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I am back with a revival of my Florida/Dirty South themed CJ! I have recently made a move to Orlando, FL from Atlanta, GA and am now fully settled in and ready to get back into the creation of new entries and cities. I have also started gaining experience of BAT usage and will possibly implement some of my recent creations into my next entry so stay tuned! If you are lucky you may even get a chance to download things I create.


Jonesboro, the gem by the sea, the Los Angeles of the Dirty South. Filled with riches, opportunity, and growth.

A low tiered city of only 234,000 residents within city boundaries, but a large tier city in terms of metro area, containing 4,600,000 people in the metro.


Nothing like a stroll along the downtown beaches to take in the urban and community feel.

You work in a cubicle, you make money to be able to spoil yourself, you deserve the best life for you and your family. Come and join the City of Lantana, Jonesboro's BEST suburb!


Endless strip malls and condominium complexes dot the flat plains near the seaside gem, its great to be alive.

Oh, and did we mention the endless shopping at the strip malls and flea markets that Florida has to offer?


Just ignore the poor people of Jonesboro and move out to the suburbs! Florida's economic situation is poor and housing anywhere within 20 miles of the city is bad news! Come with us!

The only price to pay is the confusing freeway system and excruciating rush hour experiences that Boca Raton County has offered us!


You know you live in Jonesboro, FL when the variable message signs during your peak commute hours all read road construction ahead, expect delays!

So don't worry! Just mind your own life and ignore the poor people you have left behind in the city that are helpless and shop here! Don't worry, that traffic will sure let up soon!


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See you next time!

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