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About this City Journal

I'm going to show you guys some pic of my best cities made countriy style, oh yeah plus this is my second city journal too

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Welcome to Mason Creek

Welcome all to another country-packed entry of CountrySide Counties.


Welcome to Mason Creek a small town ,rather more a census designated place with an overall population of 99 persons.


Just a small everybody knows everyone town.






Welcome back viewers and lurkers, to another entry of CountrySide Counties. For this entry I just wanted to continue off were we last left off. I know you guys remember that little place I last showed you guys, well if you don't go back to the last entry please, and for the ones that do, I just want to inform you guys that, that little place has been bought, by three wealthy Chinese men. They blew pretty much all their money on all of the area. Now they have to build a new place to live from the ground up, literally.


They called themselves having a good deal but they didn't know they had to pay for everything they bought in the area. But know they have to start anew.


And they spent a almost half of what they had left on builders and workers.


Thanks for watching and don't forget to comment and rate.


Today we will be visiting a small town just of the coast. This has something in particular that most towns don't have. ..... Nobody lives here. This town or place should I say has only a school for the fine arts and a small port for craw fish and shrimp boats. And that is pretty much all that is in this town.

I Give you Le Breua Doutrive ....

Founded: 1795

French Heritage

Population: 0



Oh yeah I almost forgot, there is an tranquil water stream, where people come from all the county come to see and seek peace from everyday problems.

Madam Eve's School of Fine Arts was erected in 1796. Her dream was to teach colonist kids to become stuck-up adults in the early 19th century. But her dream came to an end when she died in 1835, from malaria. Her school stood there until 1925 ,where nobody was teaching. Developers soon bought the school a year later to turn around the school. They made the school into a landmark honoring Madam Eve and the French for their part in colonization.



That time of year again !

It is that time of year again, the time of year where the hustle and bustle of Black Friday and Saturday Shopping. But people allover the county are headed home from the long week at grandma and grandpa's house but some people are taking their time in getting back home enjoying the views and watching their forest being cut down in front of them for retail and rural renewal.


Camping site for the tired travelers.



Nice view ,but don't want to fall off that edge !!! :noway:


Darn lumberjacks !!!!



It's been a long time since I've updated my city journals. Got a main image now, you like it I know you do. But anyway welcome to Country Counties 4th entry. :party: :party: :party: :party:

It's October and that means it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month ..................... Yes, wait ... What ??? Sorry that something else it's October and that means its State Fair Time , where I live. This town also has its own fair in October, but for the end of it's harvest month. People from all over the area come to see award winners and Blue Ribbon winners. They mostly come for the rides and good food. The Hamlet of Bamington Population: 232. Is a very small town surrounded by farmland.



The Bamington State Fair is the 2nd largest event in the county, next to an upcoming event. :sly:


Pics of farms harvesting crops......




A town with a curse.

Welcome people of simtropolis and guest. Today we'll be visiting a small town on the the outskirts of a Metropolis, with a silte problem here. There's a nuclear power plant that's poluting the air with harmful toxins ,and poluting the rivers with nuclear waste. The citizens of Barry have tried everything in their will to get the plant removed, but have not succeded in the process.


Still showing off the farms. :nyah:




The plant was built to supply a fast growing metropolis with power. The owners ,The Forest Group Power Company or (FGPC) was put in charge of finding the perfect location for a new power plant. They had over 12 different locales to chose from. But, when the city called them ,they said they wanted to try something new. They wanted to build a nuclear power plant , that was half way on land and half way in the water. The FGPC narrowed it all down to the town of Barry , because of their perfect geograhical location, and less of a population mass. The plant took over three years to build and cost over 100 million dollars to build.


On the bright-side though, the town is making more money than it did farming. The town had to go through several test ,so it could distribute cow meat through-out the region. To make sure the meat isn't tainted. The test are still occuring ,two test every week, so the city may or may not be making another profit ,until the next few months. Thumbs up if you support them. :thumb:






A town with a big heart means ................ its means they have great belief in whatever they do. So, this town never gives up for anything they always strive for the most when they do something. People say that this town is like the little engine that could ,because they're so strong. They're like a big city except with farms and smaller highways. But anyway here they are ........










Welcome to my second city journal, :party: In this journal I will be dealing with country cities, towns, or villages. To get it started off I'll show you guys some pics of a town I like to call Middleton. The town Is on a steady rise to become a city ,while most of its farms have been destroyed in the process. There is only one farm left standing today and it is on the verge to become a new subivision for the elderly.


I say it should stay a farm because it is family owned. :ducky:

Recent growth has caused a four star resort to be built over a horse pasture. :O


This town has a pretty rich history. :] Imagrants from Gremany settled this town and they what to make sure they get big like other cities in the region.


And I know its not much but I plan on getting more custom things before the next entry. :] Oh yeah and kudos if you downloaded the new verisions of NAM, NWM, and RHW. 8)


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