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About this City Journal

Picturesk views of all of Alexandria's bridges

Entries in this City Journal


Imagine that you are now in a small town many years ago, in fact, you will be travelling back to October, 1, 1982. In Orlando, Florida, Walt Disney World opens the second largest theme park, EPCOT Center, to the public for the first time, but that is a totally other realm.

Mr. John Craddock was a pretty wealthy man who loved to donate money to projects that he saw fit to be completed. Craddock lived in a beautiful home at the corner of Cornbread road and 5th street. The house had actually once been lived in by the mayor of the city until the last mayor moved out to the wealthy neighborhood of Nashborough which is just south of downtown.

Craddock's Home.


Now Craddock was a well known man and the people around him found him to be extremely happy and friendly, yet, he is also incredibly mysterious. Many people do not believe he is so generous just for a kind heart, but to keep something hidden.

You now drive over to the town of Salem


The Town of Salem is a typical small American town located along a typical medium sized river, maybe it is the Wabash, maybe it is the Cumberland, you might never know, but what you do know is that you are surrounded by endless fields.


Why did you drive all of the way out here? The reason is that Mr. Craddock funded the construction of the bridge here. The bridge is nothing special from the outside, but if you were to learn the history of this bridge then you would be stunned that you had ever been here.


This bridge was built to replace a corroded, rotted out wooden bridge which was built in 1802 and was sadly never put on the National register of historic bridges. An old picture is kept at the local library.


The John Craddock Memorial bridge is amazing because this is the spot where an enormous terrorist plot was foiled. The plan was to have hundreds of extremist followers walking around Washington D.C. with enough explosive to kill 100,000 people. Why were they in Salem you may ask? Salem is a small town without any snoopy people and is located close to a highway leaving a 3 to 4 hour drive to Washington D.C.

John Craddock Bridge has many more legends, some stretching back to the original wooden bridge.

Maybe you'd like to to tell you the rest of them?



Hamilton Rail Bridge


Hamilton Rail Bridge, the longest rail bridge in the New Sorgun Region. The bridge was built in 1894 by the Hamilton Rail Company of Nashville, Tennessee.

I wish I could have gotten a full view of the bridge for y'all, but I tried my best!

Here are a few close up photos in sections

beginning from one side to another.






Thank you for visiting Bridges of <strike>Alexandria</strike> New Sorgun



Williams Memorial Bridge

Williams Memorial Bridge

This is the WIlliams Memorial Bridge. Built in 1993 this bridge connects the city of

Plymouth to the city of Tipton over the River Baughman. The bridge was built in two

parts and connects over the Craddock Island, a nature preserve that was set aside in

1798. While the loss of about two acre of the preserve was lost the road running

across has increased tourism for both Plymouth and Tipton.

The bridge was rated number 9 in the top 20 most pristine bridges in the Home and Garden

magazine, April 9-20, 2009 edition. The city of Plymouth does the most restorations on

the bridge, maintaining the paint and repairs better than the city of Tipton just across

the river. The Tipton side of the bridge is falling apart in places.


This has been

Williams Memorial Bridge


Bridges of Alexandria

Bridges of Alexandria

A journal devoted to the spectacular bridges around Alexandria.

Jackson's Ravine Bridge


Jackson's Ravine Bridge is located west of the city

center far into the mountains. The bridge was build

back in 1927 during the gold rush days of this region.

Breaking Waters Bridge


Breaking Waters Bridge is located east of the city

along the harbour. The bridge was built in 1934 as

part of State Road 23 going into the city. Many of

the citizens are proud to know that the city

protects this historic covered bridge, there

are estimated to be around 100 left in the country.


This is construction along what use to be a tight

curve on State Road 23. The turn has become smoother

and a lot less dangerous to the public. Although the city is

doing construction for the safety of the public much of the

public is angry about the construction. For most sims their

commute has become much longer.

This has been Bridges of Alexandria

Harbour Bridge


The Bridge was built in 1967 when traffic became

overwhelmingly crowded. Alexandria was the heart

of road rage in Daynemark and the Harbour Bridge

eliminated much of these traffic snarls.

The Harbour bridge is repainted every year in a

thick coat of erosion proof silver paint.

The city has been debating on whether to change the

color of the bridge but the citizens have rejected

the idea, they like their bridge as is.

This has been Bridges of Alexandria

Tune in next time for the next addition "Mountainous Railways"

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