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About this City Journal

A journal of the cities in the region of Arcadia.

Entries in this City Journal


Pit Stop


Welcome to the Highway 15 Pit Stop!

Its been a long time since I've posted another city journal, my computer is still not functioning 100% and school has been VERY challenging. Over the last week, decided to make a forested highway pitstop, so I hope you like it. (I'll keep talking to a minimum)






Hope you like this entry! :)


City of Paradise


Welcome to Fort Henry, Paradise on Earth!

We are going to leave the mountains and go to the coast this time. Right now I am still transitioning to the new hardrive, which means that my ordanary image editor and screen shot taker is gone. For this entry I had to use the crappy sim city screen shot tool...so bear with me on this.

Fort Henry is a quiet tropical town just south of Springfield. Most of the people who can't afford the trip to Whale Tail Island (Refur to previos entries) go to Fort Henry to leave the hectic city life behind and enjoy a relaxing expirience under the palm trees and next to the sound of crashing surf.


The first thing you see when you step off the boat is a roundabout near town center.


A short ferry ride can take you to a beautiful island off the coast


Shark Beach is a popular spot for surfers


After catching a wave you can catch a sunset cruise or a whale watching tour at the marina


Chow down at the many restaurants in town


Sunbathers and fishermen are welcome at Calm Beach


Don't forget to buy a momento before you leave!

Thanks again. Hopefully next week my problems will be sorted out. Comments and ratings are appreciated. BYE!


Skiing in the Mountains



Schulmanator- I <3 mythical animals.

Asirek- Lol- That's what I thought you meant. Thanks

Welcome to the Arcadian Mountains Ski Resort and Spa!

Hello everyone, and I hope you all enjoyed your weekends. We decided to reimage the hardrive today, so some of the images are not edited as well as they could. Please enjoy anyway!

My first image is of a map I drew of kind of a "dream region" I could only wish for on the STEX. I might have more maps in the future if ,you guys like this one.

Please Note that Apocalyspe and Pinesprings are town names, and the letters that say "Lumber and Farm" is what major industry will be in that area.


Please Refur to the crudly drawn "Key" for any discrepencies.

Now...We will begin at the base of the mountain, near the nice warm lodge.


At the base of the mountain skiiers can suit up and hitch a ride on the chair lift to the top of the mountain.


Less expirienced skiiers can ride the gentle bunny slope, (above) while more advanced skiiers can challenge themselves on the diamond trails (below)



After a long day of skiing, you can layback and relax over a steamy cup of coaco at the mountain top cafe.

Once again Thank-you for reading, and comments and ratings are appreciated! :)





Schulmanator- Thanks for reading! :]

Simarco- Thanks as well

Asirek- Good thinking, maybe I can make a terminal C and add differant asian airlines.

Welcome to Arcadia, The Land of Riches!

This will be a shorter entry, because I am VERY busy this weekend. Please enjoy!

History (Please Read To Understand Flags)

To understand these flags more you must know the history of the Arcadian nations. At one time Pratt was one big nation and Smelt did not exist. The northern territories of Pratt (Now Smelt) didn't feel like they were represented enough in the far away capital of Blue. People began demonstrating for more representation, but the petitions went unanswered.

After a decade of bad feelings bettween Northern and Southern Pratt, oil was discovered in the North. The resisdents knew that this was a great find, but the congress had passed a strict ban on any drilling in Arcadia. The resisdents once again petitioned, but this time they petitioned to change the law.

Another year passed before they heard back, this time they were not just denied, however. They were also forced to give the land to Blue, so that the capital could make sure that no drilling occured.

A naval fleet was sent to the Nothern Territories to keep watch on the residents which outraged them. They decided to succeede from Pratt and start a new nation of Smelt (Named after the most common fish in the area)

A long war with mass casulties commenced, but in the end Pratt won. Pratt, however, did not want the war stricken nation anymore so they decided to give the land to the resisdents anyway, but under some conditions

1. 25% of all oil that is drilled is to go to Pratt free of charge

2. The Pratt flag must be pressent on the new Smelt Flag

3. Smelt is not to assist an enemy to Pratt in any War

4. A 10% Tax will be imposed on any goods being shipped to Pratt from Smelt

There will be more history in future entries... Now for the flags!

Democratic Republic of Pratt (Pratt)


Blue for the beautiful ocean that surrounds Pratt

Yellow for the fields of ripe wheat that polka-dot Pratt

Green for the green forests of southern Pratt

The Liger (National Animal that Resides in Southern Pratt) symbolizes Strenghth and Pride, while the Unicorn (An exinct Animal that once was found where the big city of Gainveville) symbolizes the majestic beauty of the land

Constitutional State of Smelt (Smelt)


The Black symbolizes the oil off the coast, which started the Great Oil War and later seperation of Smelt from the mother country of Pratt.

The Red symbolizes the blood that was shed in the Great Oil War, that citizens of Smelt will never forget

The Pratt flag is at the top left because in order to split apart into two nations Smelt was required to keep the Pratt flag somewhere on their own flag

The Black cube represents the loss of life in the war, and he whole in every citizens heart from it.

Next Week I'm going to attempt at building a ski resort! Once again Thank-you for Reading and Comments are Appreciated!


The Highlands



DCMetro34- Thank-you!

1000000000000- Tell me about it.... Thanks!

JGellock- I'll have to try that in the future... Well apreciated. :)

Hello everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates it like me. The last week I have spent at home because of school break and I've had a lot of fun with all my family up for the holidays. This week I am going to feature a part of Arcadia that has been neglected from my other entries; the Highlands! Please enjoy :)

Welcome to Pine Springs; A Small Pit Stop on Route 32; Population 66

Pine Springs is a remote backcountry town on the edge of civilization. The town sits on scenic route 32, that winds it's way up the many mountain peaks and alpine meadows of the Arcadian Highlands. The town has a very low population of only about 66 people from the last count, but is a popular pit stop for truckers treking through the high mountain passes. The town is also the site of a large lumber mill that employs most of the residents.


An overview of Pine Springs


As you climb the meandering route 32, you pass through many high alpine meadows like this.


Another Angle





An image of a mountain pass; notice the workers cutting down trees to make a short cut for the road. (I know there are one or two errors in the image :)) )

Well, thankyou for reading this entry, and once again comments and rating are appreciated!


More Airports!-Mosaic


Welcome To Smelt International Airport! Hundreds of Flights Daily

I have made an almost mosaic of the Smelt International Airport, but there is one major glitch in it...see if you can spot it! I tried to make a real mosaic on Pixlr, and it looked really nice; until I uploaded it, the picture was way to small to see, and I have no idea how to make it bigger. Anyway please enjoy a break up of carriers at the airport.

Terminal A

Gates A1-A7 (National)

Virgin Atlantic: Gates A1 and A5

US Airways: Gates A2 and A3

Jet Star: Gates A4 and A6

United: Gate A7

Gates B1-B11 (Regional)

Air Canada Jazz: Gates B1 and B2

Southwest Airlines: Gates B3-B5

Virgin Blue: Gate B6

Jet Star: Gates B7 and B10-11

US Airways Express: Gates B8 and B9

Gates C1-C7 (Regional)

Air Canada Jazz: Gates C1 and C2

United Express: Gates C3-C5

US Airways Express: Gate C6

Continental Connections: Gate C7

Gates D1-D7 (International)

Air Canada: Gates D1-D3 (Overflow Also)

Emirates: Gates D4-D6

Overflow: Gate D7

Terminal B

Gates E1-E3

Thomas Cook Airways: Gates E1-E3







Thanks for Reading! Tell me if you liked this, or what Airline should come to Smelt next?

Comments and Ratings are aprreciated!


A Trip To Blue


Welcome to The Capital of Pratt, Blue. Population: 500,000

Hello everyone, I am back from my "one week vacation" of sorts from this journal. I'm thinking that about every ten entries I will take a short break. Anyway, I have delivered my promise to show you my best and biggest city.

Please Enjoy Your Trip to Blue!


The sky is clear and the night lights of the city shines brightly into the dark cabin of the plane that you are in.


Isn't the View Amazing (I know, I fail at Photo editing)


You arrive at the Blue International Airport, one of only three airports in all of Arcadia.




Upon Arrival at gate 2B you walk over to the Blue Regional Train Depot to catch a train to bring you to your hotel.


The station is the biggest in all of Arcadia, so it is important you catch the right train.



Luckily your train finally arrives and you board it to got to your hotel on the otherside of town.



The ride is short, only lasting about 15 minutes, but you covered alot of ground and have arrived at your hotel.


Your staying at the five star Hotel Cambronne, and have a goodnights sleep.

In the morning, you go sight seeing around Blue.


You go sight seeing in city center, using the famous Blue subway lines to get around



As dinner approaches you decide to go to a fancy old restaurant uptown.


After dinner, you enjoy the sunset on a park bench near the large canal sepperating uptown and downtown. You know that your short time in Blue is almost over and decide hail a taxi driving by.


As you drive to the airport you pass a housing complex on the outskits of the city. The airport is only a mile away now. Your journey is over.


I will leave you with my favorite image of Blue. I'm not sure what I will do next week, but stay tuned. Please tell me how you liked this and untill next time Thank-you and Goodbye!




Schulmanator- :0

Zulu2065- Thanks, I think I might try to find this song.

Welcome to Springfield Population- Zero

With all of this talk about the "s word" where I am, I think I might give you guys a little suprise! To findout what that suprise is... look below.

One Day Before Landfall

As Hurricane Ana (now a strong catagory one hurricane) approaches officials warn people to leave, and luckily many evacuate and heed the warnings.


Traffic on the main road in West Springfield


Traffic is backed up in residentail neighborhoods as well


A photo from interstate 14 toward Gainesville of the heavy traffic exiting the city

Twelve Hours Before Landfall


The first dark storm clouds approach the city, quietly signaling the impending doom


Most sane people have left and boarded up their homes



Ana hits with a terrific punch and brings tons and tons of rai....snow? Its SNOWING!

The hurricane has interacted with a coldfront that stalled over the mainland allowing the precipitation to fall as snow!


The snow soon gets very heavy and brings whiteout conditions with it


The snow also began to accumulate on the ground up to six inches!

This was only the beginning though

The Eye of The Hurricane


Thundersnow broke out, damaging the nuclear power plant and knocking out power to hundreds of thousands or people.


People who didn't have generators lost power


Waves began to splash over the seawall, and coastel flooding began to become the largest concern


The water soon overwhelmed city center sending flodd waters onto main street


As the water engulfed the city gas lines broke creating fires that the fire department couldn't handle or get to due to closed streets


At the height of the storm the violent rotation of the snowy hurricane spun up short lived tornados

The Aftermath

After Ana left the city of Springfield in shambles people were allowed to return to what was left of their homes. Unfortunetly the Snow Melted due to the warm conditions after the storm.


(BEFORE) After the flood waters receded the destruction was apparent, hundreds of homes were washed away and the people who did not evacuate payed the price.


More damage

One Month After Landfall

People began to rebuild and lives were pieced back together.


(AFTER) Homes being rebuilt in the worst hit neighborhood

It took about two years to completely rebuild after Hurricane Ana's Landfall but finally everything is almost back to normal.

Teaser Image:


What is this!? One last city we havn't been too? Find out next time where this is.

Thank-you for reading and untill next time Goodbye!




Schulmanator- My fav fruit too; looks like you might've spoken to soon!

Hurricane Ana Update

Tropical Storm Ana was stalled out this week by a strong trough over the Arcadian mainland, this delayed the landfall, however also strengthened the storm into a major catagory 3 Hurricane. Ana is forcasted to make landfall near the small coastal village of Springfield some time this week.



Wind- 111mph; 96 knots

Pressure- 975 mb

Movement- North at 2 mph

Welcome to Springfield Population 30,000

Springfield is the smallest city in Arcadia and is commonly overlooked because of it's size. Springfield, however, is the most important city because of the power plant that supplies power to every city in Arcadia. The Smelt River Nuclear Power Plant and The LNG Oil and Clean Coal Power Plants work jointly to supply power to the all residents of Arcadia. Springfield is currently in the news because of Hurricane Ana's possible landfall this week in Springfield.


An overview of the city.


A view of the Plant (Notice the coal docks and train depot for unloading oil)


A better view, in painting form, of the train depot


Some local small stores near the heart of Springfield


A photo of downtown which is also refurred to by the locals as "Starbucks Corner"


I will leave you with a picture of a coal mine west of downtown in the Arcadian Countryside.

Hopefully the power plant will fair well in the storm...

Untill next time THANK YOU!


Tropical Storm Ana


Replies: Past Two Entries

Habei- That's my favorite aswell. ;)

Skyscraper241- Thanks!

Tropical Storm Ana Forms; Kicks Off Arcadian Storm Season!

Hey everyone, and welcome back. As you may remember, last week the first Tropical Depression formed near the Bay of Pratt. Well, that small storm has organized into our first Tropical Storm of the season, Ana.



Pressure- 999 mb

Winds- 60 knots; 69.1 mph

Movement- Northeast at 14 mph

Weathermen are saying that if it impacts land it will happen some time next week.


The Cone of Uncertainty (Where Ana may go) Let's hope it weakens!

Now To Gainesburg: Population 100,000

(Refur to the first entry for map of cities) Gainesburg is a smaller and less populous city north of Jackson, and is the only city in the Country of Smelt. Smelt was a colony that gained its independence from Pratt only recently, and has stuggled with the parting, making it the smallest city with a very small economy.


The city is famous for its small neighborhoods with localy owned sotres and boutiques.


On the downside, Gainesburg is also the leader in urban sprawl, having the least amount of office buildings than any other city. These are the only office buildings in Gainesburg.


More quaint neighborhoods; notice Smelt University in the top of the photo.


A perfect example of the urban sprawl the Gainesville is faced with; notice the small "downtown" in the upper right hand corner of the photo.


Remember to eat you pineapples kids!

Well, untill next week. Thank-you and Goodbye!


Experiments TWO


Welcome To Arcadia!

I've been doing more work on my experimental cities and would like to show you more!


A gorge I've been working on.


A small auto body shop in the middle of the dessert. (Notice the new terrain mod :) )


A grassy field full of grazing Cattle


A new highway bridge is going to be built here!


The same overpass


Now for some boats!


Let's hope this Coal Tanker can make it under the bridge.


Yet more boats...


The Final Image of my experiments is at night in the port.

In other news a Tropical Deppresion in the Bay of Pratt has formed. Better keep our eyes on it!


Once again Thank-you for watching! Please comment and rate to tell me what I'm doing bad or good. :)




Hahei- Link in last entry

TowerDude- Thanks!

Welcome to the City @ Night!

I've been very busy this week, but was able to squeeze out this very short entry. I just got the BAT night light fix, so I'm very excited to show you my cities... AT NIGHT!


The Four Seasons on the south side of town.


A Lone PetCo in the Comercial Center of Bristol


The High Tech Central of Jackson

And Finally, before I go I would like to present to you my first (and completely failed) attempt at a mosaic. :))


Sorry for such a short and untimely update. In my next update I'm thinking of something that involves nature.

Well, untill next week THANKYOU and GOODBYE!

PS: If someone could show me how to make a nice mosaic on SnagIt Picture Review please tell me or post a link to it. That will be much appreciated!


Beyond the Breaking Waves


Welcome to the Bay of Pratt, The Home of Pinniped Islands!

Some of these pictures are from a new region I've created called "Shangri-La" :)

Welcome back everyone! The site appeared to be down last weekend, so I was not a ble to post any updates but this weekend I am.

I remember in the last update I said I might do another experiements type journal, however, I've decided to feature some offshore industry that I created a while ago.

The Bay of Pratt stretches nearly the entire coastline from Jackson to Ceder View and is the location of three massive natural gas and oil reserves that the country of sells to the nearby country of Smelt. The Bay of Pratt is also home to the Pinniped Islands, a small group of Islands near the center of the bay. The most famous of which, is Whale Tail Island.

Whale Tail Island is the biggest island in the group and is the gettaway destination for the wealthiest Pratt citizens.


A Picture of Whale Tail Island. Notice the Large Cruise Ship at the bottom right.


The surfers love the large waves that come directly from the open ocean.


A smaller cruise ship enroute to the Islands.


This is Drilling Station A-2743, with a Liberian Natural Gas Compony ship anchored next to it.


A large Super Tanker filled with crude oil, ready to be shipped to port.


An overview of the Station.

That's it untill next week (hopefully) Please stay tuned, and once again Thankyou!


Urban Renewal



Indiana Joe- Thankyou for the links and advice! They were very useful.

Welcome to Jackson Population 190,000

It's been a long time since I've had an update because I've been very busy with school and sports. Here is the newest entry, however, of my second largest city, Jackson.

Jackson is the second oldest city in Arcadia, and the first city in the country of Pratt. Jackson started out as a small farming community south of Gainesville, and was formally known as Yetzt (named after the Yetzt family who owned a large plantation in what is now city center). Nobody was able to pronounce the name Yetzt, though, so city council decided to change the name to Jackson (the last name of the city's first mayor).

Jackson is currently coming out of an economic slump, and new building are popping up like weeds on an onmowed lawn.


Local Pizzahut


Here are some pictures of the urban renewal occuring all over the city.


A new highway was built and a new highspeed rail was also constructed


A small shot of downtown









My next update will possibly be next week, or so and will most likely be another round of expirimental images. I've been working on ALOT of new things, like the PEG marinas and docks, the realistic mayor mode plopables, and steel mills.

Well, until next week! Thank-you.

Don't forget to rate and give me suggestions so that I can improve!





Khai59- "Most unhealthy place in America"

Exla357- Sorry, I thought the image was funny because all the fast food places grew on their own. Thank You, though!

Let The Experiments Begin!

*** I accidently deleted the images on the last post, which is why they don't show up. I'm REALLY sorry.***

Well, in the past few days I have downloaded quite a bit from the STEX and have been doing a lot of experimenting with the different items, for example I've been trying to build highway systems with the RHW Mod and have been building farms with the SPAM Mod. I've also done work on my airports with the new SCAG releases too. These are all really good downloads and I highly recommend them to people.

Here are some images of what I've been doing.

Remember I'm just experimenting so there are some areas that are messy!


We will begin with the airports.


The Virgin Atlantic Terminal.


People boarding small US Airways Express Planes.


The Main Long Term Parking Garage.


The Private Lear Jet and CRJ Terminal.


There is currently a ground stop going on due to heavy fog in the area. There is now a back up of planes on Runway 36


Here you can see an over view of the entire very busy airport.


Now we will move on to the SPAM lots that I'm experimenting with.


Rural Roads and Barn


A RHW cuts through a lage field of switch grass.


The same field with a barn at the top.


A small green House in another field.

Once again Thank You for reading this and Please give me any tips or feed back to imrove future entries.




Exla357- I really appreciate giving me that feedback, it will really help me in the future. P.S. I got a Water Mod!:thumb: And does anyone know any good desert terrain mods?

Schulmanator- Thank-you!

NMUSpidey- I appreciate the feedback from you aswell, and yes they are canals.

Welcome, To Ceder View! Population: 170,000

Ceder View is one of my newer cities on the South side of the country of Pratt. Ceder View started out as a lower income community with many low wealth tenements. As time went of, though, a rare crystal deposit below the city attracted large amount High Tech companies looking to use the crystal. Soon the population of Ceder View skyrocket to 170,000 people, and high end boutiques lined almost every corner.


The low income neighborhoods that existed in the early days of Ceder View


The High Tech companies that flocked to Ceder View to get the rare crystal.


Once the High Tech companies set up shop, Higher class Sims demanded local schools. Now Summer Has just ended in Ceder View, and young Sims have gone to school once again.


St. Peter's Church in Downtown.


The now demolished Anne Myers Childrens' Hospital.


A fire that broke out in an Office Building.


The Richards Street Exit on I122


The High Wealth Neighborhoods on the North Side of town.


The economic boom right after the crystal discovery.


Boaters love the small and narrow canals stetching through the center of Ceder View.

Once again please give me feed back on this entry and I'll have an update soon! Thank you for reading!!!



Welcome to Arcadia, The Land Of Riches!

This is my first city journal page, and I'd like to ask people to please give me feedback on how I could improve further entries; please don't hold back your comments.

Welcome to Arcadia, Arcadia has a population of a little over half a million, and is continuing grow every moment. There are five cities and two countries growing inside the region at the moment, however new settlements are popping up everywhere. My largest city and capital of Pratt is Blue, which has a population of 250,000 people, however is currently in a deep recession. The second, third, and fourth biggest cities have about 110,000-70,000 people, mostly of which are middle class residents. The "smallest" city in Arcadia, which is also the capital is Smelt is Gainsville, with a population of about 50,000 people.


In this picture you can see Blue (farthest south city) with the beautiful Blue River cutting through the center, and Gainsville (the farthest north city).


Here is a teaser to my next update. We will explore this now unknown city.

Thank you for reading!

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