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the new european nations

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blogentry-316603-0-93691500-1355018050_tThe country of franchesco is young and nieve. It has a population of 1,115,481 poeple and is home to the largest city in this cluster of countries, with Its capitol city, Puegot, at 638,834 in September 2012. Its also extremely wealth, but like in America, its poorer in the south, after war destroyed it. Franchesco has 2 provinces, the north and south, though its said that everything east of the puegot river will become the 3rd and eastern province. The large cities in this nation are puegot metro, pagedale, and aberdeen. The pagedale and aberdeen areas combine together with almost equal populations to creat the pagedale aberdeen metro area. There are 7 cities in the puegot metropolitan area; Puegot(344,735,), Oak Beach(23,923), Irving Park(21,426), Sodus(61,781), Greenvale(75,374), Delmont(84,161), and Ladera Heights(27,434). As I said earlier, the south was recently invaded by North Korea for its failed sabatoge of its communications satelite. North korea stopped at the south to send a message but withdrew after the hammer of the world fell down on North Korea. Though the country gained about 60k-70k residents after reconstruction its a bit disorganized, there are some higher numbers of poverty, the civil services are a bit more scattered and jumbled up, and now urban high rises neighbor suburban dream homes.


no power or water

boring landscape

overcrowding in urban centers


West Normania

This nation of 1,175,568 is very crowded and wealthy. The nation has 3 provinces like Azmania; western central and eastern. The most populous is the Eastern Province with 626,815 people, then the Central Province with 410,511, and last the Western Province with 138,242. The nations large cities are New Auborn(396,338), Holbrook(249,253), New Haven(227,552), Paradise City(94,801). New Auborn was named after Auborn in the original normania, now East Normania. It spans across all provinces and is the capitol of the nation. The nations president resides in the presidential castle on the presidential island. This country has suffered rom 3 major destrutive events; oonce a tsunami hit the south west all the way up to new auborn. Another time was when the south east was invaded destroying 65% of Holbrook destroyed, last was the bombing of downtown new auborn and the presidential palace.


no real power or water


unequal education

limited transportation




blogentry-316603-0-85482000-1355003843_tThis is a country of 856k once at 5.55 million. it once had the city of chicago with 3.5 million, anapolis at 700k, andf aspen at 620k. now then cities of yuma, Sumpter, and langley hold the majority of the population.

there are 3 provinces; western, northern, and eastern.

Langley, the capitol of the nation, in the center of the nation, is the largest city with 373,751 people in the metro area. The next largest is the sumpter area with 204,179, then yuma with 73,704.

The western province has 410,673 residents, the Eastern has 358,487, the northern has 87,258. The land west of the river is the western province, east of the river is the eastern province, and all the islands are the northern province.The 2 historic sites in the nation are the areas known as victoria and like airforce base; both of which survived the devastating eartquake in this region. the city of lumberton is not only the wealthiest city in this nation butone of the wealthiest in the world, its average income is just over $250,000. This city serves as an urban paradise to live in, between the financial hubs of sumpter and langley.

The faults:

the problems with my nation are that most cities dont have water or power but i do use the cheats. I also youse money trees and money cheats to have an initial 100 million $ and balanced budgets. Aso i use max out cheats for my cities demand and i have 0%taxes on everything but industry. I have a monorail system, the first ive ever done, and its a sad excuse for one.

Any Questions? ask and ill try to answer.


New France

A- Marque (north) and proctor (south) (suburbs)

B- Marshall

C- Frije

D- Glendale (north) Sedonna (south)

E- Hampton Bay

F- Charleston

G- Dodge

H- Benton

I- Cordova

J- Fayetteville

K- Dante

L- Peterson

M- Averon

N- Myrtle

O- Marianna

P- Hernando

Q- Bartlett

R- Jasmine

S- Marion

T- Jackson

U- Owens biohazard hq

V- Clarksdale

W- Cave Creek/ military base

X- Germantown

Y- Arlin

Z- Conway

AB- Yazoo city

*(Star)- Phoenix (capitol)

The region is not very realistic as it was my first from back in 2005. Over the years I've gotten better. Some of the smaller cities like Fayetteville, Beton , Conway, and Marianna used to be 100s of 1000s bigger. The region was at 14.624 million a few months ago but I edited them a little. New France is a 1st world nation, but not to far from 2nd world. It has had many invasions occur in the north west and south east. On April 13th, 2007 6.4 million people were killed in the region by war, Auborn was 6.7 million (Normanian), Jackson was 2.8 million, Phoenix was 1.1 million, and Marque/Wilbur was 1.3 million. now Auborn is 4.1 million, Jackson is 1.65 million, Phoenix is 628,000 , and Marque/Wilbur is 1.1 million. Other sall towns were obliterated. Nukes were the cause for craters, deaths and the nuclear alliance of earth. The reason my cities may sound like Arkansas towns, memphis suburbs, and Arizona cities I because I used to live in a Memphis suburb in AR, and I now live in AZ.

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