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About this City Journal

Some of my random work, here I show you my work, requested tutorials, and other cool stuff.

Entries in this City Journal


Hey guys, I've finally settled into Miami, and have a special update today.

Basically, I'm taking a break on SC4 because I wanted to show you guys

my building and terrain experience with Minecraft. Because Minecraft is

a building game, I assume most SC4 players have played this game which is

why I decided to post it, enjoy! Please give me feedback on whether you liked it

or not, thanks



Note: replies will be in the comment section of the previous entry from now on.

Another Note: This map is not mine, all the buildings shown are my creations


Now before we begin, I found this server though the help of google. This server is practically anti-grief and all the people are very nice and helpful. I first started building my house and noticed (not to brag) how well the wood looked in contrast to the forest wood. I did more testing with this and realized how better it looked if you used the same wood as the forest around you provided (for example oak and oak). But I also realized that it would not look good as a solid color, so I mixed the gray of the cobblestone and the brown of the wood to create the following effect, the wood stair case roof also made it look more realistic and have more character as well:


Now, I also did this with the dam I built near a river. This shows that this combination also works for any basic structures:


Land terraforming and world editing:

Now that we looked at how to add a little more character in basic structures, we'll be looking at how to (if you like to) terraform the land to make it look more appealing, also please note I did not edit this land, I am simply taking observations from how it appears.

This river, I noticed, looked a lot better than the randomly generated one. I realized that the one color of gravel made it feel like a real coast line, rather than there being a mix of sand dirt and gravel randomly scattered near a river. I also liked the effect of having rocks come out into the river, once again adding the effect of realism:


Moving on, this server the biomes happen to be all separated by a large body of water, which in turn also seems more realistic then there being a desert next to a snow biome. So please keep in mind if you are a map creator to make sure the biome separation seems believable.

Thanks for reading, please +1, rate, comment and/or follow if you enjoyed.


And now I leave you with a picture of a nice sunset.



Ok, I don't have much time, but if you didn't know, I moved to Miami, the move has required a lot of time and stress, which is why I haven't been on ST recently. I promise I'll be back in July, I'm doing replies in the next update because I don't consider this a "real update." If you have any question feel free to ask.

What I've been working on recently:


Thank you I hoped you enjoyed this rather really short entry, but I know I've promised this 100 times before, I'll be back to posting Cj entries and commenting on them.

Thanks for your understanding,



Hey, guys I'm back with an entry with Escilnavia's workshop, I know, long time, no see but

hey guys, first entry of 2012 LOL. So here I just made an area based off kinda of a Loftindorian style.

If it looks a bit rushed I'm sorry, I was really trying to get an entry in :P. Enjoy!


titanicbuff: Thanks pal :)

Schulmanator: Thanks :P:ducky:

NMUSpidey: Thanks Dawg :D

10000000000000: Thanks Pal, I'll do that next entry, I promise :)

Mamaluigi: Thanks for understanding, it's been tough :P

Andreykm: Obrigado! :golly:

Craig-abcvs: Thank you :D

Huston: Thanks bro :D it's an honor to hear that from you!

Simbourgeous: Thanks Sim B.! :golly::uhm: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I will do riverside, next update!

Here we begin with a nice day at the lake, as you can see everyone wants to party on the river! :party:


Here we have a nice trail, where the citizens of this small rural area have taken advantage of:


Here our last pic shows a nice scenic road passing by a corn farm. How corny :P



I hope you enjoyed, please rate, comment, and/or +1



Hey guys, in this update I'm going to explain some Stex files I like and

somethin' special. I've been super busy lately, and I'm lucky I got this entry in...

So please enjoy:


Andrey km: Obrigado!! :D

Mamaluigi945: Thanks buddy! :)

TekindusT: Haha, yeah but it was a cargo ship :P (thanks for commenting)

ggamgus: Haha, like I told TT :P (thanks for commenting)

NMUSpidey: Thanks Spidey, glad you agree ;)

Spursrule :lol: (thanks for commenting)

emperordaneil: Thanks :O

10000000000000: HAHA, Happy new year :P

skyscraper: :lol: I'll take that as a compliment, Thank you!

111222333444: Thanks #'s :lol:

Schulmanator: Thanks bud :ducky:

kakado_to_save: No prob, thanks for commenting.

matheuspaulo: Obrigado! :)

th3_jok3r: I got a better one, look at the entry, and the link 'ill be there ;)

Paris: honestly, I have no idea :|, I got them a long time ago, I do know they "are" on the Stex though!

alerules: Obrigado, :) (see you on the USNW forums soon...)

spursrule14: Thanks man, I'm honored.

Benedict: Thanks ben, its a real honor once more :)

Simbourgeois: Nice, I like that idea, I'll try it out some time :).



Riverside is a little area I made, which is basically a little forest with multiple rivers, I will zoom out 1 level each update, I will zoom out if I get at least 10 rep points: (Zoom level 2, I believe...)




RFR plop water pack 1:


This file is from 'der_gammler,' the ploppable water I used above, I have to admit I love it,

but they're are a couple of things you need to worry about. It is very squarish, so you have to flora the

sides of the water really well to make a nice transition, this is the water mod I wanted :thumb:

CURB-Concrete Urban Retainers by Bipin:


NOTE: PIcture is by Bipin:


Left me shocked, this was one of the most incredible things I've seen on the stex, I myself have not tried it out,

but you can tell by the reviews it's really good for RHW users.



Remember to vote on the Trixies!

We have 400,000 users give or take a thousand and we only have like 500 nominations, vote it up PEOPLE!!


I'm really sorry I only really provided 1 picture :(, I've been really busy, and I promise my next update will be special,

if you enjoyed please rate, comment, like, and/or +1,




Hello guys, I'm back with a small update of the Workshop.

Sorry I've been inactive lately, those semester exams :whatevs:

left me occupied, here we have a special update, the funny thing is,

is how these pics have nothing to do with each other. Enjoy :D


hahei: Thanks dude, I may do a small recreation, Happy New Year

NMUSpidey: Thanks buddy

Sky Guy: Thanks Pal, Happy New Year

Simbourgeois: Haha, thanks Sim B.

Towerdude: Thanks :D

Paulobergonci: Thanks Brozilian! :P

MamaLuigi: Thanks Pal, Happy Holidays


Thought 1:

Note: Unedited due to detail, I'm seriously not bragging, imageshack is cheap...


Now, in one of my former updates, I talked about using ploppable water, but the transition from water to

land needs to be smooth. I just recommend using grass, weeds, and/or rocks to give it the feel of the land

elevating as well.

Thought 2:


For cities, I recommend using gridded street, unless your a pro with diagonals. You

should only use on type of architecture giving it a more realistic feel.

Thought 3: A recent dream I had of a ship being sunk in shallow water, not that it means anything :D (based on spursrule's Cj, Dreams)



If you enjoyed, please take the short time to rate, comment +1, and like.




Hello everyone, Merry Christmas Eve :D, Today,

for our main entry, we have part II of the TD Hong Kong Special

and at the bottom, a christmas picture. I wish everyone a merry Christmas,

here in Cincy though, it's the day before Christmas, enjoy!



ggamgus: Thanks a ton Emir, I always love your comments :)

JGellock: Thanks dude! :D

NMUSpidey: Thanks for the incredible comment! :)

Sky guy: Thanks bud :)

Archean: oh, sorry, sometimes the up-loader does that to the pic >.<, thanks for the comment!

Stephen Motsinger: Thanks (sent you a PM ;))

pielover94: Thanks pielover!

keder: Thanks dude!!!

111222333444: Thanks #s ;)

MamaLuigi: Lovin' your sheep :lol: (thanks for commenting)

Schulmanator: haha, warm? Glad you liked it Schul., thanks :ducky:

portskydiver: Thanks, glad to get an opinion:)

Bugs Bunny: Thanks doc :P, VIPteam and Sim fox on STEX ;)

emperordaniel: THANK YOU very much :D !!!

grstudios: Thanks for commenting, sorry bud, your going to have to ask _marsh_

Fox: Thanks dude, the last two were my fav as well :)


HK Part II:





I hope you enjoyed, but wait:




If you enjoyed please rate, comment, like, and/or +1,

Happy Holidays,



Hello, I'm back everyone, and I am stoked for winter break,

now as I promised you I made a Miami style themed area, and I can't wait to show you!

Along with a special article at the bottom, please enjoy everyone.


Schulmanator: Thanks for commenting, here it is buddy!

emperordaniel: :P

NMUSpidey: Haha, thanks, somebody who understands :P

100000000000000: Thanks #s, hope you like this update

Simbourgeois: Thanks Sim B., you can check it out at my new CJ ;)

Sky Guy: oh, why thank you :blush:

skyscraper241: Thanks man, appreciate it!

Andrey km: Obrigado!

pielover94: It's actually multiple places... :P (thanks for the comment)

Patokiller96: Thanks pal

Fox: LOL, thank you, I love your signature pink font :)

alerules: Thanks, I like it that people get inspiration from me!


Now on to the main entree, I tried to use as little repetition as possible, tell me what you think :)





Navia's Ploppable water vs. real water....

Now as all of you know, I usually use ploppable water, due to the "durability," they provide, but most I find are unrealistic. One day though on SC4 Devotion I found this:

Note: This is the work of "Badsim" from SC4 Devotion...



Badsim, claimed that this was experimental, so its probably not coming out any time soon sadly.

But I like ploppable waters because they're easy to use, making rivers with them are a lot easier then trying to use the in game water.

Yet I've seen some very good usage with in game water, for example:

Note: This is the work of _marsh_ from ST and SC4 Devotion...



Although you can photoshop both ploppable and in game, it looks more appealing when the in game water is photoshopped,

I tried my luck at photoshopping some in game water, and this is what I got:


but what if your terrible at photoshopping like me?

So, you decide, Ploppable or In-game (although the great ploppable waters are only experimental)





If you enjoyed please rate, comment, +1, and/or like, Thanks a ton for viewing!

And happy festive eve "My spanish teacher's joke."


Woohooo, a new month! This month I'm leasing special stuff. and today I'm showing multiple teasers for things coming out this month.

First, I would like to thank for all the support, you guys are too kind :). Here we go enjoy the entry.


MamaLuigi945: Thanks man, you awesome!

yarahi: :lol: haha, thanks, I appreciate it.

DCMetro34: Thank you, I made this Cj to expirement with different styles ;)

Schulmanator: Thanks :):ducky: (times 1000)

ggamgus; Thanks Amir, I always love to see your comments, haha, and your nice ratings! :D

simcity4deluxe: Thank you, but you'll see a lot better here on ST ;)

bricaso: Thanks for the comment dude.

100000000000000: I'll take that as a complement :P, hope you enjoy this one too (thanks for the comment:) )

NMUSpidey: :), yes, thanks a lot NMUSpidey, your comments are awesome.

TowerDude: Thanks for all the tips and complements, I'll take all the tips in affect while working on part 2 ;)

pielover94: Thanks pielover, I'm glad you enjoyed

Mastof: Thanks Mastof, glad you thought so.

Efkin: Thanks buddy

Huston: your too kind, I get the inspiration off you. :)

kakado_to_save: :uhm: maybe he did :P

MR.ERICK: thanks for the comment

emperordaniel: Thanks so much! :D

shoko: Thanks a ton.

Samerton: :), thanks pal, I'm glad you liked it.

Skimbo: Thanks man, love to see your comments

cacks: hey, thanks cacks, glad you thought so.

spursrule14: I'm honored :)


On to the entry

As some of you know I went to Miami for vacation and...


came with this...

A new CJ? possibly...


and, HK! Part 2!


I hope you enjoyed the teasers


Please take the short amount of time to rate, comment,+1 and like, thanks

oh, and before you go check out "SC4 Category Contest"!





Hey guys, I'm once again back with a special update.

Since I'm going to be gone for a couple weeks, this may be the last

entry for a while, I hope you enjoy, I tried to kinda make a HK area, and I thought it kinda looked like TD's

work so, hence the title, hope you like it!!!


ggamgus: Thank you for such a nice comment, I think you got quite a bit of rep points for that ;)

jotauveefe: Thank you :D

SimcityFuturist: Thanks Ester ;)

100000000000000: Thanks man :P

MamaLuigi945: Your welcome, I think you deserve the title, you've commented on every entry!! :O

Schulmanator: Thanks buddy :ducky: times infinity :P

Frex_Ceafus: Thanks so much for the support !

Mastof: Thanks Mastof! LOL

spursrule14: Thanks for the comment and nomination!

NMUSpidey: haha, that's alright, thanks for the comment :P

Paulobergonci: Thanks you, I can give you the link if you'd like

DCMetro34: Thank you so much, I enjoy seeing your comments!

k50dude: haha, thanks pal :P

Johan_91: Thank you very much!

emperordaniel: Thanks a ton for the comment!

kakado_to_save: sure thing, thank you for the suggestion!

Sky Guy: Thanks man, I appreciate it:D


on to the update:

my intro:


Here we have a large construction zone, overlooking the slums with a slight rain shower starting:


The rain looks like its lightning up a bit in this financial area:


As the rain stops, the sun begins to appear, over this residential harbor.



I hope you enjoyed, Please take the short amount of time to rate, +1, and comment,




Hello everyone, I'm back again, but today is going to be a small update, like last time.

The "troll" incident was a misunderstanding and I will not mention any names.

Today I made a south French style area, please enjoy...


111222333444: Thank you, for the Portuguese people who don't know English.

ggamgus: Wow, that much, thank you, that more #'s then "10000000000000"

MamaLuigi: Thank you so much, your one of the nicest commentators on ST!

Schulmanator: Thank you :ducky:

hahei: Thank you, I'm sorry I forgot, I think it might be on the Stex, and its actually a Church :P

NMUSpidey: Thank you, I try my best :D

10000000000000: Thank you, you are a pro when it comes to flora.

emperordaniel: Thank you, I like it that I had a person from a place that I was trying to imitate:)

111222333444(again) : Thanks for the support buddy.

Frex_Ceafus: Thank you so much for the help.

Efkin: Thank you, I kinda had to infer how NY looked.

kakado_to_save: Thanks for the comment!


Now on to the update:

Here we have another church at a 3 way intersection:


here we have a road passing by some powerlines:


And last but not least, two bridges passing a small stream:



I hope you enjoyed, Please take the short amount of time to rate, +1, and comment,




Extras + Replies

Cation: Currently under troll investegation

Hey everyone I'm back with another entry and I'm glad that the last two went great,

I'm super happy because I now have a 4.0 for the first quarter. Anyways today we'll be looking

on some of my random work, once again thank you for all the support, and here we go.


ggamgus: Thanks man I'm really glad you like it

Benedict: Thank you

10000000000000: Haha, thank you so much, your username is a lot of numbers :P

MamaLuigi945: I always love to see your comments, thank you.

Schulmanator: Thanks buddy :P

hahei: Oh, thank you I'm honored, I like the title King Escilnavia :D

NMUSpidey: Thank you, "my attempt" isn't going to get much better than that

Simarco: Thank you

Kakado_to_save: Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed

Jololee: Thank you, I'm sorry IDK, I found them a long time ago, try typing bridge in the STEX.

emperordaniel: Thank you, should the bridge be wooden?

shoko: it's a texture

ee99: Thank you very much, that means a lot to me

k50dude: Thanks, your to kind :P

Efkin: Obrigado, está bem


Here I made an italian plain area, enjoy:


Next I made a NY style city in autumn:


Now, one day I was looking at "Towerdude's CJ" amd he made a Roman theme city, now this inspired me to do this, even though its greek:



Thanks for viewing everybody, I am now accepting requests for tutorials, or anything you want me to build,

Please rate, comment and +1, and also look back on the last entry if you haven't



oh, and also if my Portuguese audience would like a translation please let me know

oh, e também se o meu público Português gostaria ter uma tradução por favor me avise


Hey everyone, I'm back with another update of my workshop.

I'm going to put a hold on Sotoa and work on things I want to.

So today on this entry of Escilnavia's Workshop:

We take a look at a small siberian forest I made. (obviously in the title)

I attempt to create a European city,

I make an oasis inspired by Soer_II

I reply to 21 people:


Before we begin the replies, I'd like to thank for all the support, I really appreciate it:

ggamgus: Thanks buddy, it wasn't easy

MamaLuigi945: Thank you very much

10000000000000: Thanks for commenting, I love seeing your comments

111222333444: Thanks pal!

spursrule14: Thanks a lot for commenting

Schulmanator: LOL, thanks, if only it worked that way...

400Z9: Thanks, I hope this update impresses you too

Soer_II: Thank you, the oasis pic is inspired by your work

Andresta: Thanks man!!

KHRYSTOF: Thank you, I always love to see you comment

Huston: Thanks, some of your work inspires me very much :)

packersfan: Thanks man, good luck with your CJ

Gugu3: Thanks Gugu, I really appreciate it

shoko: No, its peg ploppable water

FourteenRocket: Thanks, I've never heard of that game, is it good?

DCMetro34: Thank you very much

kakado_to_save: LOL, thanks, your very kind.

Evandad: Haha, me too, thanks a lot for commenting

dabadon5: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

burnzie_16: Thanks, I love it when people say that

Jorge_carrillo: Thanks I can give you a tutorial


A foggy Siberian lake:


a small stream:



Challenges, Tutorials, and Requests

Now here is some of my extra work:

As some of you know, I'm not good at Euro cities, so here was my attempt of making one:


Here I made an oasis, inspired by Soer_II:



Thanks for viewing everybody, I am now accepting requests for tutorials, or anything you want me to build,

Please rate, comment and +1, and also look back on the last entry if you haven't




Hey guys, I know I haven't really been active that much, sorry for that, I've been really busy with school.

But I've been able to keep a steady 3.8 GPA :). So, here's my first entry, I just kinda made a nice dutch rural area.

Sorry about Sotoa too, I'll try to update it ASAP.

A corn field by the river.


Just a nice scenic area:


A church by a small stream:


Thanks for viewing! :)


If you enjoyed please take the short time to rate, comment, and +1


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