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About this City Journal

Entries on wiether or not my cities are a success

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SimCity Downtown

Hello and i am back for another entry on SimCityTM Downtown all made by me! Sorry i have been gone for so long, but i had school work and stuff came up. Basically i just forget, so let's leave it at that. Anyway this City has less than 20,000 population (sorry can't remember the exact number for both pop and industrial.)I think it has about the same number of businesses, but has over 20,000 instead of under.Here are some pictures taken while playing. Sorry one will be at night, so you might not be able to see.Unfortunately i cant upload them all and i dont have them anywhere else so the only one there is Randall Ridge*, a luxury neighborhood in the suburbs.

Tune in next time for another city named BerlinR.

Thank you and comment!

*Randall ridge sign is property of Jack3oh3, a member of simtropolis.I have downloaded it for my personal entertainment purposes. So I don't know if it has Copyright law protection, but all credit goes to him.I put these Side notes to avoid any lawsuit and/or any trouble with law enforcement.


Dabbinport cont'd

I have realized people have requested pictures. So i am more than able to ablige. (did i spell that write) Anyway

I will post one at day and one at night. Just so you know i modded in the twin towers and the new world trade center. So any hate comments will be deleted. Here they are:


So there they are and tune in next time!




I have improved an existing city Dabbinport. With over $2,000,000 in sim money and over 72,000 people, 73,000 jobs, and less than 20,000 industrial jobs. Now it started out as a highway. Nothing else. It came with Maxisland from simcity 4 recource media center. So,I took it upon myself to improve it. I made a little "rest area" for people traveling on the highway. I put everything a city needed. It quickly became bigger. And today it is so big nothing else can fit. So i just watch it as it grows in tax revenue and population.

So next week I will start a new city named Downtown Simcity, Mayor will be Chuck Madore

Tune in next time!

Edit** Maxisland is property of Wren Weburg of SC4Ever.com and was downloaded legally* for he posted it on SC4Ever.com. Thank you. *Until further notice, I am unsure wiether or not it is under copyright laws. I just downloaded this map for personal entertainment purposes and i take no credit.

**Edited by me, Jangyo.



Hello, Simtropolis

I am new to simtropolis as a fan of simcity 4 (like most of you)

I will be entering entries about every week on cities i start from now on.

So now you know i indeed exist

Thank you simtropolis for all your cool downloads!

Jangyo is out! Peace (or not according to the picture) blogentry-441628-0-70356400-1318544537_thumb.jpeg

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