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Assawoman Harbor.

This is my 3rd entry I almost gave up hope on my city journal after my second entry due to no comments. I guess it's because I make Northeastern cities and if anyone has visited a "Northeastern" city they would notice they are dominated by rowhouses and I guess some people feel as if I'm just being repetitive... While I'm not saying my city is the best, I've seen some people receive comments on some of the worst journals ever. Having said that this entry will focus on the most newly developed part of Wilmington, The Assawoman Bay (Yes it's a real Bay name) and Harbor. The Harbor is the home of the Royal Sea Cruise line. The Harbor also is home to, two first class casinos, the Borgata and Harrah's. There is still much land available for development, so like I said in my Journal post I am open for idea's for the land that is available for development.


Anyone with an idea for the land with "future development" feel free to suggest in your comment.


View looking Northwest. A ship is leaving the docks headed to Jamaica. Also in this photo is the Pepsi Co. Bottling Company and Coke Cola Bottling Company.


Looking Southeast. At the top of the picture is the container terminal.


The Harrahs Casino occupies the first 3 in Harrahs Hotel. The Blue Sign is illuminated with a green neon light behind it. The Harrahs Hotel Tower is one of the newest buildings in Wilmington.


The Borgata Hotel and Spa was designed by famous architect Sean Carter. The ribbon was cut on this beauty in 2009 after taking more then 2 years to complete due to labor disputes. This is the newest building in Wilmington and the 4th in the complex. The pool to the left was orignally to be built in a closed structure but after the labor talks were through the workers wanted that taken out of the contract stating "the building of the glass dome may cause safety problems for the workers". The Harbor is about 14 miles NW of Center City. Mayor Washington wanted the Harbor to be built closer to Center City but talks died when the city couldn't come up with enough land for the complex.


The Radisson Hotel and the Remmington Hotel. When the Harbor was first built the only Hotel that was built was the Remmington. Demand for the the Cruise started slow but after 4 years demand skyrocketed. City officals realized they needed a new structure built to accommodate the growing ridership. The city then went ahead with plans to build a new sleek Hotel, and Mayor Washington reached out to Radisson. A parking structure to the left for hotel vistors. There is also two underground parking garages.


Another view of the Radisson.


This photo was taken just in time to see a ship leaving.


The Riverfront Mall. This mall has over 46 Stores underground ranging from High End Luxury to Sneaker stores. Deliveries have to pass through the Port.


Call me weird but I love parking lots, it adds another aspect of realism to sim city.


The fastest way to travel to and from the Harbor is through the Tyler McConnell Tunnel, The Tunnel runs under the Port and the Assawoman Bay then resurfaces on the other side of land. It's about a 20-30 minute ride to Center City Wilmington depending on traffic.

Teaser of the whole Port of Wilmington coming soon!


Essington - 1962

First I want to thank everyone who has stopped by my City Journal:

Evanm1487: Thanks!

NMUSpidey: Thanks!

Sky Guy: I listened to what you said. After I read your comment I went and downloaded the seawall and parking lot textures. Thanks :) Its done added a whole new realism aspect to my cities.

Schulmanator: Thanks!

Essington was settled in 1794 after James Essington lead his family, friends and followers to the eastern coast of the city of Wilmington. At the time the coast was not settled by Wilmington It was out of the city limits. Both cities saw major growth in the 1800's from Italian, German and Polish immigrants. By the 1880's Essington had 97,000 Residents, while Wilmington had 144,500. 1901 Was a major year for the cities in Wilmington County. A new law was passed to consolidate all towns and cities in the County into one city which was Wilmington. There are a number of neighborhoods that were once a part of Essington before the County consolidated. These neighborhoods are Elsmere, Union Sq, Belvedere, and Newport. Although Essington isn't the CBD the district has always had its own identity. Essington has it's very own downtown that competes with Center City Wilmington for potential building tenants.

Neighborhoods: Elsmere, Belvedere, Newport, Union Square

District: Essington


First a morning shot. Rise and Shine. This is Washington Avenue, the main east-west artery through Elsmere. This is one of my favorite intersections.




Union Square - Elsmere


Eastlawn Housing Projects








South Essington


Essington CBD


North Essington


Highland Avenue - North Essington


Essington Social Service Building. The Social Service Building is the Maroon colored building next to the fountain.


H.B. duPont Park


Dusk. Goodnight



Hi this is my first City Journal. In my City Journal, I will poll the visitors to my Journal to what project the City Council should do next. Think of it as the Visitors are the citizens of the city. The first city that will be explored is Wilmington. Wilmington is a city like the typical city you find in the Mid-Eastern to Northern States in the U.S. Particularly this entry will only include Central Wilmington. The city was founded in 1731 and is the 4th largest city in the U.K (United Kensylvania). Like I said this is my first City Journal and because of that I made a few rookie mistakes. You'll notice in some of the pics. Enjoy :)

The Rocks which the settlers first stepped on when they arrived.


The Historic Colonial Wilmington. The Green was a popular place for gatherings. North of the Green stands Old Town Hall Built in 1744.


Fast Forward 200 Years. This is the total area of Central Wilmington


Financial District. The largest buildings in the city can be found here or in the Essington Square District, east of Central Wilmington.


West Center City. This is a historic neighborhood consisting of many small apartment buildings and tall apartments known as "Projects".


West Center City Train Station. This is the only train station in Central Wilmington. The station is on the National List of Historic Places.


Jewelers Row & Museum of Fine Art. The Museum of Fine Art is the building with the Urban Pond around it. The Museum was funded by Thomas McKean and built in 1901. The street in front of the Museum is Jewelers Row. Some of the most rarest Jewelry from all over the World can be found here.


Chinatown. What major city doesn't have one. Wilmington's Chinatown is between the Financial District and the Insurance/ Manufacturing District.


North Center City. Projects dominate the skyline north of the CBD. 16th Street Reservoir is seen in the top of the picture.


16th Street Reservoir.


That's it for now. More pics coming soon. Hopefully Hurricane Irene doesn't wipe Wilmington out.

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