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About this City Journal

The New Republic of Texas

Entries in this City Journal


I will create the world throughout this Cj, as my City Journal never really was expected to turn out this way. So the construction of planet earth has begun. As of now, there are no people in New York City. The Texan Empire wanted to build a nice waterfront before starting NY's development.


I know, all it has is bridges. All about to change.


My sims are already liking my city.

Peek at Rome:


Rome is a beautiful city. It was origonally built in a dessert, but a hurricane dampened the area. This is supposed to be a suburb.


Italy is captured, so here is a sneak peek of what is going on.


Alexander City wars have stopped, and the Texan Empire will build every city in the world, and here is the start.

Next, New York Metropolitan Area.


Someone was planning an attack on Glascow. The Texan Empire was supposed to be united, but all they needed was a flint rock and metal, and they would light up in flames. Something to jumpstart their process of empire and maybe, Alexander City might take over in the process. The terrible war was about to be over, well, not really. But, there was a solution. Sign the treaty at Glasgow. The city of Glasgow grew, and later, grew in huge skyscrapers. There was also a building of a Global Trade Complex in the city. Word came out that the Alexander City was planning an attack... and someone had to stop it. Maybe a hero could stop it. Well, five years later, a hero did stop it. But by that time, the whole city was gone due to a nuclear missle. The empire was growing and was growng fast, but it needed an king to stop Alexander City from attacking, so they got together to choose a king. In their desicion, they choose King Henry (The Mayor of Glasgow), which allowed it to have an army, a government and, be considered an empire. For you see, King Henry is a Sim. He lives in a castle somewhere in the dessert (hidden due to attacks), so as the empire grows, the huge cities will too.


The newly choosen King.



Pictures of Glasgow after the bombing.


The Deathship.

All of the sudden, a ship is in the air.


The ship lands here...


A Pikachu landed. He, saw the future. A city. A future SimCity.




Mods Used:


SPAM Farms

RCI Demand Pack

Terrain Mods

Farming Job Quadrupler

Of course, "You don't deserve it"


Well, I am building the Texan Empire, so I have maps (Some I made, some I didn't) from all around the world. Some of my cities are real world on these maps, while I have made some fake tropical cities. The others have been left blank so I can make interesting cities throughout my CJ. I made several of these Texas regions just for me.

BAT's and Lots:

A good three dozen or more from PEG.

I have several City Walls and Fictional Fortresses downloaded.

All sorts of BAT Packs from Hong Kong.

PAENG BAT Releases.

Every download released from the NY BAT Team.

All of the Dubai Downloads from Simtropolis.

Some great Rome and Greece Downloads.

Good South American Downloads.

Every download released by PEG.

My BAT's (To be released to Simtropolis very soon)

When some are featured in my CJ's, I will name them the best I can. Unfortunately, I did not keep track of the people who made the lots and BAT's (Organization and CJ writing are two skills I need to keep track of!) so I can't name the source of some downloads, although I can name the source of my downloads (Of Course).

The city of Houston lies by the Gulf of Mexico-the metropolitan area to come soon to my CJ. The outside of Houston is full of valleys, mouantains and coastline.

Next Time, See Houston Develop.




This huge region will edventually grow into a strong, beautiful nation. Every story has a starting place, and for Texas, it is the breakup from the Union, and the beautiful region of Berlin (called Berlin, but actually Houston). I will be making several regions based on Texas, and I will develop my Texan Empire throughout my CJ. As the Texan Empire ventures outward, they will make exciting events in history... and capture countries.


(The homeland of the Empire)

We will examine the empire from the colonies, the Republic of Texas, the battles of war, the United States ownership, and then, the Texan Empire. It is a huge country, with hundreds of regions to build on. Can Texas do it? We will follow the battles of war, and the stories of the fellow Texans, a faction of sims that inhabit the homeland of Texas, and see their fate as they go from inhabiting Texas clear to the empire.

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