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About this City Journal

A soon to be Megalopolis!

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Bye Bye

Really bad news everyone. :noway::rage:

My computer got wiped.

I lost everything. :cry:


No more CJ.

Bye Bye for at least 1 month.

I'm verry sorry.



Portsmouth Development

After a heated debate with the government the planners have re zoned all the zones so far.

Here is the new docks with some development and utilities:


And also the planners have decided that a freight rail link between the industrial park and the main docks are a must so a bridges has to be built also this is a temporary passenger line until the Bullet Train Line materials are delivered from Asia.

In construction:


After completion:


After the rail was being used a road link was also planned and built with a bridge (sorry about the big image but I wanted to show you the whole road):


Meanwhile terraforming crews have been making a man made island.

Here is the island with a new underwater tunnel link to the mainland:


On this island were planned to just hold docks for container ships and barges but docks for fishing boats came along too also to fill the island are agriculture and industrial lots.

Here it is:


Of course car isn't the only way to get to the docks a small docking area on the mainland can hold boats for the trip and there a docks over there of course as well:


Where the underwater tunnel meets the mainland is a "tunnel interchange" towards the top is going across the river to the main docks and village to the right is going down to the small boating docks that you just saw and down is the underwater tunnel:


Here is where the main road crosses the river to the village:


And lastly a new concept has reached the shores of this CJ you can be involved in this CJ. This idea first used by Mrbisonm in his CJ's is you can PM me if you want to be a character. The first 2 people who PM me will be characters and will receive a reply telling them what their characters info is. Remember all credit goes to Mrbisonm49.gif. Thats all.


A Change of Scenery

My computer wiped my cities so I downloaded a new region and started this all again. The Map is the Greater San Diego. It is still going to be called Greater Douwser Region though.

First here's a picture of what James L. Portsmouth found on Google Earth

(You can see the whole land in the bottom left City View box):


So the Australian Government sent 2 surveyors and an engineer to the site. It was found by James L. Portsmouth via a satellite image and so it is called Portsmouth. It was perfect for a new country. It is owned by Australia for now.

The first dirt road that the Surveyors and Engineer drove on:


The place where the road goes 'around' the sea is the planned Seaport lot:


A rail line is built:


Also windmills, a water pump and zones are layed:


And of course landfill:


Meanwhile a private company- Jacksons and Co.- Zone industrial in the north:


Thats all for now but be sure to tune in for another update very soon (I have a backlog18.gif)


Go West!

Needing a main railway station the Transport Minister decided on this:


This is a main transport hub for commuters switching from Tram to Train and visa versa


Needing more space the City Planner zoned on Mt. Douwser:


And with inter-regional traffic soon coming by an Inter-region Freeway is built (M1):



Douwser Expands

The City Planner has now zoned out along with a rail line to connect North and South Commuters:


A new Solar Power Plant is built:


Along with a Uni and Advanced Research Center:



Thats all.


A New Beginning

Douwser starts in Douwser Central. Here the docks and beaches are planned and made:

Beach Area North


Beach Area South


Docks 1


Docks 2


Next Update A City Blooms


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