to add that this is set in a world where we have all the modern conveniences we have today....barring flight. Haven't quite got that one yet.


Welcome back mate, and well. It seems as if we were completely unaware of something that would have been of great use to us earlier. It appears as if in this particular area of Daggerson the native eucalyptus have evolved themselves to be 'drought proof' of sorts. It appears as if they lie 'dormant' as a small root or a small seed even under the ground until a sufficient amount of water reaches them...and well...boom. We were seriously not expecting to have to clear a forest in what we thought was a desolate and dry creek bed. You learn something new everyday. Apparently this area had been in drought for longer than we've known of it. (twenty years)


picture shows extent of forestation in higher area's, expected to grow denser with more rain due

Oh, since we're looking at pictures of the brand new highway. Let's Give you all a little info on the bugger of a thing (took eight years to build it did) Going from the northern capital city, Gorgeia (ghor-ghay-ee-ah...locals say ghor-gee) to another major city, Hakkus (said exactly how it's spelled) in the south west. The highway took so damn long because of a range of mountains both north and south of Ulatown. The mountains to the north...are not fun. A whole lot of the buggers are dormant volcanoes which when building a highway, we thought it would be best to avoid. In the south the mountains are horrible. Just horrible. Tallest in all of Daggerson and most uneven as well. Bloody hard to navigate, mostly the reason we hadn't found this area for the hundreds of years we have been here. (1285 to be exact...yeah, that bad) Before this highway a person would have to trek through the kinda mountainous west coast which took approximately a day to traverse safely. Half a day if you drive like an idiot. Then it was smooth sailing through various forests and swamps.

That picture earlier shows the highway AND the turnoff to alistair. A small town recently founded in the Ulatown area.


there, that is pretty much the whole of Alistair. Not bad for a three month old town eh? Anyhow, the vineyards you see in this picture are protected by a makeshift 'fence' we made out of these surprisingly light boulders to keep out all the unwanted animals...which also came out with the trees. If it weren't for that fence right there this town would have almost zero income. With a population of 102 Alistair looks set to be the center of all Ulatown in the future. Also worth noting, Alistair has the only servo in hundreds and hundreds of miles. That has to count for something right?


Just south of Alistair, is currently, the only other town in the Ulatown area. Duncan. Named after the dead guy they found here, sir Duncan Doyle, a famous explorer that set out to find out what was over the mountains over a hundred years ago, but never came back. He had died of not thirst, but of the cracked skull he received from one of the many nasty critters that live in the woods. Also, it appears the area was not in drought when he was here. But was shortly after preserving his bones and his bag. Interesting....

Anywho, Duncan is a nice little town just off the highway with the same fencing solution as Alistair. Except they're growing Barley. Also worth noting is Duncans proximity to the lake, Duncan does have a road leading to the lake where locals (all 58 of em') go to swim and canoe occasionally.

Now, we did say the highway took eight years yes? well guess what. In this eight years an overpass was built over a dry riverbed not far from Duncan. Mainly because the original road had trees growing through it (that looked funny...and it only happened here) But also because the slope here was...optimum. A little bit of future planning it was.


In this picture you can clearly see the overpass over a patch of rocks and the forest. In the bottom right corner you can also see what we were using while we built the overpass.

Anyhow, come back next time and I'm sure we'll have some more towns and some more trees to show you...or just come back for the towns...I don't care either way! Just come back! Ulatown needs the tourism.


first glances. Also, help.

Welp, tis' time for me to give having a CJ another crack. With a bit of luck my PC wont die this time and stuff.


Welcome to the fertile fields of Ulatown. Although at this very point in time, it's just that. Fields. Nothing else. Located in the great Davidson flood plains the area of Ulatown has what is quite the oddity for the area, a fresh water lake. Unlike the great expanses of deadly salt pans and toxic lakes saltier than the ocean that usually litter the Davidson flood plains this nice little oddity is well...nice. It sports a large fish population and a shimmering colour. At this very point in time we are just coming out of what was one of the worst droughts in millenia, hence the lack of any sort of tree taller than a meter. The area is hundreds and hundreds of kilometers away from any sort of civilisation and only recently was a highway built through the region to connect the north and the south of Daggerson.


This region, we hope, will serve us well as a midpoint between the two. A rest stop of sorts. We are hoping the local ecology will spring back to pre-drought levels and that this area will be a thriving town. More as it comes.


And now for help, I want to be able to raise the sea levels and drop them without destroying everything....anyone know how I might go about this?

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