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New Terrance

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The Region Of New Terrance

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The Jordtown Times:


Local College Student Flyss... On his lawn chair.


If you were looking toward New Terrance State University today around noon you might have saw something bizarre. "Look in the sky, its a..." was the word around town this afternoon as Local College student, Dane Tombs, was seen soaring the sky in his lawn chair. Tombs along with a fellow classmate got the idea after watching the Disney Movie Up. After leaving Mr. Crockers Calculus class the 2 students gathered and calculated the exact number of balloons it would take to hold him and his lawn chair up. "It was awsome! I never thought in a million years I could ever do that. I mean; I've always thought about it when I was a kid but there thought I could do it" says Tombs. He was in the air a whole hour before the balloons popped and Tombs was forced to use his parachute. "His life was in danger, the wind could have blown which could have knocked the young man off his chair. This was very unsafe and we are disappointed in this act of childishness" were the words from JPD deputy John Marks. Lucky, Tombs did his homework and was able to stay afloat and come out with a very intriguing story.


This Saturday the University of Jordtown Cougars (10-2), NCAA Outer-Edge Conference Champions, took on the Marlow University Saints (11-1), Euro-National Conference Champions, in the Pandora Bowl. "The Cougars came in this game with there heads high and ready to play" says Saints coach Tim Trussel. "After last years lost to the Saints in the pre-game bowl we knew what we were facing, that is; a tough opponent" states Cougars Defensive coach Nick Moore. The Saints scored first with a 20 yard run touchdown followed by the extra point. At the end of the half the Saints were in high hopes with a 14 point lead over the Cougars. "In the end, a great team will win" says CBT sports analysis Jason Craig. The Jordtown Cougars scored their winning touchdown with 11 seconds left on the clock and made to 2pt conversion to make the final score of 36-35. "This just goes to show how our team is ready for a shot at the BCS national championship, we should have went last year with a 12-0 record in our division" rants Cougars head coach Larry King.


Cars begin to fill up the parking lot, along with tailgaters getting ready for the annual Pandora Bowl.


New Terrance Music Awards


Welcome to the 2011 New Terrance Music Awards!ntmas.jpg

The 2011 NTMA's was hosted by no other than Dane Cook, actor and comedian!


The 2011 NTMA's was performed at the Lexignton Hotel and Casino in Jordtown, NT. On the night of September 1, 2011 Dane Cook kicked off the night with his hilarious jokes only to end the show with some more outstanding comedy to wow his audience. This years NTMA's was by far the best Music Awards ceremony in New Terrance and was seen all across the globe. Celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston, Rihanna, Jack Black, Tom Cruise, and New Terrances own Jordan Markston could be seen present at this show. Performances included Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Foster the People, and Taio Cruz.


Here are the awards for Top Ten Songs of the season:


Below is Ellie Goulding Performing her new Hit Single Lights


Eminem Performing



This years NTMA's Pre-Show Performances and Red Carpet debut was hosted across the Street from the Lexington Hotel and Casino in Capital Square. Capital Square was the prime location for everything dealing with the Music Awards. Pre-Show performances included various song selections and artists from Lincoln Park, Jay-Z, to Jordtown's own Jesse Pitman. Jesse Pitman was a hometown hero in the 2011 NTMA's, winning numerous awards including New Upcoming Artist. However, none of her songs won a Season Top Ten Award.


After Party

The New Terrance Music Awards is notorious for having amazing after parties! This year is no exception! Celebrities and Jordtons alike finished out the night parting with LMFAO at The Riverside Resort. The picture below shows just how amazing these after parties can be for Jordtown. The Riverside Resort is the POWERLESS building in the center of the image. The only backdrop to having a blast is using way to much electricity, and that's exactly what happened here. There was a temporary shortage of power to the building. Luckily is was only a 10 minute outage and didn't ruin the night!




In the picture above Crystal Lake is the empty "lot" on the far west side of the map on this what seems to be the start of an island. It is just north of the part of the island with all the buildings. Crystal Lake is currently in the process of becoming a beautiful beach, designed with luxury in mind. It will be a vacation destination for all Jordtons and tourists alike once completed! I will house numerous upscale luxurious condos as well as fancy beach houses. Once completed an estimate of 50,000+ visitors and citizens can be housed in the area at any one time. This journal is a look ahead of what is to become the beaches in New Terrance, and hopefully something you will look forward too! Anyway here are the drawings of what is soon to be Cystal Lake!


Below is the Architectural drawings of the Crystal Beach Golf Course located on Crystal Lake Drive. This 18 hole golf course will be one of the largest in the Jordtown Metropolitan Area.


This next image is a view of North Beach Avenue. North Beach Avenue is the prime location for all of North Beaches major Condos. In Crystal Lake NBA will house many upscale Condos.


Heading northbound of NBA takes you to the intersection of Main Street and NBA. In the lower part of the image one will find all the civil offices such as schools, a Hospital, the Fire Department, the Police Station, and the Council Hall.


Continuing north of NBA takes you to the Intersection of Crystal Lake Drive and North Beach Avenue. Here are some of the major luxurious Condos that are being constructed.


As you can see there is still much needed construction in Crystal Beach and once completed I will give you a live shot.




Ohlm is an edge city in Jordtown Metro Area with approximately 187,114 workers and 125,735 residents. It is a major hub for business, convention, and retail in the region. Ohlm is situated ten miles northwest of the South Adams neighborhood at the junction of I-6 and I-5 ). Ohlm is the county seat for Wall County. The area is marked by several modern skyscrapers rising from the wooded hills above the freeways. These towers house some of the area's 24 million square feet (over 2.2 million square meters) of office space and making it Jordtown's second-largest commercial office district, after Downtown. Ohlm also houses some ten million square feet (930,000m²) of retail. Ohlm center peace consists of New Terrance's tallest building, the International Commerce Center, and the Silver Arch. Ohlm is home to New Terrrances Largest and most outstanding University, the University of New Terrance.


The Silver Arch

The Silver Arch was constructed by Jordtowns premiere architecture at the start of Ohlms cityhood. This Arch represents many things to the locals including peace, harmony, freedom, and a new beginning. Looking at the Arch from across the river and a few miles back one will see an AMAZING view of the Jordtown Metro Area Skyline. It is said that once your pass across the arch you get a new life, in the city of new beginnings.



The University of New Terrance

New Terrances #1 University for academics and athletics 15 years in a row. It is also has the most students enrolled. UNT participates in the only non-American NCAA DI Conference, The Outer-Edge Conference. Winning numerous award including Directors cup 5 years in a row, UNT is one of the Conference's outstanding Universities. UNT has won several conference championships in sports including tennis, soccer, football, softball, and baseball. We currently have the title for most Conference Championships in NCAA football. However, UNT has yet to accomplish a BSC championship.


St. Mary's Stadium

St. Mary's Stadium is home to many sporting event. Including the Jordtown Pumas (American Football). The Pumas moved to St. Mary's Stadium from Mercy Stadium in Jordtown just two years after they became a NFL Franchise. Mercy stadium was too small for such a popular sport within the Country. St. Marys provide a much needed seating arena, descent parking, with a state of the art facility. St. Marys is also home to The University of New Terrance Cougar's (Football and Soccer).


The Ohlm Capital


The National Library

Ohlm is also home to the New Terrance National Library which holds the worlds third largest collection of books and media. It is also sponsored by the University of New Terrance.


Oakley Bridges

This is the Oakley Bridge area. As you can see there are three bridges (and an airplane). The main Highway bridge was names Oakley bridge after the designer Mark Oakley. The next bridge, Heart of Jordtown Railway Bridge, connects two major railways together, the Jordtown Railway, and the West Terrance Railway. The last bridge is the Ohlm Avenue Bridge, nothing to fancy about this bridge however, this bridge holds the record for longest recorded construction time. Mainly because of the depth of the Conway River and also they had to hire five different contractors to finish the job.


Southern Ohlm International Airport

SOIA, is the Jordtown Metro Area's second largest International Airport and one of three in the area. Located on the Southwest part of town, SOIA brings many numerous numbers of tourists into the city daily and an abundance amount of jobs have been imported into the city by this airport.




Jordtown is the capital and most populous city in the Country of New Terrance. According to the latest census, Jordtowns population is 363,208. The Jordtown metropolitan area, with 1,043,551 people, is the largest in New Terrance. Like many urban areas in New Terrance, the Jordtown regiNewTerrance-1312930194.jpgon has seen increasing growth since the 1970s. The Jordtown metropolitan area includes 8 major cities, 6 counties, and numerous neighborhoods.


Jordtown is considered to be a top business city and is a primary transportation hub of New Terrance—via highway, railroad, and air. Metro Jordtown contains the world headquarters of corporations such as The Jeremy Lee Research Center, Terrance Power, World Mobile, and many more major corporations. Jordtown has the Worlds tenth-largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies, and more than 75 percent of Fortune 1000 companies have business operations in the metropolitan area, helping Jordtown realize a gross metropolitan product of US$84.8 million, accounting for more than two-thirds of New Terrance's economy. Jordtown International Airport has been the world's busiest airport since its opening.


Jordtown is home to 5 public high school. The largest, Central High School, is followed by Schley County High School, then Washington High School, Pinewood High School, and lastely North Jordtown High School. Numerous elementary schools are located throughout Jordtown. If public school is not fancy, Jordtown offers 5 outstanding private schools with excellent in academics and athletics. The University System of New Terrance offers New Terrance State University (NTSU) in the Heart of the Jordtown Metropolitan Area in Jordtown. There is also ClayHurst University, which is a private institution located in the South Adams Community of Jordtown. Shmails College is also a accredited College located across the River of Downtown Jordtown.



Jordtown is home to professional franchises of five major team sports: the Jordtown Royals of Major League Baseball, the Jordtown Jets of the World Basketball Association, the Jordtown Pumas of the National Football League, the Jordtown Snipers of the World Soccer Association, and the Jordtown Ducks of the Nation Hockey Association.

The Royals had an unprecedented run of 12 straight divisional championships from 1998 to 2010.

The Jordtown Pumas (American football) Were the only non-American Football team to be inducted in the NFL. They have won the division title two times (2008, 2010) and one conference championship—going on to finish as the Super Bowl Champions in Super Bowl XLII in 2008.


The Jordtown Jets (basketball) began in 1996 along with the World Basketball Association. Since then they have won 1 World championship and have hosted 3 World Cup Basketball Championships. In October 2007, the Women's World Basketball Association (WWBA) announced that Jordtown would receive an expansion franchise, that commenced their first season in May 2008. The new team is the Jordtown Liberties.



This first neighborhood is Hidden Lakes. Hidden Lakes is located on the southernmost border of Jordtown and is home to some of Jordtown Premiere Commercial Businesses and many residents. Currently Hidden Lakes hasn't finished development and is looking for some more southern expansion.


Mission Hills is located just northwest of Hidden Lakes. "The Hills" are home to some of Jordtowns finest citizens. These houses are nothing but perfect with an amazing view of the entire Jordtown Metropolitan Area.


Pinewood Valley is located just northeast of Hidden Lakes and is also Jordtowns newest Development. Residents of this area are your typical our of college sweet hearts that are ready to move out of the busty city and into a cozy house in the suburbs to start a family. This area also supports the second largest Industrial Park in Jordtown.


Four Points sits just north of Pinewood Vally and is on the Southeast side of the Jordtown Industrial Park. Four points gets its name from the four intersection located on I6 and I12. This area supports a wide variety of citizens from steal workers to CEOs.


The next neighborhood, is the Jordtown Industrial Park. Being the largest industrial park in New Terrance, JIP employs a mere 40,000 Jordtons. Throughout JT history JIP has been a leading community in helping the region expand.


Located Just left over I6 of JIP sits Terminal Point. Terminal Point is a large shopping area for many locals and tourists into New Terrance.


Now crossing the Terrance River which is on the left of Terminal Point takes you into Parksville. Parksville is home to Jordtowns beach, Jordan County High School, Shmails College, Perry Stadium (Tennis), Lee Field (Baseball), Mercy Stadium (Football and Soccer), the Jordtown Zoo, and lastly Liberty Mountain. Liberty Moutain holds a replica of Statue of Liberty in NY. It was given to New Terrance as a gift from the US representing peace and also for being a place of freedom, liberty, and justice. Parksville is currently going through a renewal project in the lower right corner of the picture.


Doing a complete 180 from Parksville in the East part of Jordtown lies the neighborhood of Brookstone. Brookstone is a lovely place for Jordtons to live and work. The Lee Research Center and the Jordan Group predict that this area will be the next major metropolis neighborhood of Jordtown.


Located just north over I6 of Brookstone lies Jordtowns second populated Neighborhood of South Adams. South Adams is a great community and is a very lively place. Compared to Harlem, South Adams is the cultural battle grounds of Jordtown. If you truly want to experience Jordtown live, South Adams is the place to be. There are numerous things to do in this area. One can attend Clayhurst University, a private institution and ivy league college. A person can also attend a basketball or hockey game at the Sim Metro Life Arena. If your not interested in sports but rather look at a elaborate collection of art, the Jordtown Art Studio is located in the heart of South Adams along with the Opera House.


Mainly, Located in the Heart of the area lies Downtown Jordtown. The dowtown area is home to nearly 150,000 residences and 200,000 plus commercial businesses. Downtown Jordtown is the heart of the Jordtown Metropolitan Area. This beath taking city is one of the worlds most beautiful cities!


On the north point of the city, one can find the neighborhood of Cross point. Cross point is home to the oldest of the Jordtons. This area has recently seen an increase in younger adults and is projected to increase in population over the next twenty years by the Jordan Group.


Lastly, to finish Jordtown is North Jordtown. This area is one of the oldest areas in Jordtown and has recently been through a renovation. Many New Terrance vacationers pass this location on there way north to Blue Harbor.


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